Sexy massage

Sexy massage and sensual massages in Barcelona: call us and we will visit you at your room. Very discretely though!

We are offering the best sensual massage in Barcelona. Best quality. The sexiest ladies! You can choose among many of us. Please check our pictures. Then call to make your reservation.

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Sexy massage

What is our sexy massage about? Well since we are offering erotic and tantric massages, the bodywork we are performing for you is spicy!

We use many techniques that will arouse you. This way we will awaken your sexual energies. You will feel sexually excited.

But we won’t just finish you in a quarter! We will go on for at least one hour! This way you will achieve an amazing excitement. You’ll be begging for us to give you the climax.

Tantric massage though is about control. And awareness. Because many guys call it mindful massage as well. So we will stretch your moment of pleasure as long as you can hold it.

Erotic and sexy massage

This sexy feeling is a good description of our erotic bodywork. We are professional therapists though and our approach is serious, as the opposite to improvised one.

Since erotic massage is meant to deliver some very hot and sensual pleasure. This is what you’ll enjoy with us!

Outcall sexy massage

So we travel to your location. Yes, wherever you are in the city of Barcelona. Call us to check if taxis are included. We try to include them if you request our services before 11 PM.

Just call us and find out!

We are the most reliable outcall massage in Barcelona.

Tantric sexy massage

As we said before, our approach is a very reliable one. We don’t want to finish you as soon as possible. Instead, we want you to enjoy a much longer session.

Choose among 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes massage sessions.

“I found out escorts just want me to cum the sooner the better. This way they go to the next guy. I really wanted a full hour massage, and that’s what you did. Amazing!”

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Sexy massage in Madrid

We also know some professional tantric masseuses in Madrid!

So check out our friends in Madrid on

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Sweet torture

Sweet torture is also included in our erotic massages. Starting with any of our massage prices though!

Sweet torture

Since we call it sweet torture it is a very engaging erotic bodywork. It is a relevant aspect of our tantric massages. And we travel directly to your hotel room in Barcelona!

So that’s what we call outcall massage service.

This way we just torture you on top of the bed, so not before and not after our service!

Yes, you’ll be saving taxis, time and stress!

Sweet torture massage

Erotic massage can have many different aspects though. We focus just on the most pleasing ones. Our bodywork is about performing a very long lasting massage. This way your pleasure is not only longer but also more and more intense!

“I wasn’t able to guess how far this was going. So this has been the sweetest torture I went through! Ever!”

You are the one deciding the time length though. One hour, 75, 90 minutes, or two hours. Check our massage prices here and choose how long you want your sweetest torture to go!

Sweet torture techniques

We use many techniques. They depend on the menu you choose though!

  • Relaxing massage
  • Nipples massage
  • Sphincter massage
  • Penis massage or lingam massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Body to body massage

You are welcomed to achieve the so-called happy ending.

There is much more to all these though! Call us and try us! We are a team of independent erotic masseuses in Barcelona.

Erotic massage is our calling, our passion and our job. So you’ll be safe with us in all aspects.

Book your sweet torture

We can never stress it enough: plan ahead of time. If you think of a specific masseuse you should be calling now! Make sure she is available for you!

Now choose her by visiting

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See you tonight in Barcelona!

Quality time massage

Quality time massage is the bodywork for your true sensual enjoyment. Though quality time is this self-explaining concept, we seldom have it.

Quality is still rare in many aspects of our lives. And especially when you are paying for a service, you seldom feel totally satisfied.

Our goal is your satisfaction. In many ways though!

Quality time massage

Our massage is a very sensual bodywork. We focus on a sweet and romantic massage that allows you a long time enjoyment. One hour, 90 minutes or even two hours. And time flies under our bodies!

“This has been some real quality massage! And some very needed quality time. I’m happy I could spend it with you!”

We want to please you. Not just giving you some happy ending though. Also with our delicate massage, professional massage and sensual bodywork.

