Author: Telma

  • Erotic outcall massage

    Erotic outcall massage is the ideal Tantra massage! First off, our outcall massage service is the most reliable service in Barcelona! Said by our clients! We also have a massage parlor. Though we can also offer you the special privilege or having us visit you in your hotel room. Erotic outcall massage Erotic massage means the […]

  • Excellent massage!

    Excellent massage!

    “Excellent massage!” is what most of our customers say after finishing our intimate bodywork. We usually speak some minutes before and after our job. That’s the moment when our customers —and friends!— say what they really think and feel. Excellent massage team! We are so proud to get the best reviews! We are a team […]

  • Massage envy

    Massage envy

    Massage envy happens when you feel this need to enjoy a wonderful massage. You can already imagine all the warm pressure though, the nice feeling on your skin. And also the needed relaxing effects on your body and mind. First of all, therapeutic massage is something you already know. Therefore now dare to take a step […]

  • Summer massage

    Summer massage is different from the winter massage styles. We feel different stuff during the warmest and the hottest time in the year. Both emotionally and physically. So massage therapy should adapt to our mood! Even sensual massages need a different approach in summer! Summer massage means… Ladies get suddenly slimmer, and not so suddenly sexier… […]

  • Love, sex and company

    Love, sex and company are three different things. We sometimes assume they come together in the same package. While to many other men —and ladies— they are separate experiences. And sometimes we need three different people to have them all! Love, sex and company Three different emotions. So three different people needed, sometimes! “I have a […]

  • The new Happy ending massage Barcelona

    The new Happy ending massage Barcelona

    Happy ending massage Barcelona is a releasing and private experience for gentlemen. Because this is a very convenient therapy to fight stress, worries and tension.So regaining balance for both emotional and physical is always a great benefit. Though the benefits or happy ending massage Barcelona are even more than these: Fight stress Soothe physical tensions Calm down emotional tensions Bring release Explore […]

  • The new nuru massage Barcelona is extremely gliding!

    Nuru massage Barcelona is a special massage therapy. It is based on the use of nuru gel, a produce coming from Japan. The “nuru” seaweeds are typically found around the Japanese coasts. Consequently, the name comes from this sea-weed. So get ready to dive into a bodywork which is even better than therapy massage! Nuru-massage is […]

  • The new outcall massage in Ibiza

    Enjoy the best outcall massage in Ibiza during this Summer! As you will soon realise, this is a very convenient service! You’ll save lots of time and stress. If you like erotic massage this is the real thing! And the good news is you can have it right in your own hotel room. This is […]

  • The new penis massage or lingam massage

    Penis massage is a “non legitimate massage” because it touches the intimate parts of your anatomy. In other words, it is something sensual or even sexual! Many men like their massages gone this extra mile. Because  regular therapy massages can be relaxing but not releasing. So therapy massages can be deep tissue but not making […]

  • Sweet erotic massage is the new Tantric style

    First off, the sweet erotic massage is our starting point as Tantra bodywork. Because sensual massages have a really amazing effect on both our bodies and our minds. So take our hands and discover a new landscape in massage! Sweet erotic massage “I just want a very sweet massage. tender, caring, soft and peaceful”. Yep, […]