Author: Telma

  • Outcall Tantric massage

    Outcall Tantric massage is this convenient service. So directly to your hotel room. No hassle, no traffic, no time wasting around the city. Tantric massage in a studio Usually customers are asking for tantric massage in a studio or a massage parlour though. The reason is not because it is more convenient. The true reason […]

  • Wow massage!

    Wow massage! is when you are surprised by an amazing quality in all senses. This happens with us! “Your service is absolutely amazing! Everything. From the reservation to the massage, which is really outstanding. I just can say a big ‘WOW’!” Many of our customers are sending in some reviews or just quick notes instead. […]

  • Gentlemen who need a massage

    Gentlemen need massage and oftentimes don’t know where to start. Local newspapers? Those crumbled flyers they get at a street corner? Taxi drivers handing flyers from cheap Chinese massage  parlours? Nowadays most of businessmen are using the internet and the search engines to find the best erotic massage. Wherever they are. In their hometown, in a […]

  • Mindful touch

    Mindful touch

    Mindful touch is a characteristic of tantric massages. The erotic bodywork gets absolutely different and unconventional when mindfulness is used. The techniques for mindfulness are varied and each of our professional masseuses is using them in her personal ways. Mindful touch We treasure mindful touch for a very simple reason. It is a very uncommon […]

  • Intimate touch

    Intimate touch

    Intimate touch and tantric massage are two concepts always coming together. It is impossible —rather absurd— to have a tantric massage without enjoying intimate touch. Take our hands and let us guide you into the universe of sensual intimacy! Intimate touch We call it “intimate parts”. Not only the sexual organs, though also the nipples. […]

  • Sweetness and sensuality

    Sweetness and sensuality are two key factors in erotic tantric massage. Learn how they affect the emotional skin on skin communication. First off we need to remind you that sweetness is rare in our lives. Rare as an attitude. Though also rare as a sensual way to communicate. How many times have we heard your wives […]

  • Two hours massage

    Two hours massage is the longest massage session we are offering nowadays. Though it is possible to stretch the session even to 3 hours. But let’s keep it this long for the time being. One of the reasons is the lady masseuse gets exhausted. We usually need to have a break and drink water every 90 […]

  • Businessmen visiting Barcelona

    Businessmen visiting Barcelona

    Businessmen visiting Barcelona usually need a massage. Though not just any massage or whatever massage. Our customers are gentlemen who are used just to have the best quality massage service. Indeed. Because most of the businessmen visiting Barcelona have a packed agenda. Filled up with endless meetings, lunch, dinner, networking. Smiling to everybody until you get […]

  • Escorts and massage

    Escorts massage is a rare combination. As you know, escorts like to finish you as quick as they can. After the act they like to speak, have a drink or want to be pampered themselves. Why is the blending of escorts and massage so difficult? Is there really no lady crossing the limits of massage to […]

  • Sensual stimulation

    Sensual stimulation

    Sensual stimulation is a relevant part of erotic massage. Though there are many points on human anatomy able to trigger the feeling of pleasure and sexual excitement. Sensual stimulation As you know there are many differences between therapy massages and our erotic bodywork. The main one is the sexy attitude of all of us! As […]