Intimate touch

Intimate touch

Intimate touch and tantric massage are two concepts always coming together.

It is impossible —rather absurd— to have a tantric massage without enjoying intimate touch.

Take our hands and let us guide you into the universe of sensual intimacy!

Intimate touch

We call it “intimate parts”. Not only the sexual organs, though also the nipples. Or the ear-lobes. Then inner sides of the legs, the buttocks.

To many men prostate is also a very intimate spot. Not all ladies have the talent to work on it sweetly enough though! We master prostate massage!

Intimate touch massage

Erotic massage and very specifically tantric massage deal with our intimacy. Skin on skin and mindful massages are a special experience. They are the ideal therapies for all those who wish to enjoy some intimate contact.

We don’t know if this is obvious enough. We want to stress though that intimate massage is a special job. Normal massage therapists or therapy masseurs are not performing the same bodywork as we do.

Intimate massage are sensual massages. They require a specific training and a specific team of professional therapists.

Sexy attitude and seducing tricks are relevant when it comes to deliver an intimate experience for you.

Intimate touch techniques

There are many spots that are considered intimate. Though this differs from person to person, there is a common list of erotic spots.

  • Nipples massage
  • Ear-lobe massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Penis massage
  • Armpit massage

As said before, the list is much broader. You might have your own checklist of intimate areas. Not all of them are workable as a massage though.

We never use our mouth for instance. Since we are no escorts we don’t use our sexual parts either. Though we touch and massage yours. This is called lingam massage.

Final release

Do you know the concept of “edging”? It is about ejaculation control. As the opposite of an escort job, erotic massage tries to have you enjoying your massage for a much longer time. We don’t take you to climax in 10 minutes. We rather stretch the time to 60, 90 and two hours massage.

The will to release gets more and more powerful. At the end when you finally achieve climax you will have a very special one. Much longer, more intense and giving you a much deeper satisfaction.

The final release helps you getting rid of all your tension.

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Sweetness and sensuality

Sweetness and sensuality are two key factors in erotic tantric massage. Learn how they affect the emotional skin on skin communication.

First off we need to remind you that sweetness is rare in our lives. Rare as an attitude. Though also rare as a sensual way to communicate.

How many times have we heard your wives complaining about the lack of romantic dinners. These are usually the way a lady have to ask for some sweetness. And sensuality comes with sweetness.

Though it is relevant to say here that also housewives are one step behind their husbands’ expectations.

“I don’t know why I’m married! My wife is not sharing with me all the stuff Id’d like. To me sweetness and sensuality are relevant aspects in my intimate life“.

Sweetness and sensuality

Yet everybody knows the meaning of these two words. But using them as something we give to our partners is a whole different matter.

For instance stress, business life, job, family, commuting times. And all the other stuff packing our agendas is also leaving small space for some quality time. The so-called “me-time”.

Once you look back you’d maybe make different choices. On how to fill up your agenda. Or rather on how to free up your agenda!

Sweetness and sensuality massage

Sensual massages are exactly to alleviate this lack of tenderness. Sensual massage has lots of advantages, both emotional benefits and physical positive effects. Some people call them “side-effects” but they are not. They come immediately together as a result of our erotic bodywork!

Sweetness and sensuality grips

We always perform a very mindful massage. We use tantric awareness to give you a really special experience.

“Your massage is just awesome. Jaw-dropping!”

And many more!

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Two hours massage

Two hours massage is the longest massage session we are offering nowadays. Though it is possible to stretch the session even to 3 hours. But let’s keep it this long for the time being. One of the reasons is the lady masseuse gets exhausted. We usually need to have a break and drink water every 90 minutes.

So what else is all included in a 120 minutes massage?

It is time now to take our hands. And follow us into an amazing landscape of sensual experiences! Finally! Yes, you deserve it.

Two hours massage

Oftentimes our customers tell us how stressed they are. Some say it with anguish, some others even with exhaustion.

