Sexy masseuse Ibiza

Sexy masseuse Ibiza

Luna is our Sexy masseuse Ibiza. So sweet, so elegant and so skilled in erotic arts!

Luna is a safe bet for all the gentlemen who want to make sure they are having what they wish. Luna is extremely expert in al sorts of erotic massages and tantric massage.

Luna: Sexy masseuse Ibiza

Luna is the elegant erotic masseuse you see on the picture. Her customers say she is even nicer in real life!

If you are traveling to the Balearic Islands and specifically visiting Ibiza you should not miss her services!

Luna does not have sexually explicit material since she is not an escort. She knows about erotic bodywork!

Luna is excellent at all these:

Ask our phone valet if she is still available for you at the time you wish!

“Luna has been astonishing. I never had such an excellent erotic massage. I do recommend her to all guys who really appreciate professional massage. She is brilliant!”

Sexy masseuse Ibiza for outcall

Luna is serving the best hotels in Ibiza. She can travel to your hotel or private apartment. She can even visit you at your villa though. “Finca” is the local name for luxury villas in Ibiza.

Luna will travel to your hotel room to perform her best erotic bodywork. Just for you!

Outcall massage means you can enjoy all the advantages of staying in your hotel room. Use your time while the masseuse is in the taxi.

Avoid waiting in a room with other guys waiting to be served.

Take a shower whenever you wish. Massage studios rush you out after your time is over.

In your hotel you are the boss and you control your own timings.

Book your sexy masseuse Ibiza!

As easy as calling us on the phone. We will give you any further information you need.

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Check Luna, Mey, Camilla, Gala and Judit on our website for erotic massage in Ibiza:

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See you soon! Feel you sooner!

Outcall massage in Ibiza

Outcall massage in Ibiza

Enjoy the outcall massage in Ibiza during this summer! This is a very convenient service! You’ll save lots of time, taxis and stress.

If you like erotic massage this is the real thing! And the good news is you can have it right in your own hotel room.

This is why our name is Outcall massage in Ibiza!

Choose the independent masseuses. We all work together and we are no independent escorts. Out calling is erotic massage!

Check our website and see our personal and hot pics:

Outcall massage in Ibiza

Enjoy our lush massage therapy in your room. This is an absolutely private and discreet service. The only goal is your joy!

Ibiza is booming with tacky escorts this summer though. Protect your personal profile by hiring a professional masseuse instead of picking amateurs on the street. You’ll be much safer. Your health is also a relevant aspect you need to take care of.

You might be the kind of man who strives for quality. So good stuff is what you want to have around you! Then you need to and pick the right services carefully.

Tantra outcall massage in Ibiza

We are not only massage therapists. Our calling is sensual massage and erotic massage. We use a huge amount of Tantra massage techniques to improve and intensify your sexual excitement.

We are able tu build it this very intimate atmosphere right in your hotel room. We bring everything needed. From massage oils to massage creams, scent sticks, candles and even the right music.

Private massage parlors in Ibiza

We don’t work for massage parlors. Some of us (Mey and Gala) have a private massage studio though. So we can serve you at our places. Please call ahead of time to ensure our availability! We are constantly traveling back and forth to serve villas and hotels.

Massage prices in Ibiza

We can offer you a wide range of choices. Different massage types, from well-being massage to extremely erotic bodywork.

You can also enjoy our hot bodywork for different timings:

  • 60 minutes massage
  • 75 minutes massage
  • 90 minutes massage
  • 120 minutes massage

Prices are proportional.

Book your outcall massage in Ibiza

It is as easy as calling us or sending an SMS with your request. Whenever we are busy we hand the cellular phone to our assistant. He is a wonderful phone valet and he well hand you all the information you need. He knows us well so his recommendations are very accurate and honest.

Call +34618580708

SMS +34618580708

See you in Ibiza!

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Enjoy our massage!

Ibiza yacht massage

Ibiza yacht massage

Ibiza yacht massage is the dream experience this summer. You have a wonderful boat or a yacht. And you wish you had some sexy company to share. Wonderful weather, amazing views. Even hidden beaches where you’d like to be alone with this sexy lady.

You are very close now to make this wish come true.

Ibiza yacht massage

Gentlemen having your yacht also deserve the best massage service. Your concierge service is not helping you with this though.

Concierges charge huge extra commissions on top of the ladies gages. Do you prefer paying the lady working for you or somebody who is lost among a load of phone calls?

Be yourself the one who is choosing your lady!

Your Ibiza yacht charter might also not have a clue on how to help you. Fortunately, you just found us!

