Erotic massage Barcelona

Erotic massage Barcelona

Now you can enjoy Erotic massage Barcelona in many different ways.

As you know, each of these service types have their specific advantages. Of course it always depends on your personal conditions. Privacy is an issue and it oftentimes depends on the kind of trip that is taking you to Barcelona.

We are also serving Ibiza, Madrid and Valencia. See our local websites below.

  • Are you hosted at a hotel? Then we recommend out-call massage.
  • Are you at a friends apartment? We recommend in-call massage.
  • Do you prefer high-class ladies?
  • You deserve professional masseuses!

We will always adapt to your personal convenience!

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Sensual massage Barcelona

Our sensual massage is the best rated service in Spain. So in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza. The reviews and comments we are getting from our customers are amazing! Even to us!

“I have had many massage during the last 10 years. None as passionate and as high in quality as yours though!”

Please check other testimonials here:

Our goal is providing you with the best Barcelona massage you have ever experienced. This is our regular attitude. And it works!

Erotic massage Barcelona: since 2010

We are one of the most expert erotic massage services in Barcelona. We started at a time when the demand was low. And we have built our experience from the very start.

Other companies may have the will to copy our service. But they are obviously failing at the very foundation: excellent massage quality.

These are our cornerstone assets. We know they are relevant to you:

  • Quality service
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Sexy
  • Discrete
  • True pictures

Sex massage companies

Big companies coming from the escort industries are trying hard to offer a similar service as ours. These companies are extremely powerful. Because they are able to invest hundreds of thousands of Euros. Though they want their invested money back —by any means. And as fast as possible! So most of them work similar to unlawful organisations.

They are failing in quality because their spirit is the wrong one. Because they try to go from sex services to massage. Their ladies are escorts, so they tend to offer a rather fast and tacky bodywork service. That’s the wrong start.

Escorts have always been very bad masseuses. They lack of the will, and this is crucial. Sex is a much faster service. And it needs no patience and no effort. There is no mindful communication.

  • No masseuses but escorts
  • Too fast sexual stimulation
  • Once you achieve climax the session is over
  • No sensual massage grips
  • Fake moaning and screaming
  • The bitter aftertaste of phoney sex
  • The high risk of STDs

Best Erotic massage Barcelona

Us ladies are all certified masseuses instead. We not only master therapy massages of many kinds. Because we also have the specific training of Tantric massage, nuru massage and other styles. And of course we master a wide range of erotic massages.

You guessed it though: the difference is a huge one. After all the most demanding customers are very aware of it. So this is why the best customers are loyal to our services of Erotic massage Barcelona.

Try Erotic massage Barcelona

Try us out and check the available ladies now:

Please check our prices: Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage, Extremely Erotic Massage

You are always welcomed to call us to find out more details.

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Have the lady at your door in minutes!

We are serving the best hotels in Barcelona. And of course all big hotel chains as well! Princess Hotels, W Hotels, NH Hotels, AC Hotels, Fairmont Hotels… Hesperia Hotels, ABBA Hotels. And absolutely the one you’re in now.

M4m massage or male on male: also possible

If you prefer to have a gay massage from a male masseur please feel free to request it to our phone valet.

Massage is not enough

massage is not enough

Massage is not enough when it gets too hot. This is a frequent statement because our bodywork is a really sexier massage than expected!

So what happens next?

“Massage is not enough”

Many customers tell us these words too often. Some of them end up hiring escorts instead of us erotic masseuses though.

Too bad, because our erotic bodywork gets much more intense and lasts longer than the regular escort gig. Seriously.

“I never tried erotic massage before. Though after your job I am so surprised that this will not be the last time! Absolutely!”

Sensual massage

Sometimes it’s hard for us to deliver the precise message of what our job is. We really perform a very hot bodywork though!

While some guys think we do just a regular massage ended with some hand-job. No way! There’s much more!

Our sensual massage starts with minute 1. So the whole session time is extremely sexy, and it gets hotter and hotter.

“I had never climax spontaneously. I don’t know how you did it but you did not even touch my penis. My climax has been beyond what I knew of myself. This has been sexier than sex!”

Tantric massage

We use sensual massage grips though also tantric massage techniques. The goal is offering you a much longer time of sexual enjoyment.