“You know I’m so stressed in all departments of my life. Business and family both keep me working non stop, just for them. I need a break. A deep break. A total disconnection from everything. Some ‘me time’, as they say”.

And this is what we can give you.

The longer the massage session the deeper you will dive into a different ocean of peace and pleasure. It sounds obvious but we need to take some time to achieve these results.

Follow our steps, we will guide you into this amazing oasis of senses.

Where nothing else but you and me exists.

Two hours sensual massage

We always start with some sensual massage. The result is a very different bodywork from what you might be used to. There is no deep tissue, no pain and no stress.

All we do is peaceful and calm though. Because we want to build up a very intimate atmosphere.

The dimmed light, the scented sticks, the soft music and our whispering attitude. All these and more are seducing. It is like we are going to take you away from this world.

Two hours erotic massage

We use many erotic grips. Of course we will perform a massage, though a very soft and seducing one. The kind of bodywork that will get you aroused.

And wishing for more during all this time.

As you know, tantric massage uses the ejaculation control. It is relevant to stress this fact since this is the way we can achieve a much longer time of pleasure and enjoyment.

Though with us you can also achieve several orgasms, namely different kinds of climax. Clearly speaking, with and without ejaculation. They call it inner orgasms.

We use all the techniques we are describing on naked massage.

Please make sure to check all the massage prices and all the other massage options available.

You should have in mind we are an outcall massage service. Yet we can also offer you an erotic massage studio, but please call us with some advance.

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Businessmen visiting Barcelona

Businessmen visiting Barcelona

Businessmen visiting Barcelona usually need a massage. Though not just any massage or whatever massage. Our customers are gentlemen who are used just to have the best quality massage service. Indeed.

Because most of the businessmen visiting Barcelona have a packed agenda. Filled up with endless meetings, lunch, dinner, networking. Smiling to everybody until you get really tired.

Before you know you are alone in your room again. Silence took over. Though dreaming of our blissful massage!

That’s when you plot a nice quality time for you: call us.

Erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

While we take a taxi to your hotel you can have your shower. You can even open a nice bottle of wine —we are not drinking though, we are on duty.

We will be happy to greet you in your robe! That’s sexy!

And this is where you can see us:

All our photos are genuine, real and recent. If you ask for Helena it’s Helena serving you. If you prefer Mia, it’s Mia herself.

Yes, we are a honest massage service. First off, we focus on quality massage. And we are reliable as well.

Businessmen visiting Barcelona

Barcelona is a touristic city. It has become one of the most attractive leisure destinations. Though it has always been a very dynamic city for all kinds of business. Fashion industry, engineering, stocks, chemical industry and pharmaceutical laboratories for instance. Its port is also becoming a transportation hub for the Mediterranean sea. Architecture, design, just to mention a bunch of them.

What about all the Michelin stars and the quality cuisine Barcelona can offer you throughout the year.

Barcelona is a busy city during the whole year though. Worldwide expositions as the MWC Mobile World Congress, Alimentaria and an endless number of medical congresses.

On top of that, all the international tourism visiting us!

Premium businessmen visiting Barcelona

Gentlemen visiting Barcelona for whatever reasons are usually high class men. Men who have a high education and cosmopolitan politeness.

Our customers know how to differentiate a good massage from an excellent massage. And this is why they always come back to us.

Quality is not an option for many of our dear customers. They might find cheaper massage services, but after the first appointment they call back. This happens, and many of them tell us openly.

“Hell, I thought price is something random. Not with you! And I just can’t give up quality! You are younger team, nicer, sexier and more expert. I don’t like to be touched just by anybody, so I’m coming back to you”.

“Cheap stuff is not an option for me. I have traveled a hundred times around the globe so now I know how tricky those cheap massages can be!”

Businessmen visiting Barcelona need massage

There are many circumstances when you need an excellent massage. After a long trans-oceanic flight, for instance.

