Nipples massage

Nipples massage is one of the forgotten grips. Sadly forgotten, because this is one of the sexiest erotic tricks to turn a man on as hell.

Go on reading and get sexually aroused by what we are going to tell you here!


What is nipples massage

Massaging your nipples is a very hot moment. If you know how to do it well!

The wrong pressure, the wrong moment and the wrong lady can ruin what an amazing experience should be. You want to have fun and enjoy a sensual massage right?

You just found the best team of ladies!

The right nipples massage

This specific grip is seldom used by housewives. Domestic sex is usually a “quickie”, something you need to finish in 5 minutes. Quickies never include this sweet sensation!

Spouses —the wrong ones for sure!— don’t ever have the right time for it. Nor the time enough to engage you into this sweet yet exciting little techniques. We hope your wife does! Because you are a lucky man!

  • The right pressure
  • The perfect move
  • The right grips combination

Every man has different standards. All gentlemen are unique. Some like it hard, some like to use a feather.

The right pressure

Only professional erotic masseuses can tell what you need. We try different pressure and watch your reactions.

The perfect move

Circular moves to massage your nipples hit usually the target. Some other moves though may arouse you even more intensely! We’ll use them on you!

The right grips combination

Blending two erotic grips at one time might have an amazing effect on you. Now imagine we are stimulating your nipples and your testicles at the same time!

“I could not control myself and I climaxed right there!”

Yes there are some grips combinations, also with prostate massage, who have the happy ending effect. Even without touching your penis!

Lingam massage is another of our specials though!

Erotic nipples massage

As you can see —and maybe feel— by reading this, this is a very sensual grip. It is a relevant part in our erotic bodywork.

Not all masseuses know this though. Have all the erotic grips you dream of by hiring us!

Tantric nipples massage

Tantric techniques are focused on a much longer enjoyment of sensuality. Awareness and ejaculation control are also relevant aspects. And we always have them in mind!

We accomplish the full time of the session you booked with us!

You want one hour? No less than 60 minutes!

One hour and a half? More than 90 minutes!

Gentlemen requesting our two hours massage usually report this:

“I never had a full two hours massage before you! You really come up to everything you promise! Congratulations!”

Nipples massage on us

You are also free to massage our nipples if you choose any session longer than 75 minutes. Check our massage prices here.

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