Foot-job massage

Foot-job massage

Foot-job massage is the most special massage for feet lovers and fetishists! We use our feet to massage you all over your body!

If this feels exciting to you then go on reading. Most of us master this amazing technique. It is a very relevant aspect of erotic tantric massage. Though it is a quite forgotten talent. Forgotten sometimes and other times not even trained, for many other masseuses.

All of us master this amazing erotic grip!

What is foot-job massage

You my wonder.

“Will these ladies massage my feet?”


“But is this the foot job?”

Hell no! Massaging your feet is just a small part in this big picture.

Foot job means using our own feet to massage you. All over your body though. We will perform feet to feet massage. And much more.

Foot-job massage

Please be specific when ordering your massage. Not all gentlemen wish we use our feet on them. We appreciate it very much when the customers tells us before even hiring us. What sort of erotic grips do you fancy?

This way we can get ready and also think about special protocols. Just for you!

Erotic foot-job massage

Feet fetish is a lot about touching, kissing and licking ladies’ feet. Feet massage goes even further. Because we will use or own feet on all of your body.

Yes, thou guessed it! Also to stimulate your sexual parts!

So this is an amazing moment that will drive you crazy. And you know it!

“I saw this lady grabbing my dick with nothing but her feet. Just the vision of it made me climax. And I need it again and again!”

Foot-job massage techniques

As you can see we use many a grip. Our feet turn into our massage tool. It feels absolutely different on you from using our hands.

  • Feet on feet rubbing
  • Ladies’ feet on legs
  • Feet on thighs
  • Ladies’ feet on testicles
  • Feet on buttocks
  • Ladies’ feet on your back
  • Feet on shoulders
  • Ladies’ feet on nipples
  • Feet on penis
  • Lingam feet massage
  • Foot thumb to massage prostate

There are many more. And you guessed it: the longer the session the more techniques we will be able to use on you!

Order your foot-job massage

Whenever you feel like having this amazing feet job just call us!

So this is our phone:

Cell +34618580708

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Feet job in Barcelona

Check our foot masseuses on

Erotic feet massage in Ibiza

These are the hottest feet therapists in Ibiza!

Feet job in Madrid

The excellent erotic feet-job masseuses in Madrid:

Feet you tonight!

Erotic bodywork

Erotic bodywork

Erotic bodywork is a relevant part of the hottest massage you’ll ever experience. Since this is the main part of Tantric massage and we happen to be the most expert massage team in Spain.

Erotic massage and erotic bodywork are almost synonyms. Massage and bodywork are not the same, though the concept of bodywork is more generic.

What is erotic bodywork?

As you can maybe guess, this is about a very sensual experience. Because intimacy and massage go well together. And to achieve this degree of tenderness and private communication we need to use different skills. The skills range from objective massage techniques to the right attitude to control the situation. Massage is not enough to build up this intimate experience!

We are trained in tantric massage. So this gives us a professional perspective over the world of intimate touch.

The goal of erotic bodywork

Any man who wishes to enjoy our sweet therapies is in need of a moment of sensuality. Besides, the goal of our professional massage is taking you to a sweet state of excitement.

Erotic is everything related to sensual desire and joy. Eros is the ancient God of love. And everyone knows that love and desire come together.

So creating the desire and this state of ecstasy is a skill —and a true job!

We master this job and we make an art out of it. The art of our bodywork is visual, sensual, you can feel it and hear it and also smell it.

The whole sensual experience we achieve will satisfy all of your senses together. It feels like diving into a new dimension.

So your pleasure and sensuality is our only goal.

Erotic effects

The effect during and after our erotic massage is a light sense of trance though. Almost all of our customers lose track of time.

We rarely get into an experience like this.

“Domestic sex with my wife is usually a five minutes trick. This massage has been an amazing experience. I thought we have been for hours together enjoying ourselves”.

So please remember only professional erotic massage can achieve these effects. Both so amazing and so special!

“You are the pros! Any other lady does not have your skills. Being sexy is not enough! You need to lear what you do so fantastically!”

Erotic grips

There are many many erotic grips as well. This list may sound too professional. This list though is just to name a few of the techniques we can offer you. The longer the session the higher the amount of them we will be able to use on you.

As you guess there’s much more! Take our hands and follow us into this amazing world!

We can serve you as outcall massage service right in your hotel room!

Book your erotic bodywork with us

Want to be safe though? Want to hire the reliable team of ladies in Spain? This is our phone:

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Erotic massage in Barcelona

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Erotic massage in Ibiza

These are the hottest therapists in Ibiza!

