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Please send info: city, hotel, room number. We answer immediately.

Our service is available anytime 24/7 but our phone lines are closing at 11 PM. Any massage service after 11 PM should be booked beforehand.

We never accept dealing our prices. Please understand that our girls are usually booked out. And have in mind as well that taxis are included in our rates. We focus on quality service for your satisfaction.


Hard to choose your masseuse, right?

Our sexy erotic erotic masseuses (beautiful, sexy and sensual young girls) are professionally trained to take your sensual massage a bit further than usual —to your pleasure. Plus, they have the natural talent for erotic bodywork.

They know how to awaken your sensual and erotic energies using a combination of Thai massage with specific Tantra techniques —just the most sweet and pleasing ones.

The girls you can see in the pictures lead a healthy life and take good care of their bodies.

Being gorgeous is not enough: they are the best masseuses in Barcelona, said by their customers. Well educated, extremely nice —and absolutely professional.

And please don’t take them for escorts. They perform erotic massage, not sex. See the difference here.

Please call
before 11 PM

Be safe and book ahead of time!

All of our masseuses are professional and have the foundation of therapy massage. Our customers enjoy the true sensual bodywork, going further than Tantra and erotic massage.

All of these ladies are spanish except Angela and Charlize, who are from Eastern Europe Countries. All of our young and sexy masseuses are between 21 and 28 years old.

The fastest way to book

The fastest way to book is sending an SMS following this easy step for immediately sending the masseuse to your door: Extra quick outcall massage ordering


Since none of these ladies is a prostitute you can trust their absolute discretion. They all dress as regular young ladies.

e-mail booking

Very easy: send us an e-mail to book your masseuse. We check the e-mail about once an hour.


This red-haired young italian lady is a very expert and sexy masseuse. And very frisky! Just follow her fascinating green eyes and her beautiful breasts and you will discover a new paradise of sensual and erotic forbidden pleasures. Serving Barcelona hotel outcall massage


Our outcall service is extremely discrete. None of the young ladies is an escort and never wear flashy escort-looks.


All of our young lady masseuses are professional. They have been specifically trained for erotic Tantra massage. They are gorgeous sexy young ladies and have the special talent for erotic bodywork.


175 €
Relaxing massage with happy ending

200 €
Medium erotic massage with happy ending (choice of prostate massage)

250 €
Extremely erotic massage with happy ending and long body to body massage.

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She is pure massage wisdom! High-energy spanish girl who knows how to use her amazing breasts in a body-to body erotic massage for you to achieve a powerful climax. She is also very expert in prostate pleasure and in Thai ritualized massage. She is an outstanding masseuse in a wide range of techniques. Please book her with at least 3 hours in advance. Frequently overbooked. Serving Barcelona hotel outcall massage


If you dare looking away from her amazing eyes you will discover a really sexy body. Very nice breasts and a sexy butt defying description. She performs her massage wearing only a little thong. You will fall in love with her astounding erotic massage. And her sweet voice! Serving Barcelona hotel outcall massage


Anouk is a well-known erotic actress. She is the sexy pin-up beauty with large natural breasts: not recommended for men in danger of cardiac arrest. On top of that, her erotic massage is something else. It’s a blissful experience melting sensual tenderness with the most daring erotic grips. Please book in advance! Serving Barcelona hotel outcall massage


Looking for peace, relaxation and a massage to really empty your mind? Laura is your girl. Laura is so sweet with her blissful feet massage that afterwards you won’t be able to feel the floor below your feet. Laura will make you believe you had oral sex just using her hands. You can also find her at her studio. Serving Barcelona hotel outcall massage


She is our sweetheart. She has an amazing facial beauty and the fascinating dark eyes. Wonderful medium sized breasts and an amazing taille. Dona will treat you to a blissful erotic massage. Serving Barcelona hotel outcall massage