Don’t choose! All in one massage!

Don’t choose! All in one massage! If you can, use the chance and enjoy a full fledged massage. Having bith true therapy massage and a little extra to get close to the “all the way” stuff.


Summertime? Have it all!

Summertime in Barcelona and Ibiza has finally come. You have been waiting patiently the whole last fall, winter, and spring. Too many months to waste your present time now!

Now you landed in Barcelona or Ibiza it’s time for you to lay back! Let a gorgeous lady —or two— work for you!

Yes we hace specific pictures of our ladies serving different location:

Massage in Barcelona

Massage in Ibiza

Massage in Madrid

Ask us for more locations in Spain!

Let’s go on with erotic massage

Is your back aching? Cervical? Shoulders?

“I was wondering wether having a therapy massage or a sensual massage. I chose to have it all in one single service! Your bodywork is just amazing!”

Have a nice feet massage! Did you know we also do feet-job? This means we use our own feet to massage you.

This takes us to a sensual experience. Some men have some secret fetishes. Just call us personally and let us know. We will suggest you the right therapist for your right preferences!

All in one massage: don’t choose!

Choosing might feel difficult sometimes. Because it means sticking to just one thing and dismissing the other. But you want to have everything in one perfect service!

“You know when I get massaged I always have a hard-on. And you ladies are just gorgeous, nice and very sexy. You are very seducing and this massage could not have ended in a different manner. You are my fantasies come true!”

Besides back massage, shoulders massage, feet massage, neck, arms, belly and legs we also have some very nice sensual grips. Just for your pleasure!

There’s much more! Just check our massage prices and choose the therapy that best fits your fantasies!

Then choose your favourite lady according to your location. Then call. And that’s it!

Call +34618580708 to make your booking!

You can also send an SMS with your request to +34618580708

All in one massage: have it all!

Gentlemen who know what they want have clear ideas according their intimate desires. We are serving men who know what they want.

Sometimes gentlemen are in doubt. A little white angel is sitting on your left shoulder whispering

“Just have a therapy massage, a legitimate massage”.

But on the right shoulder there’s this other angel, a bit friskier, telling you

“You also need a little release, come on! And have both things, the legitimate and the not so legitimate. Nobody will know!”

It’s your decision though!

Book your all in one massage

After thinking about it you just need to call to set up the meeting. Ask us for immediate availability as a last minute massage or plan it ahead of time.

You will have more options when planing ahead.

Enjoy the summer! And remember not to disregard anything! Have it all!