We are polite, nice, sexy and have the right sexy attitude to deliver a passionate massage. Yes, we perform a sensitive massage and achieve some true intimate connection with you.

Quality time massage is erotic?

Not always —meaning not with random ladies. But with us you know it is for sure! Erotic tantric massage is a special service. Not all therapy masseuses wish to deliver this service though.

Don’t hire just any therapy masseuse. She might resist to undress. She might not want to touch you on intimate areas of your body. Not to mention she never heard about lingam massage. And happy ending feels like an insult to all therapy masseuses!

“I ordered a random therapist. I am an attractive guy so I thought she’d give in to some more intimate tricks. She did not, and I wasted a lot of money. Now I prefer being safe by ordering professional erotic masseuses”.

Quality time massage and escorts

Not all masseuses have the talents. Especially escorts don’t have the patience to deliver a longer massage session. Escorts prefer to rush you to climax and go for the next bloke.

As the opposite to escorts, erotic masseuses are used to deliver hour long massage sessions though. We know where to start, how to massage you, and we master tantric massage protocols.

For some reason we have the right training for all this! During our massage session you’ll experience a wide range of erotic stimulation.

Quality time massage techniques

What are the techniques we use? Well there is an almost endless list of massage grips, all of them sensual and erotic.

Since all of these are for your sexual excitement, you can expect to achieve climax.

Also many climaxes during the 75, 90 and 120 minutes naked massage sessions.

Book your quality time massage

Planning ahead of time has many benefits. Especially if you prefer of a specific masseuse!

Choose your sexy lady masseuse here:

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Erotic massage in Madrid

If you are visiting Madrid you can also check

Flawless massage

Flawless massage is what many gentlemen wish to have. A perfect bodywork within a perfect service. When everything about our visit runs smooth, in harmony. And also with discretion and politeness you deserve.

Flawless massage service

“Your service has proved to be one of the best outcall massage services in the world. No tricks, reliable and performing a really flawless massage”.

This is our goal. We could not write a better description about our own service!

All of our expertise, our experience and our training is what we put on your massage. Yes, every time a gentleman is calling us we get nervous though. As if it was our first time.

We want to pelase you, impress you and give you exactly the pleasure you are looking for.

Flawless erotic massage

You found us because you are looking for erotic tantric massage. So this is our job, and we are proud of offering it. Our customers are the most demanding gentlemen though. We know we are facing a test every time we knock at a hotel door.

“It shows you like your job. You gave me a passionate and flawless massage. Thank you so much for your professional attitude!”

Our massages include body to body massage, lingam massage, prostate massage, including happy ending massage as well, and many other techniques.

See all our massage prices here!

Outcall flawless massage

We are mostly serving outcall massage though. Since many men think it’s more convenient to order a mobile massage. So we are ready to travel to your hotel!

It is as easy as you think: you obviously just need to call us and tell us your location. It also helps if you already know the massage menu you’d wish to enjoy. That’s it! We jump into a taxi and will be knocking at your door in no time.

We just need you to have in mind a few things though.

Flawless massage reservation

Plan ahead of time, especially if you think of a specific masseuse.

At night we have more calls. After 11 PM we are serving our best massages.

Now choose your favourite lady by visiting

Then call us at +34618580708

Or send us an SMS with the information we need to find you.

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See you soon in Barcelona!

Romantic massage

Our Romantic massage is a very rare experience. It happens seldom though. And only when the customer is in this special mood. The mood of receiving with an open mind attitude though.

Why are we speaking about this? Is it somehow further related to our job of tantric massage?

Romantic massage

“Well what you gave me has been a truly romantic massage. I never had such an emotional experience with a masseuse. We had a very special connection. Not just sensual but spiritual. And emotional, dare I say!”

We sometimes get these amazing reviews. Some massage testimonials go far beyond from our own professional expectations. Though it is not just one of those…

“Perfect massage! Very hot!”

That first review has a very deep message. What do you think?

Sensual and romantic massage

When you use tantric techniques the result goes deeper. Some clients ask us:

“So what is the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage?”

