Mutual massage

Mutual massage is when the receiver and the massage therapist massage each other. The word “mutuality” means “reciprocity”. So this very hot massage is about reciprocal touch.

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Mutual massage in Ibiza

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Camilla, Mey, Luna, Lucía, Gala and Judit will provide you with an amazing erotic Tantra massage. We are usually serving outcall massage but you can ask us about private massage studio location if you prefer!

Mutual massage in Barcelona

This one is being a really hot summer! And you can match this temperature with the highest temperature of erotic massage right in your air conditioned hotel room!

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Mutual massage in Madrid

Madrid is like a desert during August. There are very few masseuses left in town, but we are still busy and working like crazy!

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What is mutual massage?

The word “mutual” is from Latin originally, and it means literally “each other” and involves the fact of reciprocity.

Usually massage needs just a giver and a receiver of the handwork. Erotic massage is sometimes allowing this extra mile. The receiver can sometimes touch the therapist.

When our customers feel so sexually aroused they also want to touch us back. And then we call it an interactive massage, reciprocal massage or mutual massage.

This makes the tantric experience much hotter. It takes it to a while new level of sensual intimacy.

The result is a much more intense sexual excitement. It is still a massage, and no other features are included in this session though.

Please check our massage menus and the prices where mutual massage is included:

Naturist massage, nude massage and Extremely Erotic massage.

You are free to choose among various session times, from one hour to two hours. Starting with a very jaw-dropping 60 minutes version, 75, 90 and 120 minutes session times. All of them are increasingly intense.

The longer the session, the higher amount of tantric techniques and erotic grips you’ll be able to enjoy!

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