With us you’ll soon discover the new experience of intimate communication. Intimate does not mean lame by any menas. But intense, sexy and extremely satisfying.

Erotic massage

So all this put together results in erotic massage. Sensual massage plus tantric massage result in the most erotic bodywork.

“The hottest massage I ever had!”

Many men though want “some more”. Please be honest since not all of us ladies are taking this step.

Once you make your booking ask us on the phone what other options can be included.

As we said before, our goal is your absolute satisfaction!

Call +34618580708

Or send us an SMS with your details. We usually answer in the blinking of an eye.

Please check relevant details as professional masseuses and our massage prices.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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Student masseuse

Student masseuse

Paula is our Student masseuse. She is in the University during the mornings and some after-noons.

She might be still a student. But she masters erotic Tantric massage. As if it was her invention.

Paula’s phone valet will answer on +34 618 580 708 24 hours!

Student masseuse

Test her if you are a demanding business man or a very experienced massage customer. Because Paula is not the regular masseuse!

Student masseuse in Barcelona

You can also ask Paula to visit you at your hotel room. She is offering out-call massage to the best hotels in Barcelona. Trust her discretion.

She is not coming to your hotel the way you can see her on the pictures though. She is extremely discreet and will never expose your profile.

Student masseuse for out-call

By offering erotic massages Paula is able to face her University bills. Also all other expenses she is having in Barcelona.

Paula does not have a place to welcome you though. She is sharing her apartment with other young students. You guess it: she is the sexiest lady living in her apartment! And in the whole block as well!

And she is certainly close to your hotel. Because she is living in Barcelona city center.

She will use a taxi to get to your hotel though.

Please plan ahead your massage with Student masseuse Paula. She is very requested!

Student masseuse prices

Paula is the best option for our Extremely Erotic Massages. The massages all us ladies are performing naked. This is the kind of massage you are allowed to touch us.

Please have in mind that the longer sessions as the 90 minutes are her most popular and requested sessions.

All other therapies as Relaxing Massage do not include caressing us.

Prostate Massage is also a very hot option. Paula will use a thong to perform this erotic massage menu, as in Relaxing Massage.

Paula is also serving massage for couples. Alone or together with another student masseuse as Ivana, Mia or Ramona.

Call now to make sure she is available at the time you need her spicy massage!

Paula’s phone valet will be answering: +34 618 580 708

Check more about our amazing out-call massage service here:

If you are planning to visit Madrid please check

See you soon!

Out-call massage in Barcelona

Outcall Tantric massage

Out-call massage in Barcelona: choose the most reliable massage service to your hotel. We certainly earned the trust and preference of 92% of all massage customers!

So please call or send us an SMS with your request: +34 618 580 708

First of all please check our massage prices now, before ordering!

Checking our professional masseuses staff is also an excellent idea for a start!

Out-call massage in Barcelona

Because this premium massage service is a very convenient solution for businessmen with a tight schedule.

Likewise, there are some of the advantages our out-call massage in Barcelona can offer you:

  • Stay in your room
  • Save taxis
  • Save time

And many more:

  • Fall asleep in your own bed after your massage
  • Have a shower in your hotel room while waiting
  • Answer calls during the massage
  • Choose the lady you prefer!
  • Avoid to be seen on dubious places
  • Enjoy true intimacy with a lady
  • No rushing to climax
  • Choose the massage menu you prefer

Advantages of out-call massage over in-call

Almost all studios usually kick you out after your massage is finished. Those ladies rush you to the shower as well. Then they urge you to dress up in no time. Because there is a next customer in the waiting room.

  • Studios close at 9 PM
  • Massage parlours work from Monday to Friday
  • Studios are not that discreet anymore
  • Massage spas have a waiting line —don’t risk to be seen there!
  • Studios have a weird smell

Premium out-call massage in Barcelona

Therefore, our out-call massage in Barcelona fills this gap. Many businessmen are also telling us about the lack of honest and reliable massage services.

  • Quality massage service
  • Genuine team pictures
  • Reliable availability times
  • Real arrival time
  • We never lie about the ladies stats
  • Final prices —no surprises!
  • Real limits of the service
  • Flexible on service requeirements

Consequently, honesty is the most relevant aspect to us. As a result we have seen an increasing amount of loyal customers from the very start. Many of them confess to have tried other agencies —though they have bitter complaints about them. So most of them come back to our premium massage service.