You arrive about midnight to your hotel. And you can’t sleep. It’s about 6 PM in New York.

“After your amazing massage I just disconnected. I only woke up the next morning feeling like inside a new body!”

Stress is another frequent reason though. The perfect remedy for tensions is our massage.

And releasing massage is an even better option. As you know we include happy ending massage in our services.

Book your massage now

Don’t risk our availability calling too late. After 10 PM we are having an amazing load of calls. So we get booked out about midnight. And that’s exactly when everybody thinks of us!

Plan ahead, be safe and choose your favourite masseuse!

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Escorts and massage

Escorts massage is a rare combination. As you know, escorts like to finish you as quick as they can. After the act they like to speak, have a drink or want to be pampered themselves.

Why is the blending of escorts and massage so difficult?

Is there really no lady crossing the limits of massage to sex or the other way around?

Well, yes, this time around there is. So you just found a jewel!

Escorts massage

Erotic massage is an amazing bodywork that lasts at least one hour. As you know, masseuses perform a full body therapy, front and back. This means it is a really intimate pleasure!

And erotic massage has the additional benefits of being a sensual experience. Not only that you’ll have an intimate arousal or that you feel sexual excitement. Erotic massage goes further though!

So when you use the tantric massage techniques the moment gets really special.

“A massage is not enough for me. You know what I mean”.

Escorts massage and more

As a matter of fact this is exactly what we do. Well, not all of us! Only a small percentage of erotic masseuses are willing to go further than massage though!

Erotic massage guarantees a minimum time of 60 minutes of massage. You are free to top it with special features that you can discuss with us on the phone.

You can choose your erotic masseuse here:

Please be honest whenever you call. This way we ensure you to be sending the right lady! Our phone valet is here to do everything in her hands to fulfil your desires!

Erotic escorts massage

“You are the best skilled massage team in Barcelona. Your services has always felt a bit “short” to me though. Now you have this amazing lady performing some really special stuff your service got even better!”

For many years we have been avoiding to get into more intimate services. Demanding customers though have been so insisting that we finally discussed it with our massage team.

As we said before, not all the massage therapists are keen on doing specific services using the mouth. Or even some other more intimate body parts.

This is why we got some new masseuses who master both services: massage and escort.

Escorts massage prices

It seems just fair that there are specific prices for this special massage service. And our customers are sane gentlemen who understand it perfectly.

Even though we are offering prices that are still lower than the one requested by escort services in Barcelona!

Please call us to find out!

Book your escorts massage

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Escorts massage Barcelona

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Escorts massage Ibiza

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Sensual massage Madrid

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Sensual stimulation

Sensual stimulation

Sensual stimulation is a relevant part of erotic massage. Though there are many points on human anatomy able to trigger the feeling of pleasure and sexual excitement.

Sensual stimulation

As you know there are many differences between therapy massages and our erotic bodywork. The main one is the sexy attitude of all of us!

As the opposite to therapy massages, we call it a sensual attitude. We try to seduce you with our sweet caresses. Our massage is a very tender skin to skin contact.

Sensual stimulation and massage

As you may imagine we include a wide range of very different stimulation styles. Also on many different parts of your anatomy. We know your hottest spots. Though maybe we will be able to surprise you discovering you new ones!

Among many others though! With us you know we will massage all of your body, from head to toes!

Sensual stimulation and happy ending

In addition to all that, our sensual massage has an immediate effect on your sexual energies. You’ll see how tremendously excited will feel!

We can also say that your excitement will be a very intense one. The kind that takes you edging around climax. You will probably wish to release.

That’s no problem with us! Because we will use our hands to give you the happy ending you desire.

In some massage menus as the naturist massage or extremely erotic massage we can also use other parts though. For instance our breasts to release you with this final bliss. Did you ever try this before?