Erotic massage in Madrid

The excellent erotic masseuses in Madrid:

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Mutual massage

Mutual massage

Mutual massage is when the receiver and the massage therapist massage each other. The word “mutuality” means “reciprocity”. So this very hot massage is about reciprocal touch.

Doesn’t it sound hot!

Mutual massage in Ibiza

Choose our sexy ladies in Ibiza to discover and enjoy this amazing erotic bodywork!

Camilla, Mey, Luna, Lucía, Gala and Judit will provide you with an amazing erotic Tantra massage. We are usually serving outcall massage but you can ask us about private massage studio location if you prefer!

Mutual massage in Barcelona

This one is being a really hot summer! And you can match this temperature with the highest temperature of erotic massage right in your air conditioned hotel room!

Enjoy the convenient outcall massage service! We will travel to your location wherever you are!

Check us all here:

Mutual massage in Madrid

Madrid is like a desert during August. There are very few masseuses left in town, but we are still busy and working like crazy!

Check Marta, Laura, Eva, Danuta and Lolita. We are the true experts in the best erotic tantric massages!

Choose your favourite lady here:

What is mutual massage?

The word “mutual” is from Latin originally, and it means literally “each other” and involves the fact of reciprocity.

Usually massage needs just a giver and a receiver of the handwork. Erotic massage is sometimes allowing this extra mile. The receiver can sometimes touch the therapist.

When our customers feel so sexually aroused they also want to touch us back. And then we call it an interactive massage, reciprocal massage or mutual massage.

This makes the tantric experience much hotter. It takes it to a while new level of sensual intimacy.

The result is a much more intense sexual excitement. It is still a massage, and no other features are included in this session though.

Please check our massage menus and the prices where mutual massage is included:

Naturist massage, nude massage and Extremely Erotic massage.

You are free to choose among various session times, from one hour to two hours. Starting with a very jaw-dropping 60 minutes version, 75, 90 and 120 minutes session times. All of them are increasingly intense.

The longer the session, the higher amount of tantric techniques and erotic grips you’ll be able to enjoy!

Call us to make your booking!

Book your mutual massage now

As easy as calling or sending us a request:

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See you soon! Right in your What is your room number please? Are you going to touch me back?

Engaging massage

Engaging massage

Engaging massage is for demanding customers. So the quality of our Tantra massage is the highest available in Barcelona —and Spain! And our mindful massage is exactly what you expect from a sexy young lady. As professional therapists we are working for you second by second. We don’t work as robots!

So we are the opposite to robots! Our service is absolutely human!

Engaging massage

“Yours is a truly engaging massage! I could not help losing orientation in time though! You transported me to an amazing dimension!”

Many of our customers send us reviews on their experiences under our hands —and bodies!

“You have been here with me all the time. You took care of me second by second. And we have been connected to each other during the whole session time. Thank you!”

This is exactly the way we work! A mindful massage needs our full engagement in the bodywork though.

Erotic massage

All kinds of massage, from therapeutic to sensual should be done in an engaging way. Although therapy massages have a different goal and don’t need the awareness or the full attention of the receiver.

“Your trick to be so hot is the full awareness of your own job. You did not work me as a robot. You are absolutely amazing! Congratulations!”

Erotic massage needs full attention. On both ends. Both the receiver and the therapist should be aware of the present moment and place. Having your interest and following each other does the magic. Tantric massages have their foundation on intimate connection.

Erotic intensity will be increasing moment by moment. Trust our expertise and you’ll have the privilege to enjoy your first amazing erotic bodywork!

Massage for outcall

We are specialised in outcall massage. We are used to travel to the best hotels in Barcelona. Taxi fares are on us! Please check the TOS though to make sure we are on the same page.

Use this privilege! it is the most convenient massage service you’ll ever have.

“I felt so tired and so lazy! But I could not miss your bodywork! Hell did it pay! I just discovered a really interesting and convenient service. You are brilliant!”

Call us to find out more details if you need!

Tantric and engaging massage

Wherever we go we are able to build up the special atmosphere for a perfect tantric massage. Our goal is always your pleasure and your deepest satisfaction. We bring along everything we need to deliver a wonderful bodywork.

“This is a really cool service! On top of it your massage is engaging and absolutely jaw-dropping”.

Book your best massage

Feel free to call us if you need specific information!

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Erotic massage in Barcelona

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Erotic massage in Ibiza

This is the hottest Summer in Ibiza!

Erotic massage in Madrid

The excellent tantric masseuses in Madrid:

See you tonight!