It seems hard to understand though that tantric massage really achieves this emotional connection.

“I felt like falling in love. You are amazing in too many aspects. Not just in your job. I can hardly put my finger on it”.

Sensuality is something sweet, slow. It is somewhat inevitable when you perform a true mindful massage.

Erotic and romantic massage

Romantic is an asset not excluding sensuality though. Not even eroticism!

The more features one single massage can have, the better! And many things are not excluding. We are used to think in terms of

“If it is tender, it can’t be sexy”.

But, well, we do achieve to blend many different emotional and physical aspects. That’s why we call ourselves tantric masseuses.

We not only had the right training but we also have the right attitude.

This job is our calling! We love our job as well. Because we love massage!

“This encounter has been just awesome. I felt like I enjoyed much more than just a single massage. We had a lot of special stuff going n here!”

Book your romantic massage with us!

Don’t tempt fate! Plan ahead and make sure your favourite therapist is available for the time you wish to have your sensual experience!

Call erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

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Here you can choose your lady masseuse:

Romantic massage in Madrid

We also know some very sexy ladies in Madrid:

So check many other ladies on

See you soon!

New massage concept

New massage concept

New massage concept is developed most following the different demands. Customers have always the final word –at least to us!

We like to listen to our customers. Not only for the “wow massage” reviews though! Also also the very interesting comments you tell us are the right clue to improve our service.

We have only a few goals. The most important though is your satisfaction.

New massage concept

They say almost everything is already invented. Well it’s not!

In the world of bodywork you can also improve, extend and experiment new massage techniques as well!

Sometimes just the fact that a customer wants it done in a different way can be the clue. The key to create a new massage style. We are not only speaking about fetish massage though!

Since we all speak among us, we share these facts. From there we are constantly improving our grips and techniques. We are not creating new massage menus every week though. We think our customers are unlike to understand a too long list of options.

Why? Mostly because our customers are almost always in a rush. Time is the key. Fast, reliable and to the point are three concepts we understand very well.

New massage concept: the three “S”

Speed. Sensuality. Service perfection. Our focus has already been on these concepts, and on many more of them though. These are qualities we always have in mind. But our customers want it even more stressed.


We try to be at your location in less and les time. One day we will have one lady at the corner of each and every hotel in Barcelona. Waiting just for your call.


Our attitude is always sexy, but we also need to be sensual, sweet and caring. To many men these are the clues. A perfect lady is always caring, sweet and sensual. Wanna try us?


We are aware this is a service. We are professional masseuses and out goal is delivering a perfect experience. A full experience though. From the moment you call us to the moment we trash the paper sheets after your massage is over.

So everything around our service must be perfect. This is our goal, and many men already told us we got it.

“You are the most efficient team in Barcelona. And you are honest! You always tell the truth about ETA. I feel very thankful for this because it is a proof of respect”.

New massage concept: erotic massage

Many men still haven’t tried our erotic massage service. Well it’d about time! Dare to have it. Because you have been dreaming about it for too long already!

Erotic massage is a new world for many men. Men of all ages discover erotic massage at some point in their lives.

“I tried it because I did not want to cheat on my wife. I love her. But I also have these needs especially while being abroad for such a long time. You gave me an absolutely flawless massage and I feel no guilt at all!”

Book your erotic massage

It is as easy as sending us an SMS with your request. If on the other hand you need to speak to us, please feel free to place a voice call. We will give you all the information you need. No pressure though! Feel free to book or not!

SMS: +34618580708

Check our ladies on

See you soon!

Outcall Tantric massage

Outcall Tantric massage is this convenient service. So directly to your hotel room. No hassle, no traffic, no time wasting around the city.

Tantric massage in a studio

Usually customers are asking for tantric massage in a studio or a massage parlour though.

The reason is not because it is more convenient. The true reason is the inertia or the tradition. Want a massage? So go to a studio. The regular answer with no thinking. Automated.

