Barcelona memories

Barcelona memories are a few massage testimonials we earned from our customers.

Because our massage service is making part of the nicest memories of many visitors to our city. Beyond Sagrada Família, the shopping boulevard Passeig de Gràcia and its Gaudí signature buildings. Besides your “must” gastronomical experiences, Picasso Museum, Fundació Miró and other cultural events in Barcelona you’ll need some time for you.

So some time for intimacy. Because you need release from all the effort and tensions.

Barcelona memories

“I have been many times in Barcelona. Both for holidays with my spouse and also on business. I can always learn many new sites and things. This time I met you ladies!”

“This city has changed drastically after your 1992 Olympics. Back then your service did not exist. So thank God you are here now to release me!”

First time Barcelona memories

“My first time in your city has been like a blessing. So many new things, so many fascinating sites! Excellent cuisine! Nice architecture. A really cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. And then you. I never enjoyed such a talented team of masseuses”.

“Barcelona seduced me. Also thanks to your amazing company. The lady you suggested offered me an amazing massage. I didn’t know massages can be this wonderful!”

Erotic Barcelona memories

“My friends warned me: Barcelona can be a jaw-dropping city! Hell I don’t know about the city! But you ladies are not just that but also bewitching!”

“The Ramblas area is known for a certain scoundrel atmosphere. Many peep-shows, brothels from low cost to really expensive ones. And just in the right spot, right in the middle there are you. Perfect price, elegant service, wonderful massage!”

“My assistant thinks I have a mistress here. Well I could say I have ten of them! I always change my flight connections so I can stay one day in Barcelona”.

“Talented masseuses are rare. Like a jewel, it was hard to find you, but at last I can trust your excellent service. It shows this is your calling ladies!”

New Barcelona memories

There are constantly new memories about Barcelona and its unique universe of sensations and experiences.

So maybe your next special memory is about our tantric massage service! We are here in Barcelona.

Check our masseuses team today:

We have some very good friends over in Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia. So check them as well! Because they are creating some really wonderful memories for their customers as well!

Erotic massage in Madrid

Erotic massage in Ibiza

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Last minute appointment

Last minute appointment for your best erotic massage in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. Learn the most effective way to book your massage and get served in the blinking of an eye!

Scroll down directly to check it quickly!

Last minute appointment and true ETA

We know ETA is relevant in many occasions. We understand you are in a hurry and we understand there is some time pressure on you.

Our availability is changing constantly, minute by minute.

Whenever you make your request for our tantric massage we will be able to answer who is available at that given time and how fast she can be at your door.

Our outcall massage service works this way. Honest!

We also know how relevant it is to you to know the real and true ETA.

“That other service answered with a quick “yes to everything”. It all sounded a bit too quick and too easy. Of course it was not true. Their lady was not the one in the pictures and on top of all that she did a really tasteless massage”.

“Your phone valet is honest and tells the truth. I need the truth, not just whatever, even if it is what I don’t want to hear. Guys, I need to plan my life!”

Last minute appointment

We are all aware of what “last minute call” means. There is some urgency included in this concept. Some special issues might be involved.

  • A change of flight
  • A meeting is delayed
  • You are free earlier than you thought
  • You have an unexpected time gap
  • Your stay in Barcelona got shortened

There are almost infinite reasons to request a last minute massage. Yours might be even more special!

Trust us because we want to serve you!

Last minute versus planning ahead

We always prefer planned appointments, for sure! All of us, you as well!

Booking in advance is always the safer option. In all departments of business and life.

When it comes to erotic massage this is especially true if you wish to request a specific lady.

Last minute calls are risking the availability if you chose a very specific lady. Nevertheless, try and call to check if she is still free by any chance!

So, sometimes planning ahead is not possible for many reasons. Though as we said, we understand it!

Last minute massage appointment

Gentlemen who need a massage urgently know how to contact us in a very fast and safe way. We answer immediately!

How to request your last minute appointment

As easy as sending us an SMS! Please include all this information. It might seem redundant but some hotel chains have like 5 hotels with the same name in just one city.

  • Desired appointment time
  • Massage menu you wish (choose among different massage prices)
  • Desired erotic masseuse name
  • Hotel
  • Street address
  • Room number
  • Your name

As easy as this!

Book now!

Wait no longer!

Time to call us! Time to send your personal SMS with instructions.

SMS: +34618580708

Don’t forget to check our full website. You’ll be much safer if you do it before the last minute is pressuring you!

4 hands massage

4 hands massage is a term frequently confusing to a few people. Some couples call us requesting a 4 hands massage. Though they obviously need a couples massage!

So what is the specific description of 4 hands massage?