“I never had such a strong climax before! I’m 55 and I thought I had experienced almost everything on earth. You opened a new door to my sexuality in a very sweet and intriguing way”.

Order your blissful sensual stimulation

Be honest to yourself. We can imagine you are wishing to enjoy it tonight! Don’t wait any longer!

The easiest booking way is sending us an SMS with your details.

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  • Hotel
  • Desired appointment time
  • Address
  • Room number
  • Desired masseuse
  • Massage therapy

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Sensual massage Barcelona

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Sensual notice massage Ibiza

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Sensual massage Madrid

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Quickie massage

Quickie massage

Quickie massage sounds like an oxymoron. Yes, it is a contradiction that a massage can have a too quick releasing. That’s something escorts are usually doing. Quick jobs.

Anyway, we found experiences and customers of all kinds!

Quickie massage

Many men suffer from terrible stress. Stress can also distort the perception of time and reality. Sometimes it can even affect the libido.

We see too many men trapped in a business world that leaves no space for a personal life. The job has all the priorities.

Bad news is that before you know you sacrifice your own life.

Being unsatisfied is not the safest way to face professional challenges. Intimate satisfaction is vital! It is as relevant as having the right amount of sleeping hours.

And we dare say skin to skin intimate communication is a very effective way to achieve for some emotional balance.

“I want this to be a really quick job, please!”

This man did not achieve erection. His state of nervousness was going to make it all even worse. Fortunately the lady masseuse serving him has some experience.

Our masseuse offered him to give a good back and shoulders massage. After he was relaxed she started an amazing frontal body to body massage.

“Just having the chance to see her breasts made me feel so horny!”

This man got a strong erection and was then able to ejaculate. Even without her having the chance to perform lingam massage! All this was thanks to a previous work of relaxation. You need to achieve the right balance of mind and body excitement.

“She was absolutely brilliant! I am happy now to have taken some additional 10 minutes”.

Erotic quickie massage

Erotic massage and all sorts of tantric massages need its own amount time. And its own pace. We usually take one full hour to complete our erotic bodywork protocol.

Most of our customers though request our 90 minutes sessions.

“Time flies and I know one hour will not be enough by any means. Let’s make it one and a half!”

Wise request!

This way you’ll be able to enjoy a much wider range of erotic grips.

Anyway, we always adapt to our customer’s requests.

“I can’t miss my flight!”

Sure! Next time call us earlier! You’ll have a much better flight.

Quickie massage appointment

Setting up an appointment with us is also a “quickie”!

Just call us +34618580708

Or send us a detailed SMS like this:

“Hi, this is Peter. Please send me Helena at 11 PM to Hotel Xxxxxx for her best 330 € 90 minutes extremely erotic massage. Room number is 1234. Thank you!”

This is an extremely efficient way to order our erotic massage! It saves us both time.

Just send in your request: +34618580708

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Short notice massage

Short notice massage

Short notice massage is when you just decide to have our erotic bodywork. You call and we knock at your door even sooner than expected!

In other words: this is your last minute massage call!

How can we do it?

Short notice massage

Well, you just landed in Barcelona. You just checked in your hotel. And now you found our website on outcall massage services. Our lady masseuses team feels very appealing. So you think this is the right time to orfer a wonderful tantric massage!

Call us now: +34618580708

Last minute massage

Usually the gentlemen who fancy our wonderful erotic massages are planning ahead of time. Especially men who wish to be served by a very specific lady.

If you are in a rush we will send you the first lady available. The one who happens to be closer to your location.

Short notice massage benefits

Though the benefits are as obvious as getting what you want in a very short time.

Sometimes the lady you wish to order is the one being close to your hotel. Some other times you will have to stick to the available masseuse.

It is difficult to have all we want in a short time, but we always try!

All of us are excellent professionals. The pictures on our website only display us. There are no additional ladies with no pictures on our website. All our pictures are genuine and recent!

Please meet us here:

Please feel free to choose from our pictures!