Ibiza erotic yacht massage

We are erotic masseuses. We all have a professional training on therapy massages and beauty treatments. But we happen to have this frisky attitude. Too sexy for regular massages.

We go the spicy way!

Now get out of the massage rooms! Forget about air conditioning and breathe the real Mediterranean air!

It’s time to take your sexy lady and our massage service itself to cruise. The amazing coastline of Ibiza has a lot to enjoy. Beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets.

Sharing all these with a sexy lady on board is much much better! It turns out to be meaningful.

Ibiza yacht massage by hours

We can sail together with you by hours, overnight or for full days.

Please contact us on the phone to discuss the details.

We can offer you a flat rate, all included in the time you hire us.

Book your Ibiza yacht massage now

Don’t risk last minute calls. We are very busy this summer. Though we’d like to serve you by all means.

So call us and now check all the services we can offer you.

Mey and Camilla are offering this amazing erotic Tantra massage service plus all the rest you can do on a boat.

Call +34618580708

And check also our sister website

See you on board!

Escort massage Barcelona

Escort massage Barcelona

Escort massage Barcelona is the ideal blending ow two worlds. Why? Because usually masseuses are no escorts, and escorts don’t know how to give a massage.

Please be warned we are speaking not just about adult material. Ours is a service for adults above 21 years of age. Please stop here if you are under this age.

Escort massage Barcelona

In this post we’ll speak about erotic massage and also about escorts agency. Both are different worlds, usually not connected.

Tantric massage is very different from the services listed on an escort directory.

In fact there are only a very few professionals who offer both services at the same time.

Erotic masseuses are very proud not to be escorts. The line between erotic services and sex is very thin. To a few ladies it is easy to cross. On the other hand, there is a deep abyss separating both concepts.

Escorts are the professionals who really don’t want to give a massage. Barcelona escorts rarely work longer than the time you need to climax. Whenever you’re done, they are done as well.

Too bad?

Benefits of escort massage Barcelona

Sensual massage needs its time though. Because erotic massage as we perform it in massage parlors is a minimum session time of one hour.

As you’ll see, your sexual energies will be worked on gradually. And our bodywork will rise your sexual excitement from regular to extremely high.

You will loose track of time and dive into a trance. That’s the moment when your thoughts disconnect from problems and stress.

The top: escort massage Barcelona

By the way, going further even after such an amazingly hot experience is possible. Choose the right lady though!

Ask us about the extra services. Please be very honest when you call us though. Not all ladies are offering to cross these red lines. Massage and sex are two different worlds. So to cross from one to the next you need to have the right attitude. And all the right skills!

Book your escort massage

Now you know what it is about please check our ladies and massage services on

You can place your reservations by calling or sending us an SMS message.

Call +34618580708

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Tonight is your right moment!

From massage Tantra to the whole story! Dare to cross all the forbidden lines!

Outcall massage in Barcelona

Outcall massage in Barcelona is the ideal option for enjoyment. As you guess, outcall means we are traveling to your location.

We are never charging taxi expenses in Barcelona city. Please check out terms about taxi transports at the bottom of this page.

So we are a group of female masseuses. We are expert in many kinds of body massage. The best kept secrets of Tantric massage and nuru massage are in our hands.

We can also give you a peaceful and relaxing massage. And definitely an extremely hot massage therapy.

So check our private pictures and hot pics on female masseuses!

As you will see, our sensual massages range from very peaceful and relaxing to cat-like full bodywork with mutual touch.

Outcall massage in Barcelona

Outcall massage service is the ideal solution. Because your convenience, your comfort and your time do matter to us!

So let us come to your door to visit you. We are offering you the best erotic massage you’ll ever have! We get amazing reviews on our job!

Erotic outcall massage in Barcelona

Consequently our erotic bodywork includes many techniques that will take you to an amazing state. Sexual excitement, with release and also the blissful happy ending.

Not to mention we are using Tantra techniques and nuru massage grips for our hot bodywork. Also including prostate massage if you wish! So with us you will enjoy a long session of pleasure.

Right in your room! This way you’ll be saving taxi expenses, time and effort.

Adding to this place have in mind you can fall asleep in your own bed!

Check our different options and massage prices.

Taxi expenses for outcall massage

Taxis are always included in inner city travels. All of us ladies are living in the city center. This way we are close to the main and to the best hotels in Barcelona.

Please understand we need to pay more expensive taxi trips when traveling outside the city center though. Or just far from the center. Hotels as the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I is far from Plaça Catalunya, as you already know. Also AC Marriott, Princess Hotels or Diagonal Zero at the Forum area.