There are several studios in Barcelona and Madrid. Different decoration styles, from Buddhistic to New Age, from cheap to luxury. Pictures online can make you think you’ll be visiting an amazing spa, though the real thing is far from this.

“I could hear the customer in the next massage box. He was groaning so loud he ruined my own massage”.

Though we are now more and more often thinking out of the box. Tantric massage deserves the right atmosphere. And your full attention as well!

Outcall Tantric massage

So outcall massage is more and more the most frequent choice.

We can set up the same atmosphere in your hotel room. Candles, sandal, soft music, dimmed light. And of course the right ambiance of intimacy.

Your hotel room is the most private place. No cams, no disturbing sounds you can hear through the walls.

On top of all this, you can feel like home. So the space feels much more familiar and intimate.

And you have the amazing freedom of staying there after the massage session is over. Lay down, relax, forget about the world. Then you will be also free to take a shower much later. Many of our customers tell us they just fell asleep.

Erotic outcall Tantric massage

Tantric massage is almost a synonym of erotic bodywork. It is not always though! There are many Tantric “dakinis” who hardly tough you —and hardly let you touch them bach either. They do a very ritualised experience though. Only breathing techniques and Yoga positions are used. The “happy ending” is a fast masturbation coming “out of the blue”.

Our bodywork is extremely erotic. Very sensual, very hot. Our job is a new massage concept for your excitement, for your sexual stimulation and your sexual delight.

Meet us and you will enjoy an amazingly sexy massage. Of course all the wisdom and all our techniques are tantric, but our attitude is a very hot one.

“This has been an amazing experience. And the best massage I have ever had, not to mention in a hotel”.

Book your outcall Tantric massage

It is as easy as sending us an SMS with your request.

Please let us know at which hotel you are staying, the desired time for our appointment, and choose a massage price.

SMS: +34618580708

See you soon in Barcelona!

Wow massage!

Wow massage! is when you are surprised by an amazing quality in all senses. This happens with us!

“Your service is absolutely amazing! Everything. From the reservation to the massage, which is really outstanding. I just can say a big ‘WOW’!”

Many of our customers are sending in some reviews or just quick notes instead. Most of the times they are absolutely amazed and thankful notes though.

“I am not used to this level of efficiency and quality“.

“You are a honest service. The lady I chose was actually the one serving me! No fake lookalikes”.

We strive for your “WOW!”. Our goal is your pleasure and your satisfaction!

We have many other goals though, the most important among them is your enjoyment. Many of our new customers are telling us they were introduced to us by word of mouth. This feels absolutely great!

Erotic “wow massage”!

Our massage is a bit more than just a therapy treat. We are offering some really intimate sensual massage.

We use a whole lot of techniques and grips.

And all these can lead you to an amazing and mind-blowing:

“You did not restrain it to a simple masturbation. You turned me on during one hour and you got me edging like crazy. I could also call this some sweet torture!”

Sensual wow massage!

Sensuality is the means and also the goal of erotic bodywork. We use many tantric massage techniques to perform our intimate bodywork.

Call us and try our amazing service. We are quite sure we will get you to scream “WOW!”. Not just at the end but during most of our massage time!

Book your Wow massage!

Don’t trust your good luck! Don’t tempt destiny! Plan ahead so you are safe to choose your favourite therapist!

Call erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

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Here you can choose your lady masseuse:

See you soon!

Gentlemen who need a massage

Gentlemen need massage

Gentlemen need massage and oftentimes don’t know where to start. Local newspapers? Those crumbled flyers they get at a street corner? Taxi drivers handing flyers from cheap Chinese massage  parlours?

Nowadays most of businessmen are using the internet and the search engines to find the best erotic massage. Wherever they are. In their hometown, in a foreign city for a Congress. Or visiting an exposition abroad.

Search engines offer an amazing variety of results and options. Browsing through all of them might be a tedious task though!

Just looking for a cheaper massage —meaning 1 to 10 € cheaper— is absurd. Did you ever find yourself deciding between a 200 € massage and a 199 € massage?