Weird massage grips

Weird massage grips

Weird massage grips are the unusual things that can drive you crazy. Because they can take you to a state of ecstasy and bliss.

We can’t stress enough how sexy all the unusual massage grips feel on your tantric experience though!

All new staff has a new effect. New massage grips awaken new sensations.

New massage grips

Routine is the enemy of sensuality and bliss. It is a human asset that we are always curious to discover new things in life. Consequently, this is why we like to travel and see new landscapes and different cities.

That’s why we also like to socialise and meet new people. All this are doors to open new opportunities, new emotions and new satisfactions.

Most of the people also like to taste different cuisines from other places in the world. The reason is the same. Because we like to discover and enjoy new flavours that can literally transport us to other cultures. Knowledge gives us experience, and experience is a treasured asset to boost our personal cultural level.

And all the same happens with our sensual dimension. So try a new massage, a new therapist and a new way to enjoy intimate contact.

Weird massage grips

At the first moment all what is new might feel weird. The massage grips we are speaking here are not exactly weird though. But they can all make you feel a different sensual excitement!

The goal of our tantric massage is always your pleasure. So all we do on you will make you feel wonderful, loved, desired, pampered, taken care of.

The longer the session the higher the amount of grips and positions we can use on you.

Our weird massage grips

All of us have a relevant foundation on therapy massage. We will work on your feet, legs, back and shoulders. But the special grips are all these:

There are also many others. And we can finally combine all these with the vertical massage in the shower. The so-called erotic shower! This is a really hot experience!

Discover more weird massage grips

The regular one hour session is already a high quality and a very hot massage time. Nevertheless, the 75, 90 and 120 minutes sessions go much further. Further in the use of many other positions, interaction and massage grips.

What can we achieve with a longer session at what time do you wish to enjoy your massage? Well the atmosphere and the chemistry between you and your chosen therapist will get more and more intimate!

So now dare to explore this new world of bliss!

Prices of erotic massage

Finally, you have many different options. All of them have a different price, according to the erotic intensity you’ll achieve: check the best massage prices.

Book your erotic massage

Call us anytime if you need more information.

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Erotic massage in Barcelona

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Erotic massage in Ibiza

Who’s in Ibiza this Summer?

Erotic massage in Madrid

The best ladies in Madrid:

See you soon!

Don’t choose! All in one massage!

All in one massage

Don’t choose! All in one massage! If you can, use the chance and enjoy a full fledged massage. Having bith true therapy massage and a little extra to get close to the “all the way” stuff.

Summertime? Have it all!

Summertime in Barcelona and Ibiza has finally come. You have been waiting patiently the whole last fall, winter, and spring. Too many months to waste your present time now!

Now you landed in Barcelona or Ibiza it’s time for you to lay back! Let a gorgeous lady —or two— work for you!

Yes we hace specific pictures of our ladies serving different location:

Massage in Barcelona

Massage in Ibiza

Massage in Madrid

Ask us for more locations in Spain!

Let’s go on with erotic massage

Is your back aching? Cervical? Shoulders?

“I was wondering wether having a therapy massage or a sensual massage. I chose to have it all in one single service! Your bodywork is just amazing!”

Have a nice feet massage! Did you know we also do feet-job? This means we use our own feet to massage you.

This takes us to a sensual experience. Some men have some secret fetishes. Just call us personally and let us know. We will suggest you the right therapist for your right preferences!

All in one massage: don’t choose!

Choosing might feel difficult sometimes. Because it means sticking to just one thing and dismissing the other. But you want to have everything in one perfect service!

“You know when I get massaged I always have a hard-on. And you ladies are just gorgeous, nice and very sexy. You are very seducing and this massage could not have ended in a different manner. You are my fantasies come true!”

Besides back massage, shoulders massage, feet massage, neck, arms, belly and legs we also have some very nice sensual grips. Just for your pleasure!

There’s much more! Just check our massage prices and choose the therapy that best fits your fantasies!

Then choose your favourite lady according to your location. Then call. And that’s it!

Call +34618580708 to make your booking!

You can also send an SMS with your request to +34618580708

All in one massage: have it all!

Gentlemen who know what they want have clear ideas according their intimate desires. We are serving men who know what they want.

Sometimes gentlemen are in doubt. A little white angel is sitting on your left shoulder whispering

“Just have a therapy massage, a legitimate massage”.

But on the right shoulder there’s this other angel, a bit friskier, telling you

“You also need a little release, come on! And have both things, the legitimate and the not so legitimate. Nobody will know!”