Finally, our goals are exactly these:

  • Serving you with the best quality erotic massage
  • Offering you a professional and reliable team of honest ladies
  • Helping you out at any point of the reservation
  • Answering your questions with the truth

So we hope to have the chance to serve you as well!

So feel free to contact us whenever you feel like asking any kind of question!

Check our professional masseuses to choose among the best ones!

Please call or send us soon your SMS with you’re request: +34 618 580 708

Because we can offer you different kinds of erotic massages. Please check our massage prices as well to choose your perfect therapy:

Relaxing Massage

Prostate Massage

Extremely Erotic Massage

Nude massage

Check our ladies here:

See you soon in Barcelona!

Massage and sex

massage and sex

Massage and sex are different words for different practices. Therefore they are also used to describe for different jobs!

There is such a clear difference between them that we don’t need to define them again. We all now what massage is about. And all adults know what sex is about as well.

So let’s dive into the special blending of both human practices!

Massage and sex

Massage has so many benefits in all sorts of departments! So it’s always been a big temptation to blend it with other practices.

Therefore this is exactly what we are doing. A very special massage experience that will take you to a new landscape of intimacy and joy.

Because when you blend these together the result is something more elaborate than just plain massage.

Keep reading!

Or see our private pictures on

Erotic massage and sex

The hottest kind of massage is called “erotic”. The name comes in the honour of the Greek god Eros. Eros has his equivaled with the famous Roman god called Cupid.

We use the word “erotic” as an adjective to everything that awakens our sexual desire.

So erotic massage is about stimulating this very special aspect of our intimate life.

Erotic bodywork has the relevant aspect of blending emotions with body reactions. So the emotional aspects involve desire, happiness and excitement. While the physical reactions are sexual arousal in the shape of erections and the need of mutual skin touch.

There are different categories or massage styles under the erotic tag though. Because there are many ways to perform these special experiences!

One of the most famous is tantric massage. And just this one happens to be our special!

Tantric massage and sex

Please don’t misunderstand it with tantric sex. This is a different practice that we think only real couples can have. The degree of intimate communication and foreseeable reactions is the highest one between humans. Hence we are logically unable to deliver this to a customer we see just once.

Though some of us have loyal customers who we get to know really well!

All these special bodyworks come very close to sex. This is the magic and the intriguing about tantric massage. Though we can’t call it sex because massage therapists are no escorts.

If this subject is still not clear enough for you please call us. So we can speak personally and go into much more detail.

Order massage and sex

As easy as calling us and finding out.

Call +34618580708

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Edging massage

Edging massage

Edging massage is technically known as “ejaculation control“. Why is this special erotic massage style so interesting to so many gentlemen?

What is “edging massage”?

Because many new words are frequently born from new habits or new products and services.

This time around though we are focusing on a sexual practice that started together with online pornography. We are talking mostly about men again!

Because early adopters of masturbation to online porn were spending hours watching adult content.

The way to enjoy a much longer time of sexual stimulation was avoiding ejaculation.

And the feeling of “almost cumming” was soon called “edging”.

“I like to keep myself on the edge. Close to climax, but stopping whenever I was getting too close. I can spend like 4 hours in a row doing this. I know buddies though who spend like 8 hours”.

And soon this practice was also requested to erotic masseuses and prostitutes. Though escorts did not seem to like it much. As you know, escorts make their money “finishing you” as soon as possible.

Edging massage and tantric massage

You can call it like this, and you can also call it “tantric massage“.

Tantric techniques have a relevant point which is the ejaculation control. Using all these Tantra grips makes it possible. And the professional attitude of the lady serving you is also extremely important.

The goal of Tantra was not imitating edging though. The goal is giving you a much longer and lasting experience of pleasure.

Awareness is a cornerstone in all kinds of tantric bodywork.

Erotic tantric massage was here longer ago, though we started re-discovering it only during the 1980’s.

Benefits of edging massage

The list of benefits is huge. Not all men though share the same priorities. Some men focus on delaying ejaculation for performance reasons. Namely men who can just climax one. Because they need a long time to recover between climaxes.

While some others just see how the sexual pleasure increases after longer and longer stimulation time.

