Author: Telma

  • Short notice massage

    Short notice massage is when you just decide to have our erotic bodywork. You call and we knock at your door even sooner than expected! In other words: this is your last minute massage call! How can we do it? Short notice massage Well, you just landed in Barcelona. You just checked in your hotel. […]

  • Tantric massage

    Tantric massage is the most special erotic bodywork you will ever enjoy on Earth! So what is tantric massage about though? So take our hands and literally feel the sensual caress of awareness and eroticism! Tantric massage As you guess there is a lot to write about tantric massage. This is not the purpose of this […]

  • Little white angel

    So little white angel is sitting on my right shoulder. And telling me loud and clear what I am supposed to do. Who is the little white angel? It is the voice of your conscience. The good angel who is always safe. The little voice in the back of your head who tells you what […]

  • Barcelona memories

    Barcelona memories are a few massage testimonials we earned from our customers. Because our massage service is making part of the nicest memories of many visitors to our city. Beyond Sagrada Família, the shopping boulevard Passeig de Gràcia and its Gaudí signature buildings. Besides your “must” gastronomical experiences, Picasso Museum, Fundació Miró and other cultural events […]

  • Last minute appointment

    Last minute appointment for your best erotic massage in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. Learn the most effective way to book your massage and get served in the blinking of an eye! Scroll down directly to check it quickly! Last minute appointment and true ETA We know ETA is relevant in many occasions. We understand you […]

  • 4 hands massage

    4 hands massage is a term frequently confusing to a few people. Some couples call us requesting a 4 hands massage. Though they obviously need a couples massage! So what is the specific description of 4 hands massage? What does it have to do with the outcall massage service? What is a 4 hands massage Only two […]

  • Sexual excitement and massage

    Sexual excitement happens very often during any kind of massage. Though if what you ordered is our erotic massage your excitement will me much higher! And you will be able to share it with the massage therapist! Sexual excitement A very specific asset we all humans share is the ability to get sexually aroused. Sex […]

  • Intimate desires

    Intimate desires, even the erotic fantasies, are absolutely legitimate wishes. Live them up and lead a balanced life. In both aspects of mental and body health. The world of intimacy is personal, and many times it is kept secret. Erotic fantasies, sensual desires are frequently unspoken. “I never share them, not even with my best friend. Because […]

  • Secret fetish

    Secret fetish are common. Though since they are very personal, nobody speaks about them. That’s why they are well kept secrets! Fetishes are non mainstream practices. So they are considered as special, rare, sometimes forbidden. Other people use the word “perverted”, but of course they are not! Never in our eyes! The world of fetish is very […]

  • Sensual experience

    Sensual experience as a part of erotic bodywork. This is something most of gentlemen are craving for. Literally! And every day! Because human beings need sweetness, skin contact and the feeling of genuine caring. On a daily basis though. Exactly as we need some minimum hours of sleep, intimate contact is also necessary. How can […]