It’s your decision though!

Book your all in one massage

After thinking about it you just need to call to set up the meeting. Ask us for immediate availability as a last minute massage or plan it ahead of time.

You will have more options when planing ahead.

Enjoy the summer! And remember not to disregard anything! Have it all!

Rituals of pleasure

Rituals of pleasure

Rituals of pleasure can be very sexy. Erotic massage uses them to achieve a special and unusual sexual stimulation.

Would you like to try it?

Here you can see our REAl and genuine pics to choose your therapist:

Rituals of pleasure

Pleasure has its own secrets. And when we speak about intimate pleasure, the secrets are even more interesting. We also dare to say these secrets are jaw-dropping.

We won’t tell you how we do this. We will do it on your naked body. We will seduce you to an amazing body to body choreography that will push you to the limits.

Ever heard about happy ending? We will take you there after one hour, 90 minutes or even two hour of sexual torture.

You never had something similar! Nothing that came even close to our erotic bodywork!

Check our hot pics and choose your favourite masseuse:

Rituals of pleasure and massage

Our job is erotic Tantra massage. All of us have had an amazing professional training as therapeutic masseuses. We master all kinds of traditional massage.

But the most special training has been the Tantra techniques foundation and all erotic massages we also have learned as an even more specific job.

We care about our job. Erotic bodywork is our calling and it shows!

“You love your job! It’s amazing how hot you can get in your nudist massage! I’ll be back soon!”

Tantra rituals of pleasure

There are many special grips to turn you on. Relaxation is just the start. Once you achieve this special nirvana you’ll forget your troubles. You’ll feel like on an oasis where only the present moment is real and matters. All stress and tensions will seem to be forgotten and very far from here.

Welcome to pleasure!

Sexy rituals of pleasure

These are just some of the erotic grips. The most demanded and popular rituals for sexual excitement:

Which is the one you fancy now! You can have many of them in the same session! Jut choose Extremely Erotic Massage!

Book your rituals of pleasure

As soon as you decide you want to have your best massage please let us know. Be safe at all times and call us before 11 PM. After 10 PM we are having the biggest amount of bookings and that’s when we run out of ladies in minutes.

Call +34618580708

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Choose your female masseuse here:

Rituals of pleasure in Ibiza

During this summer we can also serve you in Ibiza. We travel to your hotel, private apartment, villa or finca.

Please check

Lucia erotic massage Ibiza

Lucia erotic massage Ibiza

Lucia erotic massage Ibiza on Summer 2016! You can finally meet Lucía for this amazing tantric experience!

Lucía erotic masseuse Ibiza

So Lucía is this young Spanish lady. Check all her stats in detail on as age, height, breast and waist measure.

Lucía is specialised in erotic and tantric massages. Because she masters a very wide range of erotic grips.

Lucía’s erotic massage grips

These are just some of Lucías specials. According to your individual and unique experience she will focus more one one or another erotic technique:

Lucía is also available for serving massage for couples, alone or together with Camilla. Please check Camilla as well on She is just amazing!

Lucía outcall erotic massage in Ibiza

Likewise Lucía does not have a studio this year in Ibiza. Because she is frequently requested to visit premium hotels, fincas, villas and private apartments.

Her customers are certainly wealthy gentlemen who know what they want and are used to get it.

So Lucía will travel to your location. Please book ahead of time if you are thinking of a specific time to enjoy her amazing bodywork!

Lucía: +34618580708

SMS: +34618580708

Lucís is not charging the taxi fees inside Ibiza city. She is really willing to serve you her amazing Tantra massage!

For locations out of Ibiza center please call us to inquire the taxi costs.

Lucia erotic massage Ibiza

This is the chance you have today to live up a special dream. Intimacy, sensual complicity and the very special personal talents of Lucía will make your summer!

Finally, with her you are about to discover the blissful tantric experience. She is a “must” in Ibiza! So don’t ever think to get back home without trying her jaw-drowwping bodywork!

Book Lucía erotic massage Ibiza

Lucía is very requested. She might still be available for you though. Just find out by calling us soon!

Please contact us to set up your hottest appointment in Ibiza this year!

Lucía: +34618580708

SMS: +34618580708

More about erotic massage Ibiza on

Finally, please call us if you have any sort of question!

Passionate massage

Passionate massage

Passionate massage is when the professional massage therapist is giving her all. Her all to deliver an amazingly intimate, sweet and sexy massage experience.

“Yours is a truly passionate massage! No matter what lady I try from your team, you are all absolutely amazing! You like your job and it shows”.