What does it have to do with the outcall massage service?

What is a 4 hands massage

Only two masseuses together can have 4 hands. One lady has two hands. Three ladies have 6 hands.

So exactly as when you mention a 4 hands piano play, 4 hands means there are two players. So two masseuses playing together on the same instrument.

Being very specific now this means the four hands are working on just one person: you.

This special bodywork needs a perfect harmony and a well learned protocol by the two professional masseuses serving you.

Please call us so we can suggest the ladies that best work together. They need to know and even like each other and share the same wavelength. Complicity is the key so they perform an amazing experience on you!

Lolita and Danuta in Madrid, for example, also engage in a very exciting lesbian gig before the start.

Erotic 4 hands massage

Just the idea of having two ladies serving feels hot. Spicy, exciting. And it is!

Just thinking of one of us ladies for your erotic massage is already an extremely erotic fantasy. Now two of us is beyond what you can imagine. Believe me.

Eroticism gets higher than any previous experience or erotic fantasy you ever had before. This is a sensual experience difficult to describe!

Many things will be happening at the same time. Nipples massage with prostate massage. Then lingam massage and body to body massage. Let alone foot job by one of the ladies!

Now imagine a car wash tunnel where a car is treated at all angles at the same time.

The sensual effect on your skin and your body feels absolutely amazing. What we can tell you here is just a shadow from the real thing!

Outcall 4 hands massage

Our outcall massage service is the most reliable in Spain. We are serving hotels in Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid and Valencia.

Our customers are the most satisfied. There is a big word of mouth happening around our service. Many new customers call us asking for a specific lady. All of us are amazing in our job!

“It shows this is your calling and you are passionate about it! That’s the best way to deliver the perfect erotic service for me!”

We can travel to any hotel in the city center.

If you are located in Airport areas around Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza or Valencia please say so.

4 hands massage prices

Let’s get back to reality. Two professionals working means two salaries. The price of 4-hands massage is always twice the value of an individual massage.

On top of this, the erotic intensity will be the highest. Nobody wishes to have a lame or just a relaxing 4 hands massage. All gentlemen requesting this want to enjoy a really hot and intense bodywork!

This is why we only offer the top quality erotic massage as a four hands massage.

One hour 4 hands massage: 460 €

One hour is the minimum time. And believe us it flies!

75 minutes 4 hands massage: 520 €

One hour falls always too short! This is the ideal session length for many gentlemen.

90 minutes 4 hands massage: 660 €

Enjoy the perfect 4 hands massage! And include the hottest erotic shower you’ll ever have on Earth and in this life!

Two hours 4 hands massage: 920 €

Forget about the world. This 4 hands massage session is the most fulfilling and complete erotic massage experience you can think of. Including tantric positions, erotic shower and the full range of erotic grips available in erotic Tantra.

Book your 4 hands massage

Booking our 4 hands massage is as easy as calling us now. Or send us an SMS with your request.

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Go on exploring our website and check also other cities ladies here:

Four hands massage in Barcelona

Check our amazing masseuses on

4 hands massage in Ibiza

Camilla and Lucía, or Mey and Gala, are the best teams in Ibiza!

Four hands massage in Madrid

Try Lolita and Danuta, or Marta and Laura for your best erotic massage in Madrid:

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Sexual excitement and massage

Sexual excitement happens very often during any kind of massage. Though if what you ordered is our erotic massage your excitement will me much higher! And you will be able to share it with the massage therapist!

Sexual excitement

A very specific asset we all humans share is the ability to get sexually aroused. Sex is also a cultural issue for us humans. There is a big difference between reproduction and sexual life.

We have a very strong control on our sexual lives. Humans are able to distinguish between reproduction and intimate enjoyment.

Sexual excitement can be an isolate desire, with no other goal than the joy of the moment. Oftentimes we want no other consequences, just the moment of pure bliss and the happiness. Because we like to share these moments with somebody special as well.

Sexual excitement and skin contact

Just the way you touch the skin of a lady can excite you —and her. And just the way a lady touches your arm, your hand or your face. Even a light stroke can awaken your penis.

Suddenly there is no way back. Desire takes over. And the will to share this intimacy gets stronger an stronger.

Intimate skin contact is a powerful way to awaken sensuality.

Sexual excitement and massage

Massage is the logical evolution of basic skin contact. The way you stroke, the pressure and the intention are the clue. The clue to transform an incidental touch into something meaningful, willing and with a specific goal.

The goal is enjoyment, absolutely!

Ours is a mindful massage!

“Your job is really jaw-dropping! You are absolutely amazing!”