Communication is also a relevant factor. There are many couples who enjoy longer massage sessions because this is the only way they feel satisfied.

Emotions are important too, and many men say the longer the session the deeper they feel connected to their partner.

A few guys told us that edging gives them a much more abundant semen ejaculation.

So, in a nut-shell:

  • Performance reasons
  • Higher sexual pleasure
  • More intimate communication
  • Longer time of enjoyment
  • More abundant ejaculation

You will probably add some items to this list!

Book your edging massage

Don’t forget to check our pictures. We only publish genuine and recent pictures of us!

Check us here:

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You can also send us an SMS with your request as follows:

Hi, Im’m Peter, staying at Xxxx Hotel in Avenida Diagonal 1234. Room is 567 and I’d like Paula’s Extremely Erotic Massage at 8 PM. Thank you!

See you soon!

Sinless massage

Sinless massage

Sinless massage is not exactly a legitimate massage though. It is a sensual massage that leaves you with the absence of guilt.

So no aftertaste of sin at all. Because erotic massage is not equal to sex. And it has many more advantages!

Why sinless massage?

Many gentlemen have made fidelity vows to her wives. And we always respect all options and all personal decisions.

Sometimes we need a little trick to get what we want though. Especially if it is on the edge of non legitimate bodywork.

Anyway, erotic massage is not equal to sex. Never. That’s why we all use different words to describe one and the other practices.

Sex is sex, massage is massage. The difference is a very big one.

Though the limits get blurry when it comes to sensual massages.

So in two words, sinless massage comes very handy when you want to keep yourself faithful. This way you’ll be able to get back home without any remorse.

Sinless massage

There are so many mainstream definitions of what is sin. They depend on society and also on religions. But deep down every person has his own checklist of sins. And of course there are worse sins than others.

Sensual sinless massage

Sensuality is not sex. One thing can lead to the other though. Because sexual excitement can be achieved by sensual stimulations, and we know about this!

Though we never go further than this. Our limits are always very clear when we speak about sensual bodywork.

As you know this is a very subtle stimulation. Of course you can get very excited though! That’s not a sin!

Erotic sinless massage

Erotic massage is the next level. Hotter than just sensual, eroticism gets you to a whole body sexual excitement.

We use many techniques to achieve this blissful state of arousal.

Ooops! You can reach happy ending if you wish. We will never use our mouth or other even more intimate parts though!

We will keep it absolutely sinless if this is what you wish.

Book your sinless massage

After choosing your ideal massage therapist you can call us. Also send us an SMS. It is a really quick process making a reservation with us!

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Early evening and early planners have advantages!

Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage are a whole bunch! From physical to emotional, the amount of benefits is much more than all you can ever enjoy in one life.

The many benefits of massage

Massage is a practice that exists in human groups and societies since the starting of civilization. Or even before! Just watch chimpanzees helping each other for hygiene.

You can see immediate benefits of massage in these categories:

  • Health
  • Physical well-being
  • Emotional balance

These are just the big groups. So now go on reading and find out in more detail.

Emotional benefits of massage

Emotional healing starts just by having a personal connection with someone else. So close to you and with the determined will to help you.

  • Intimate communication
  • Private communication
  • Feeling pampered
  • Feel desired
  • Emotional balance

Communication and feeling pampered is a healing feeling. Some company is always a big help!

Massage can get very complex though. We can use massage to make you feel cared about.

Our intimate bodywork can also make you feel desired. This is especially positive for gentlemen who don’t feel attractive. We do pamper you! And we will make sure to stimulate you sexually!

“It has been a long time since I did not feel desired by a lady. You seduced me as if she really liked me! I know there’s a bit of acting, but it made me feel on the top again!”

Balance as a benefits of massage

Balance is another big feature. Any well done massage of any kind has a very positive effect of getting you back to emotional balance.

Because erotic tantric massage is able to put your body and your mind on the same wavelength again.

“After your amazing massage I felt much better. Also my mood hot much better! I felt filled up with energy. And motivated I’d say!”

Physical benefits of massage

The well-being on your body is the most immediate effect. You feel it right since the very first minute we touch you.

Sweetness, pressure, moving on your body and sensual stimulations come very close together.

“I wanted your massage to never end! This heavenly feeling should be endless!”

