4 hands massage

4 hands massage is a term frequently confusing to a few people. Some couples call us requesting a 4 hands massage. Though they obviously need a couples massage!

So what is the specific description of 4 hands massage?

What does it have to do with the outcall massage service?


What is a 4 hands massage

Only two masseuses together can have 4 hands. One lady has two hands. Three ladies have 6 hands.

So exactly as when you mention a 4 hands piano play, 4 hands means there are two players. So two masseuses playing together on the same instrument.

Being very specific now this means the four hands are working on just one person: you.

This special bodywork needs a perfect harmony and a well learned protocol by the two professional masseuses serving you.

Please call us so we can suggest the ladies that best work together. They need to know and even like each other and share the same wavelength. Complicity is the key so they perform an amazing experience on you!

Lolita and Danuta in Madrid, for example, also engage in a very exciting lesbian gig before the start.

Erotic 4 hands massage

Just the idea of having two ladies serving feels hot. Spicy, exciting. And it is!

Just thinking of one of us ladies for your erotic massage is already an extremely erotic fantasy. Now two of us is beyond what you can imagine. Believe me.

Eroticism gets higher than any previous experience or erotic fantasy you ever had before. This is a sensual experience difficult to describe!

Many things will be happening at the same time. Nipples massage with prostate massage. Then lingam massage and body to body massage. Let alone foot job by one of the ladies!

Now imagine a car wash tunnel where a car is treated at all angles at the same time.

The sensual effect on your skin and your body feels absolutely amazing. What we can tell you here is just a shadow from the real thing!

Outcall 4 hands massage

Our outcall massage service is the most reliable in Spain. We are serving hotels in Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid and Valencia.

Our customers are the most satisfied. There is a big word of mouth happening around our service. Many new customers call us asking for a specific lady. All of us are amazing in our job!

“It shows this is your calling and you are passionate about it! That’s the best way to deliver the perfect erotic service for me!”

We can travel to any hotel in the city center.

If you are located in Airport areas around Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza or Valencia please say so.

4 hands massage prices

Let’s get back to reality. Two professionals working means two salaries. The price of 4-hands massage is always twice the value of an individual massage.

On top of this, the erotic intensity will be the highest. Nobody wishes to have a lame or just a relaxing 4 hands massage. All gentlemen requesting this want to enjoy a really hot and intense bodywork!

This is why we only offer the top quality erotic massage as a four hands massage.

One hour 4 hands massage: 460 €

One hour is the minimum time. And believe us it flies!

75 minutes 4 hands massage: 520 €

One hour falls always too short! This is the ideal session length for many gentlemen.

90 minutes 4 hands massage: 660 €

Enjoy the perfect 4 hands massage! And include the hottest erotic shower you’ll ever have on Earth and in this life!

Two hours 4 hands massage: 920 €

Forget about the world. This 4 hands massage session is the most fulfilling and complete erotic massage experience you can think of. Including tantric positions, erotic shower and the full range of erotic grips available in erotic Tantra.

Book your 4 hands massage

Booking our 4 hands massage is as easy as calling us now. Or send us an SMS with your request.

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