Tantric massage and sexual excitement

Tantric massage is a lot about control. Unlike escorts though. Escorts have the only goal of taking you to a quick climax. While erotic massage is a full fledged bodywork.

The goal of massage is your lasting enjoyment. More than one hour of sensual bliss and joy.

We use techniques to achieve your excitement, and also to keep you from climaxing too soon.

There are many different ways to stimulate you. We can give you a very wide range of different sensual stimulations.

Go on reading on!

Order your erotic massage in Barcelona

It is as easy as checking our website. Choose the lady you fancy!!

Then call and book her!

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Intimate desires

Intimate desires, even the erotic fantasies, are absolutely legitimate wishes. Live them up and lead a balanced life. In both aspects of mental and body health.

The world of intimacy is personal, and many times it is kept secret. Erotic fantasies, sensual desires are frequently unspoken.

“I never share them, not even with my best friend. Because I feel ashamed. Though I felt comfortable with you and I am sure it helped having an even better massage!”

Intimate desires

The need of sensual touch, intimate touch, private whispering sexy words, even groaning. Some men need to be tickled at their feet or their nipples.

All these are in the category of bedroom secrets. And unspoken. Unspoken desires also deserve to come true.

They are the most treasured thoughts.

This has an effect like a power station. The more energy you accumulate, the  more powerful it becomes.

“There are some things I never share, but I wish to tell you. Maybe you can help me with these”.

Erotic intimate desires

We mentioned parafilia in a previous post. But intimate desires are a broader category.

  • Being masturbated
  • Having some prostate massage
  • Intimate touch
  • Body to body rubbing
  • Nipples massage
  • Ticklish massage

And the list is never ending. And there are a lot of them we can accomplish for you.

Intimate desires for outcall

Since you are probably traveling abroad, far from home and far from any kind of control. The outcall massage option is the most convenient for you.

And this is exactly what we do! We travel to wherever you are and serve you in your own room.

We keep it all secret this way. You don’t want to be seen at any strange premises. Most of places, studios or brothels offering erotic services are well known.

Just be seen in front of such a place and you’re caught.

On the other hand the premium hotels in Barcelona are extremely discrete. Nobody knows where the therapist is going to.

And of course we dress totally discrete. As regular young ladies. Since we are no escorts!

Legitimate intimate desires

Whatever you order in our Extremely Erotic massage is legitimate. Even if our erotic bodywork is seen as non legitimate by most of the people.

We respect your desires.

Call us now and make your booking!

Book your intimate desires

Absolutely as easy as this: make sure to call before 11 PM though! That’s when we get so busy we get booked out in minutes.

And you can book for later as well!

Call +34618580708

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If you have a preference about the lady please call earlier to make sure she is available for you!

And please check to read more in detail about our service and our massage prices!

See you soon!

Secret fetish

Secret fetish

Secret fetish are common. Though since they are very personal, nobody speaks about them. That’s why they are well kept secrets!

Fetishes are non mainstream practices. So they are considered as special, rare, sometimes forbidden. Other people use the word “perverted”, but of course they are not! Never in our eyes!

The world of fetish is very personal, though always legitimate. And it deserves all respect!

What is fetish?

Vocabulary is an asset of culture. And it surely evolves with time. In just a dozen years we have evolved from the word “perversion” to “fetish”.

Nowadays professional slang is using the word “paraphilia”.

Wikipedia though still says they are “abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities”.

It is not always like this!

Licking a lady’s foot is not a dangerous activity. Nor the preference of being tied up in straps.

Secret fetish

Most of our customers have some secret desires. Many men are really shy and don’t dare to share them with us. A few gentlemen though dare to say what they like.

We can only help this way!

Because honesty takes you where you want to go.

With us you are safe! We never share the private comments. This is strictly private and as secret as you are keeping it.

“I can feel you are professional and you know about all these stuff I like”.

Secret fetish massage

We are able to include some fetishes in our massage therapies. Please be aware we don’t always have all the instruments needed. We got some masks, dildos and some feathers and high heels though.

Depending on the fetish you have you’ll need to buy some extra objects, or even scents, and bring them along.

We have a great respect for all kinds of fetish. We also have our own and our personal and individual fetishes though. As you already guessed! Blink!

Secret fetish eroticism

The goal of our erotic massage is sharing eroticism. Delivering a really sensual experience, or a very sexy experience is our goal.

We are able to match many of your expectations. Please share them with our phone valet. This way we will also be able to suggest the right masseuse to match your erotic fantasies!

“You suggested a lady whose picture I did not like at the first glance. But hell was she expert! And really hot! Thank you so much!”

Secret fetish booking

Call us on +34618580708

Please check our website to know more about all our other kinds of massages and massage grips!

