Author: Telma

  • BlackFriday massage

    Black Friday massage means we are offering you special prices for our outcall massage service in Barcelona. Yep! Now you can finally choose the kind of fun you really like! Why Black Friday massage? Well we all know Black Friday means a very relevant day for discounts. Because usually this day is used by huge resellers […]

  • Erotic Tantric massage

    Erotic Tantric massage improves many a thing in your universe of intimacy. So let’s check some of the most relevant aspects here and now! What is Erotic massage? The goal of erotic massage is intimate pleasure. Or, more specifically, sexual pleasure. Though this pleasure is not achieved by using regular sexual practices. The methods used […]

  • Singles day Barcelona

    Singles day Barcelona is a huge trend that started just a couple of years ago though. So what are the news? Original idea of Singles day The original idea came from a small group of Japanese students though. Their goal was counter-fighting the Valentine’s day. So this is the opposite of Valentine! Since Valentin day is […]

  • Jaw-dropping massage

    Jaw-dropping massage is an expression we get to hear almost on a daily basis. It shows that we love our job! We love massage! Though loving your job is not enough! You also need to have the talent, the training and the professional skills. So this is us! Jaw-dropping massage “This massage was just jaw-dropping! […]

  • Sexy massage

    Sexy massage and sensual massages in Barcelona: call us and we will visit you at your room. Very discretely though! We are offering the best sensual massage in Barcelona. Best quality. The sexiest ladies! You can choose among many of us. Please check our pictures. Then call to make your reservation. Do it now, before […]

  • Sweet torture

    Sweet torture is also included in our erotic massages. Starting with any of our massage prices though! Sweet torture Since we call it sweet torture it is a very engaging erotic bodywork. It is a relevant aspect of our tantric massages. And we travel directly to your hotel room in Barcelona! So that’s what we […]

  • Quality time massage

    Quality time massage is the bodywork for your true sensual enjoyment. Though quality time is this self-explaining concept, we seldom have it. Quality is still rare in many aspects of our lives. And especially when you are paying for a service, you seldom feel totally satisfied. Our goal is your satisfaction. In many ways though! […]

  • Flawless massage

    Flawless massage is what many gentlemen wish to have. A perfect bodywork within a perfect service. When everything about our visit runs smooth, in harmony. And also with discretion and politeness you deserve. Flawless massage service “Your service has proved to be one of the best outcall massage services in the world. No tricks, reliable […]

  • Romantic massage

    Our Romantic massage is a very rare experience. It happens seldom though. And only when the customer is in this special mood. The mood of receiving with an open mind attitude though. Why are we speaking about this? Is it somehow further related to our job of tantric massage? Romantic massage “Well what you gave me […]

  • New massage concept

    New massage concept is developed most following the different demands. Customers have always the final word –at least to us! We like to listen to our customers. Not only for the “wow massage” reviews though! Also also the very interesting comments you tell us are the right clue to improve our service. We have only […]