We get many reviews like this. Our customers love to express what they felt during and after our erotic bodywork.

Passionate massage

Mindful massage needs a very special attitude from the therapist’s side. This is the foundation of Tantric massage of all kinds.

Being there with you, second by second, grip by grip. Usually our customers stare inside our eyes. This intimate connection, almost soul to soul, has an expression on your body. And on your emotions.

Skin to skin massage is the way you can describe it. Skin is your biggest body organ, and it conveys the largest and the most intimate sensual communication.

Erotic massage

We do it in a very elegant way. We are some ladies with style, polite and trained not only in erotic massage.

When we use the word “passionate” we go a bit further than just the regular therapeutic massage job. We are sensual, sweet, daring, oftentimes frisky.

Most of our customers are requesting our hottest massage menu: Extremely Erotic massage. This is the wildest massage you’ll ever have in your life. The longer the session, the friskier we can get!

For this massage menu we get passionate, daring and very intimate.

“You can’t call it sex, though. And this is exactly what I needed. I need this kind of sensual communication without the gross stuff of explicit sex. I’m true to my wife!”

Yes, we can be passionate keeping the elegance of the nicest erotic bodywork!

Passionate bodywork in Barcelona

You can enjoy our erotic tantric massage in Barcelona. Anytime. Please call us before 11 PM to set up your appointment. We also work later during the night but at those times we are over-requested and frequently booked out.

Please check our website and choose lady you prefer:

And call us or send us an SMS to make your reservation.

Cell +34618580708

SMS +34618580708

We work for you from Monday to Sunday!

Passionate massage in Ibiza

During the summer part of our masseuses team is staying in Ibiza. This amazing island is the perfect place to discover new sensual experiences.

Choose your preferred lady by visiting

Cell +34618580708

SMS +34618580708

Ladies in Ibiza are also working for you from Monday to Sunday!

Passionate massage outcall service

We are specialised in outcall massage service. This way we are able to serve you anytime 24 hours. All massage studios are subject to the lawful opening times, which are quite restricted.

We travel to your hotel room, finca, villa or private apartment.

See you soon in Barcelona, also in Ibiza, Valencia or Madrid!

Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Yoni massage is the equivalent of a gross expression as “pussy massage”. Only that “yoni” means vagina or “pussy” in the ancient Sanskrit language.

Yoni massage

So this is the original way to refer to a very intimate massage done by a man on a woman. While the masseur is a man, the receiver is a lady.

We can also switch the roles slightly. Because many men who request a massage also wish to give something back to the masseuse.

It seems like we are getting more and more customers willing to massage our pussies.

It is okay with most of us, though not all the masseuses in our team are allowing it.

Please mention “pussy massage” when making your reservation.

We include this special feature in our extremely erotic massage therapies of 75, 90 and 120 minutes.

Yoni massage by a male masseur

Matt is a male masseur, and a straight male for more details. Matt is an amazing young man. A huge amount of the ladies he is serving fall in love with him. He is seducing and very expert though!

Matt is the best and the sexiest male masseur in Barcelona. His services are extremely elegant. Always safe, always discrete.

Matt is your safest bet in town!

Yoni massage by a female masseuse

We also have female customers. Very elegant ladies who really know what they want. And they also know how to ask for it.

We have no problem in serving ladies! Please call us and let’s discuss your personal fantasies and your wish-list. From there we will be able to choose the best massage therapist to fulfil your desires.

Yoni massage in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very gay destination, also for lesbian ladies! You can also call it “lesbian massage”. Again, please make sure the lady you request is doing it. The easiest way is calling us to ask who of us likes to do yoni massage!

If you are an elegant gentleman though and wishing to massage a lady’s intimate parts please feel free to call!

Yoni massage in Madrid

Lolita is a true bisexual massage therapist. She serves ladies and gentlemen visiting Madrid. Lolita will allow the most elegant men to also caress her intimate parts.

For ladies craving for a male masseur in Madrid we’d like to suggest Hugo and Dario. Let’s put both of them in just one word: amazing!

Yoni massage in Ibiza

Ibiza has the strange ability to get everybody extremely horny!

The best erotic massage in Ibiza is ours.

Ask us for our best yoni masseuses!

Yoni massage in Valencia

Valencia is a very special destination during the summer. And we have the best ladies here!

Try the best yoni massage in Valencia both for ladies and gentlemen!

Book your yoni massage

Booking a massage with us is as easy as this. Use the phone or messaging:

Call +34618580708

Or send us an SMS to +34618580708 with the details of your request.

See you tonight!