“After the session was over I felt like addicted. My body needs this every week. Well, more often like every day, to be honest!”

Try more benefits of massage

If you also wish to try all these benefits and maybe some more, just call us.

Each man is living this up in a different way. So a very personal way!

Especially if you are living in a hotel or some private apartments in Barcelona. We never charge taxi fees before 11 PM.

Call us soon enough or send us an SMS with your reservation. After 11 PM we start to get booked out!

Call +34618580708

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You are free to choose among all of us! Please check our recent and genuine pictures on

Are you traveling to Madrid? We are also friends of the best erotic masseuses in Madrid:

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See you soon!

Last minute hotel massage

Last minute hotel massage

Last minute hotel massage is a very frequent request. Short notice requests are placed by men with a very tight schedule. We always try to adapt though.

So please call us now and we’ll tell you who is available right now!

Call +34618580708

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Last minute hotel massage

We understand some very tight agendas are causing stress and tension. So many of our customers are suffering from this feeling of impatience, rush and bad mood.

Our tantric massages are the best way to release, find your balance again and also peace of mind.

“Someone told me this interesting idea. He said there are moments when you think you should not relax by any means. And that’s the best time to take a break. You see things much differently afterwards. More balanced and objectively”.

We absolutely share this idea. Though benefits of massage can reach much further. And massage is just the start of a much better time. During and after the massage though!

Sensual last minute hotel massage

Sensuality is a relevant part of our massage therapy. This is what many men are needing, even when requesting a therapy massage. The fantasy of sensuality with a female masseuse is always present.

So why not being honest and requesting it from the start?

“Female masseuses are my recurring erotic fantasy. I started asking regular masseuses for some extra stuff, but most of them slapped my face. Now I’m not wasting my time anymore. I go straight for the ladies who agree with my desires”.

So honesty will take you further than flattering!

More so when we are speaking about last minute requests!

Don’t risk a lady slapping your face!

Erotic last minute hotel massage

You can request a sensual massage. You can also ask for our most erotic bodywork! Higher erotic temperature and many more features for your satisfaction:

Check all of our massage prices and choose the one that fits your expectations!

Book your last minute hotel massage

You want it easy and fast right?

Just call us on +34618580708

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Please include hotel name and address, room number, desired appointment time and the massage menu you’d like to enjoy.

We will be there as soon as possible!

Just for you to see who will be serving you please check

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Erotic massage Madrid

Erotic massage Madrid

Erotic massage Madrid is a blissful bodywork. Or a therapy, however you wish to call it. Of course it is a special treat though!

What is erotic massage Madrid?

We are performing the hottest and most delicate and blissful massages in Madrid. Erotic massage is different from sex in many aspects, though many gentlemen also call it “sex massage“.

First, because a relevant aspect that comes with erotic massage is lingam massage. Lingam massage is about stroking your penis in different angles and with different grips. The goal is edging and delaying ejaculation. This way you’ll be able to enjoy for a much longer time!

Techniques of erotic massage Madrid

We are using a really wide range of massage grips. The longer the session you choose the higher the erotic intensity. And also the longer the more intense, blissful and satisfying it gets.

Among many other techniques we are performing:

Please go on exploring our blog and website to learn even more erotic massage techniques.

Benefits of erotic massage Madrid

Release is the main goal when a gentleman is asking for our outcall massage service. But there are even many more benefits!

  • Emotional balance
  • Stimulating sexual creativity
  • Physical release
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Balancing jet-lag
  • Stimulating sexual energies

Or simply enjoying a really nice massage though! All of the female masseuses in our team are grounded therapy masseuses. So they have a solid foundation on massage.

Outcall erotic massage Madrid

So outcall massage service means we are traveling to your location. Wherever you are though. We are usually serving the best hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.

Outcall service has as many benefits as you can think of thoufgh!

  • Save time
  • Stay in your room
  • Don’t risk to be seen at risky places
  • Save taxis
  • Don’t stress
  • Use your waiting time for practical stuff
  • Control your agenda

Of course each and every gentlemen has his own priorities and preferences though!

Book your erotic massage Madrid

Please plan ahead though! We can always serve a last minute massage though it gets difficult to choose the specific lady you fancy. Maybe because we are having many requests!

Choose your lady in Madrid by visiting

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