See you soon!

Sensual experience

Sensual experience as a part of erotic bodywork. This is something most of gentlemen are craving for. Literally! And every day!

Because human beings need sweetness, skin contact and the feeling of genuine caring. On a daily basis though. Exactly as we need some minimum hours of sleep, intimate contact is also necessary.

How can we have this if we are far from home?

“My wife is thousands of miles away. And I don’t want to feel guilty!”

Sensual experience

Sensuality is a world of feelings difficult to describe. Basically it is about skin contact. But there is much more.

The sweet attitude of your professional masseuse is the key. You’ll like to feel you are genuinely served though. By someone who cares, who is doing a brilliant job.

Expressing sweetness and sensuality needs some training. And some talent!

Sensual massage experience

A massage is a very good choice if you are in the need of some intimate touch.

“I dont’ want escorts! I feel used and abused by them! They just rush me! I want some mindful touch, I need to take some time”.

Erotic masseuses master this very special feeling. You will see we take our time. So we don’t rush you to anything.

Tantric and sensual experience

Tantric massage is about mindful massage. Also about honest caring and control of climax. The longer the massage session the more intense your experience will be.

“You ladies know how to build up a genuine mutual touch. This is more than just massage. It’s much better!”

Awareness of the moment and place is also a relevant aspect. We will pamper you with almost no limits!

Under our hands you will be able to enjoy a true sensual massage. Even if you choose to achieve the happy ending you will not feel guilty. At all!

“I am proud to be true to my wife. Your sensual job is elegant, tasteful and delicate. I could say I just climaxed without any intimate touch”.

Of course every man reviews our job as a different experience. And each and every gentleman has his personal needs and his unique —though legitimate— limits and wishes.

Book your sensual experience

Now it’s the time for you. Time for some quality time, or, as many of our clients say “some me-time”!

Please check all of our ladies according to your location in Spain. Then call to make your booking. You are also welcomed to ask us whatever you need to know.

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Sensual massage in Barcelona

Check our sensual masseuses on

Sensual massage in Ibiza

These are the best sensual therapists in Ibiza!

Sensual massage in Madrid

The excellent sensual masseuses in Madrid:

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Nipples massage

Nipples massage

Nipples massage is one of the forgotten grips. Sadly forgotten, because this is one of the sexiest erotic tricks to turn a man on as hell.

Go on reading and get sexually aroused by what we are going to tell you here!

What is nipples massage

Massaging your nipples is a very hot moment. If you know how to do it well!

The wrong pressure, the wrong moment and the wrong lady can ruin what an amazing experience should be. You want to have fun and enjoy a sensual massage right?

You just found the best team of ladies!

The right nipples massage

This specific grip is seldom used by housewives. Domestic sex is usually a “quickie”, something you need to finish in 5 minutes. Quickies never include this sweet sensation!

Spouses —the wrong ones for sure!— don’t ever have the right time for it. Nor the time enough to engage you into this sweet yet exciting little techniques. We hope your wife does! Because you are a lucky man!

  • The right pressure
  • The perfect move
  • The right grips combination

Every man has different standards. All gentlemen are unique. Some like it hard, some like to use a feather.

The right pressure

Only professional erotic masseuses can tell what you need. We try different pressure and watch your reactions.

The perfect move

Circular moves to massage your nipples hit usually the target. Some other moves though may arouse you even more intensely! We’ll use them on you!

The right grips combination

Blending two erotic grips at one time might have an amazing effect on you. Now imagine we are stimulating your nipples and your testicles at the same time!

“I could not control myself and I climaxed right there!”

Yes there are some grips combinations, also with prostate massage, who have the happy ending effect. Even without touching your penis!

Lingam massage is another of our specials though!

Erotic nipples massage

As you can see —and maybe feel— by reading this, this is a very sensual grip. It is a relevant part in our erotic bodywork.

Not all masseuses know this though. Have all the erotic grips you dream of by hiring us!

Tantric nipples massage

Tantric techniques are focused on a much longer enjoyment of sensuality. Awareness and ejaculation control are also relevant aspects. And we always have them in mind!

We accomplish the full time of the session you booked with us!

You want one hour? No less than 60 minutes!

One hour and a half? More than 90 minutes!

Gentlemen requesting our two hours massage usually report this:

“I never had a full two hours massage before you! You really come up to everything you promise! Congratulations!”

Nipples massage on us

You are also free to massage our nipples if you choose any session longer than 75 minutes. Check our massage prices here.

Book your nipples massage

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Nipples massage in Barcelona

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Erotic nipples massage in Ibiza

These are the hottest nipples therapists in Ibiza!