Short notice massage terms

Logic and common sense dictate the terms and the possible solutions at hand.

  • We need your full information on where to find you.
  • Please choose a massage menu so we know what you expect from us.
  • The lady who is closer to you will serve you.
  • In case you have a preference we always try to send the one you choose. Though this is not always possible. Some of us are very requested and already have previous reservations.

Book your short notice massage now

Don’t hesitate! Don’t wait any longer! The sooner you book the safer you’ll be!

The ideal process is sending us an SMS with all your details.

Send it to this SMS number.

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Short notice massage Barcelona

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Short notice massage Ibiza

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Short notice massage Madrid

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Tantric massage

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is the most special erotic bodywork you will ever enjoy on Earth!

So what is tantric massage about though?

So take our hands and literally feel the sensual caress of awareness and eroticism!

Tantric massage

As you guess there is a lot to write about tantric massage. This is not the purpose of this post though. But we will try to explain what this kind of erotic bodywork is all about.

You may know this is a sensual kind of massage. And maybe you also know it to share and enjoy pleasure.

In tantric therapies there are some very different senses involved. There is music pleasure, visual pleasure and olfactive pleasure. Not to mention the skin to skin intimate contact!

Benefits of Tantric massage

Just therapy massage itself has quite a big amount of benefits. Let alone sensual massage and tantric massage!

Not only well being and relaxation. In addition, erotic massage offers emotional benefits.

After release your benefits are many more. Logically each and every man experiences the massage afterglow in a different way.

Sexual satisfaction, emotional balance, releasing from tensions are just a handful examples. You’ll be able to tell us when we speak after our amazing massage!

Tantric techniques

We use many techniques. Not only traditional massage but also grips we have blended in from Thai massage, Oriental massage and Hawaiian massage.

We take the sweetest and the most seducing grips from all these. All this adding to Tantra disciplines results in an amazing and unique bodywork.

All these are a part of our erotic massage menus. Please check the massage prices and the different options. We are so happy to offer all these to you!

Your satisfaction makes us happier than you guess!

Order your next amazing experience!

Contact us the way you prefer:

Contact us here!

Please check us on our website. By the way, you sure can choose the lady you prefer!

We also have some friends over in Madrid: and also other locations as Ibiza!


Little white angel

So little white angel is sitting on my right shoulder. And telling me loud and clear what I am supposed to do.

Who is the little white angel?

It is the voice of your conscience. The good angel who is always safe. The little voice in the back of your head who tells you what is a sin. And tells you also what is allowed.

This little white angel is telling you the right things to do. Help others, sacrifice yourself, be nice and polite.

Ignore the little white angel

There are times though that this little white angel is absolutely wrong. Yes, even good intentions can be wrong sometimes!

Stop giving up your dreams!

It is about time to stop helping just others to be happy!

Get some joy for yourself!

Everybody knows you are working hard for your money. You are paying so much stuff for your family and all the other expenses.

Because some you-time and some quality time will reward your hard working.

Massage and the little white angel

Ok, the kind of massage we are performing is a bit sweeter and a bit more daring.

Though erotic massage will never be equal to an escort service. Massage is not a sin. It is tender bodywork for your enjoyment.

Our manual release is not comparing to oral sex. Although we confess we can make it feel exactly as oral sex!

Little white angel massage

As you know our tantric massage is about a very sweet connection. We use many different techniques to relax your mind. And your body!

We are also able to control your climax. The main goal is not ejaculation, we always say it is rather a side effect.

Though many men are just seeking this side-effect, but we focus on the full hour bodywork.

Unlike escorts, we don’t rush you to a climax as quick as possible. We want you to enjoy one full hour, 90 minutes or even two hours.

Call the little white angel

So now you know exactly what you really want you just need to call us.

Call +34618580708

Or send us an SMS with your details. We will confirm in the blinking of an eye and be there sooner than you expect.

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