When you need a tantric massage you need some premium quality service.

Cheaper services are not reliable. Non punctual, dirty ladies, sometimes too old, fat women, amateur housewives. You name it!

You also like to choose your lady!

We are only showing real pictures, recent pictures from genuine erotic masseuses:

Check and choose!

Gentlemen need massage now

You just dropped your bags onto the hotel bed. You feel like needing a massage. Urgently!

Easy: call us now and we will be at your door just within the time you take a shower.

Call +34618580708 now!

Gentlemen need massage tonight

It’s never too late to try. We are extremely busy around 11 PM and after this time. Anyway, try to call us and check if we still have a wonderful lady for you!

Erotic massage is perfect before going to sleep. You will achieve the needed relaxation. After releasing you will be even unable to take a shower!

Wake up tomorrow with re-fueled energy, strong and with all the focus on your professional efficiency.

Erotic bodywork for gentlemen

Our massage therapists team is not the biggest one in Barcelona. But the most passionate. And the most professional ladies. Choosing the right staff is key to success.And of course the key to the satisfaction deserve!

Our customers are doing a word of mouth that has no price. Many businessmen visiting Barcelona already fly in with our phone number in their contacts.

We are earning the best massage reviews. All of our ladies are absolutely wonderful, expert in erotic massage grips. This job is our calling! You will absolutely notice!

“Such an intimate skin on skin job as yours needs the vey specific attitude. You job is not easy! Thank you for giving me this amazing experience!”

Gentlemen who book a massage

It is as easy as this: just choose the lady you like and call to set up our meeting!

Choose here:

Then call +34618580708

You can also send us an SMS with specific instructions: SMS +34618580708

In the form of:

Hi, I’m Peter! I’d like to have a massage by Helena at 11 PM. I’m in Hotel Xxxxxxxx room 1234. Willing to enjoy the 330 € 90 minutes extremely erotic massage! Thank you!

This kind of messages are highly efficient and save a lot of time! Especially if you need a last minute massage!

See you soon in Barcelona!

Mindful touch

Mindful touch

Mindful touch is a characteristic of tantric massages. The erotic bodywork gets absolutely different and unconventional when mindfulness is used. The techniques for mindfulness are varied and each of our professional masseuses is using them in her personal ways.

Mindful touch

We treasure mindful touch for a very simple reason. It is a very uncommon experience. Oftentimes we are just practising regular sex in a mechanical way. Not as robots but without the awareness. Tantric massages are about the awareness of who, where and when we are together with somebody. Somebody special though.

While you are on a business trip it is difficult you meet somebody special though. Special not for just one night but for a longer time.

You might not have the emotional space to have a second life or a mistress.

This is why you want to hire an erotic masseuse. Not just for a quickie massage though. But for some mindful massage. You want it to be a special time to share.

Mindful touch and Tantra

Tantric traditions are based on awareness. Awareness is not only a technique but an attitude. It needs to have some interest and some will. Some will to be aware and to share this special and so intimate skin on skin communication.

We want to stress that all of us have a specific training for tantric massage. We master a great range of techniques, knowledge and sensual wisdom.

Furthermore, our sensual bodywork will allow you to enjoy some really special time with us.

Forget all your worries, your stressful life and dive into a really nice body to body contact.

Erotic mindful touch

Our attitude towards sensual massage is always the mindful and the responsible one though. We don’t like to work like robots do. It is relevant for us to say that this is our calling.

You can’t offer this intimate massage service if you don’t care about this job.

Mindfulness is about communication.

“I felt an instant click. I was connected to you as I rarely feel to other women. You do an amazing job!”

Book your mindful touch massage

Don’t call too late. Don’t risk our availability because after 10 PM we are having many more calls than what we can actually serve. We usually get booked out about 11 PM.

Be safe and plan ahead to choose your favourite masseuse!

Call erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

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Here you can choose your mindful masseuse:

See you soon!