Nipples job in Madrid

The excellent erotic nipples-job ladies in Madrid:

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Foot-job massage

Foot-job massage

Foot-job massage is the most special massage for feet lovers and fetishists! We use our feet to massage you all over your body!

If this feels exciting to you then go on reading. Most of us master this amazing technique. It is a very relevant aspect of erotic tantric massage. Though it is a quite forgotten talent. Forgotten sometimes and other times not even trained, for many other masseuses.

All of us master this amazing erotic grip!

What is foot-job massage

You my wonder.

“Will these ladies massage my feet?”


“But is this the foot job?”

Hell no! Massaging your feet is just a small part in this big picture.

Foot job means using our own feet to massage you. All over your body though. We will perform feet to feet massage. And much more.

Foot-job massage

Please be specific when ordering your massage. Not all gentlemen wish we use our feet on them. We appreciate it very much when the customers tells us before even hiring us. What sort of erotic grips do you fancy?

This way we can get ready and also think about special protocols. Just for you!

Erotic foot-job massage

Feet fetish is a lot about touching, kissing and licking ladies’ feet. Feet massage goes even further. Because we will use or own feet on all of your body.

Yes, thou guessed it! Also to stimulate your sexual parts!

So this is an amazing moment that will drive you crazy. And you know it!

“I saw this lady grabbing my dick with nothing but her feet. Just the vision of it made me climax. And I need it again and again!”

Foot-job massage techniques

As you can see we use many a grip. Our feet turn into our massage tool. It feels absolutely different on you from using our hands.

  • Feet on feet rubbing
  • Ladies’ feet on legs
  • Feet on thighs
  • Ladies’ feet on testicles
  • Feet on buttocks
  • Ladies’ feet on your back
  • Feet on shoulders
  • Ladies’ feet on nipples
  • Feet on penis
  • Lingam feet massage
  • Foot thumb to massage prostate

There are many more. And you guessed it: the longer the session the more techniques we will be able to use on you!

Order your foot-job massage

Whenever you feel like having this amazing feet job just call us!

So this is our phone:

Cell +34618580708

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Feet job in Barcelona

Check our foot masseuses on

Erotic feet massage in Ibiza

These are the hottest feet therapists in Ibiza!

Feet job in Madrid

The excellent erotic feet-job masseuses in Madrid:

Feet you tonight!

Erotic bodywork

Erotic bodywork is a relevant part of the hottest massage you’ll ever experience. Since this is the main part of Tantric massage and we happen to be the most expert massage team in Spain.

Erotic massage and erotic bodywork are almost synonyms. Massage and bodywork are not the same, though the concept of bodywork is more generic.

What is erotic bodywork?

As you can maybe guess, this is about a very sensual experience. Because intimacy and massage go well together. And to achieve this degree of tenderness and private communication we need to use different skills. The skills range from objective massage techniques to the right attitude to control the situation. Massage is not enough to build up this intimate experience!

We are trained in tantric massage. So this gives us a professional perspective over the world of intimate touch.

The goal of erotic bodywork

Any man who wishes to enjoy our sweet therapies is in need of a moment of sensuality. Besides, the goal of our professional massage is taking you to a sweet state of excitement.

Erotic is everything related to sensual desire and joy. Eros is the ancient God of love. And everyone knows that love and desire come together.

So creating the desire and this state of ecstasy is a skill —and a true job!

We master this job and we make an art out of it. The art of our bodywork is visual, sensual, you can feel it and hear it and also smell it.

The whole sensual experience we achieve will satisfy all of your senses together. It feels like diving into a new dimension.

So your pleasure and sensuality is our only goal.

Erotic effects

The effect during and after our erotic massage is a light sense of trance though. Almost all of our customers lose track of time.

We rarely get into an experience like this.

“Domestic sex with my wife is usually a five minutes trick. This massage has been an amazing experience. I thought we have been for hours together enjoying ourselves”.

So please remember only professional erotic massage can achieve these effects. Both so amazing and so special!

“You are the pros! Any other lady does not have your skills. Being sexy is not enough! You need to lear what you do so fantastically!”

Erotic grips

There are many many erotic grips as well. This list may sound too professional. This list though is just to name a few of the techniques we can offer you. The longer the session the higher the amount of them we will be able to use on you.

As you guess there’s much more! Take our hands and follow us into this amazing world!

We can serve you as outcall massage service right in your hotel room!

Book your erotic bodywork with us

Want to be safe though? Want to hire the reliable team of ladies in Spain? This is our phone:

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Erotic massage in Barcelona

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Erotic massage in Ibiza

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Erotic massage in Madrid

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