We get many requests from the Airport area hotels. BAH Barcelona Airport Hotel and Trip Hotel at the airport also need a specific Feelings for the transportation. Please call us anyway. You will be very happy with our deal!

Book your outcall massage now

Don’t wait! Because the sooner you book the safer you’ll be!

Finally, choose your lady on

The call or send us an SMS with your request:

Contact us!

See you tonight!

Naturist massage

Naturist massage

Naturist massage is a very special massage therapy! As special as being naked for your: so for your eyes and your touch!

What is a naturist massage?

To start with, therapeutic massages can have a plain physical healing effect on your body though. While naked massage has a much different effect on your mind and your touch!

Because naked massage means you are nude. And us ladies are also naked! So you will be able to watch our perfect and sexy bodies. And depending on the massage therapy you choose you will be also allowed to touch us.

Honestly, doesn’t this sound extremely sexy to you?

Sensual naturist massage

Sensual massage on the other hand are going a bit further. So our nude massage will be awakening your sexual energies.

This way the enjoyment gets much more intimate. While your mind will be creating erotic fantasies that might come true in the next minutes. Right during your massage session!

Erotic naturist massage

Therapeutic massage and bodywork are just the starting of our tantric massage. Our erotic massage services are able to fulfil some of your hottest dreams though!

Erotic massage is pure enjoyment. And many other things not allowed in a therapy massage feel  natural, spontaneous and thus absolutely nice and enjoyable!

We include many erotic grips in our naturist massage sessions. There are just some of them:

Please check our different massage prices and choose the one according to your expectations!

 Outcall naturist massage

On top of all these, you have the privilege of being served in your hotel room. Yes, we travel to your location.

We include all taxi expenses in the city center of Barcelona and Ibiza! Almost always! So please mention your location sow e can discuss this point.

Make it even more delightful by having us visiting you! It is a privilege! And we can tell you now you’ll have the massage experience you’re dreaming of!

Book your naturist massage

It is as easy as this!

Finally, please check all of our female massage therapists here!

If you are in Ibiza please check erotic massage in Ibiza.

Contact us!

We will be very honoured to serve you!

See ou soon!

Sensual Tantra massage

Sensual Tantra massage

Sensual Tantra massage is a sweet and pleasing therapy. Because your well-being and your pleasure are the main focus of this tender bodywork. It will amaze you for sure!

What is sensual Tantra massage

So Tantric massage is a very special approach to intimate pleasure. It is about control, mindfulness and the focus on here and now.

Sensual massage is one of the main features that other erotic bodyworks share with Tantra. But sensual means sweet, tender and peaceful touch as well.

Sensual massage awakens your sweetest reactions. And the way we perform it will excite you sexually.

You will achieve a deep relaxation that will most probably disconnect your mind from stress and troublesome thoughts.

Meny men find our bodywork to have an energy healing effect. This is one of the main features of Tantra massages!

Sensuality and eroticism

A body massage like this can be done just with a distant attitude though. On the other hand, we choose to take it to the next level. We just can’t help to be sexy! So we like to share the sexual excitement by having our natural erotic attitude.

You will be able to check our different massage menus. There you’ll be able to choose the therapy you’re dreaming of!

Some gentlemen prefer our naturist massage though. This is the one we perform totally naked. And of course we allow you to sweetly caress us back. This boosts the erotic temperature and will take you to a much higher excitement.

Therapeutic massage is not able to take you to these heights though.

You can easily think of erotic massage as the special kind of experience. Because it takes you to where you dream to be. Don’t fall short in your decisions, go the way your body is asking you to!

Book your sensual Tantra massage

Check all of our available massage therapists on

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Booking our service is as easy as calling us or sending us an SMS.

We will be very happy to serve you!

See you soon!

Erotic outcall massage

Erotic outcall massage

Erotic outcall massage is the ideal Tantra massage! First off, our outcall massage service is the most reliable service in Barcelona and Ibiza.

We also have a massage parlour. Though we can also offer you the special privilege or having us visit you in your hotel room.

Erotic outcall massage

Erotic massage means the sensual massage goes a bit further than just sweetness. We also use tender massage grips though. But the temperature goes beyond massage nuru.

We will take you very close to climax. And you will maybe feel the need to ejaculate.

Tantra Erotic outcall massage

Tantric massage is a very special therapy. You surely know what it is about. You are welcomed to read more about it on our erotic Tantra massage post.

The fact we are serving it as an outcall service makes it even more interesting. Furthermore, even sexier and with many additional benefits.

  • Save time
  • Save taxis
  • Be comfortable at all times
  • Fall asleep in your own bed

Many gentlemen also tell us they feel safe not exposing themselves in dubious massage studios.

“I was shocked when I met this customer of mine! He was sitting in the waiting room of that massage parlour! We both felt really ashamed!”

Seems like it happens though!

Just enjoy all of the benefits of erotic asian massage, tantric massage, intimacy and privacy!

Body to body massage

We also include many body to body massage techniques. We will rub our bodies against yours using nuru gel, massage oils and body creams. All first quality products indeed.

Book your outcall massage

Because it is as easy as calling us or sending us an SMS.

Contact us!

Please check our website and choose the female therapist you prefer:

If you are in Ibiza pelase visit erotic massage in Ibiza!

And if you are in Madrid choose them among

See you soon!

Exciting massage

Exciting massage

Exciting massage is a specific bodywork a bit beyond the regular massage therapy. Therapeutic massage is well know by almost everybody, though sensual massages are not.

Massage and bodywork can be legitimate jobs. And sometimes the can go rather on the spicy side. Therapeutic massage and bodywork can have different orientations and quite different goals.

In our massage therapy program we can offer sports massage. But we also include the erotic massage and the most sensual and spicy body to body experiences.

Exciting massage

When the massage gets hot and hotter we can speak about exciting massages. We can awake your sexual energies to take you to a whole new level though.

Our school of massage also includes Tantra massage traditions. As you know, Tantra therapies are frequently offered to discover a new communication with ourselves.

Body and mind can be rather aligned again when using these techniques. In our massage school we learned a huge amount of techniques. Erotic grips as well!

Exciting massage techniques

Seems like we are using a really wide range of erotic grips though. These are just some of them:

And many many more!

Because the goal is your pleasure! Your enjoyment goes first!

Exciting massage and erotic massage

Erotic massage is therefore the special massage style to pelase your sexual desires. Sexual energies are powerful, as you know, and you need to have them in mind. Because releasing is a relevant part in our emotional lives.

While we usually focus on business matters, family life and all kinds of thoughts, we never think of pleasure. Intimacy is a relevant aspect in our lives. And thus it deserves to have some attention!

Indulge in some very special massage therapy. Exactly the one you’re thinking of now!

Book your exciting massage now!

Don’t let another gentleman choose exactly the same lady you prefer!

Check all of us on these websites according to your location. Then call to set up the meeting!

Call +34618580708

Or send us your details via SMS: +34618580708 We respond to confirm immediately!

Outcall massage is our special!

Erotic massage in Barcelona

Erotic massage in Ibiza

Erotic massage in Madrid

See you tonight!

Brexit massage

Brexit massage

Brexit massage is the perfect therapy to quit worries and stress. Enjoy some sweet erotic bodywork and find the perfect release. Also outcall to your hotel!

One of the trending topic is #Brexit, especially relevant this week.

We worry about our near future, about how we want to build our lives. Not only the values of gold and silver or central banks. But migrant workers, climate change and many other subjects that will affect our economies.

This is the time for a specific massage therapy like ours. Exit your own world of worries!

Brexit massage

And dive into a soundless world where you will meet yourself again.

Connecting your mind and your body on an intimate level has also therapeutic effects.

Erotic Brexit massage

Forget all those Yougov survey and take some time just for you. Because erotic massage is a very special experience that can only do right for you.

Eroticism is a relevant part in our lives, though we oftentimes forget about ourselves. Enough focusing only on the job!

Brexit massage and Tantra

Seems like Tantra is a very intimate bodywork. This is why it takes the best out of yourself. The result is a very deep satisfaction. You will probably find again your inner peace.

If you have a hot tub in your hotel room you can also use it!. This way you’ll be also able to enjoy erotic shower!

Tantra massage is still a quite unknown world. It is not just about prostate massage, there is much more to it!

Book your Brexit massage

Brexit massage in Ibiza

Ibiza is amazing! Especially on Summer. Y you might already know!

First of all check the available female masseuses on

Then just give us a call to make book: +34618580708

Outcall Massage in Barcelona

Are you lonely maybe in your hotel room now? It is obviously the right time to enjoy an amazing abdominal massage. And maybe more, like Tantra massage, releasing massage and other intimate therapies. We are probably the best out-call massage service in Barcelona.

Check our ladies on this website while call us to place your order: +34618580708

Erotic Massage in Madrid

Madrid is a very lively city from Fall to Spring. Summertime though can be quiet —not to mention boring. Though there might be a very sexy lady now available to give you a wonderful massage in Madrid! Right now!

Please check, choose your female masseuses and call us on +34618580708

See you soon!