Author: Telma

  • Sensual experience

    Sensual experience as a part of erotic bodywork. This is something most of gentlemen are craving for. Literally! And every day! Because human beings need sweetness, skin contact and the feeling of genuine caring. On a daily basis though. Exactly as we need some minimum hours of sleep, intimate contact is also necessary. How can […]

  • Nipples massage

    Nipples massage is one of the forgotten grips. Sadly forgotten, because this is one of the sexiest erotic tricks to turn a man on as hell. Go on reading and get sexually aroused by what we are going to tell you here! What is nipples massage Massaging your nipples is a very hot moment. If […]

  • Foot-job massage

    Foot-job massage is the most special massage for feet lovers and fetishists! We use our feet to massage you all over your body! If this feels exciting to you then go on reading. Most of us master this amazing technique. It is a very relevant aspect of erotic tantric massage. Though it is a quite […]

  • Erotic bodywork

    Erotic bodywork is a relevant part of the hottest massage you’ll ever experience. Since this is the main part of Tantric massage and we happen to be the most expert massage team in Spain. Erotic massage and erotic bodywork are almost synonyms. Massage and bodywork are not the same, though the concept of bodywork is […]

  • Mutual massage

    Mutual massage is when the receiver and the massage therapist massage each other. The word “mutuality” means “reciprocity”. So this very hot massage is about reciprocal touch. Doesn’t it sound hot! Mutual massage in Ibiza Choose our sexy ladies in Ibiza to discover and enjoy this amazing erotic bodywork! Camilla, Mey, Luna, Lucía, Gala […]

  • Engaging massage

    Engaging massage is for demanding customers. So the quality of our Tantra massage is the highest available in Barcelona —and Spain! And our mindful massage is exactly what you expect from a sexy young lady. As professional therapists we are working for you second by second. We don’t work as robots! So we are the opposite to robots! […]

  • Weird massage grips

    Weird massage grips

    Weird massage grips are the unusual things that can drive you crazy. Because they can take you to a state of ecstasy and bliss. We can’t stress enough how sexy all the unusual massage grips feel on your tantric experience though! All new staff has a new effect. New massage grips awaken new sensations. New massage grips […]

  • Don’t choose! All in one massage!

    Don’t choose! All in one massage! If you can, use the chance and enjoy a full fledged massage. Having bith true therapy massage and a little extra to get close to the “all the way” stuff. Summertime? Have it all! Summertime in Barcelona and Ibiza has finally come. You have been waiting patiently the whole last fall, […]

  • Rituals of pleasure

    Rituals of pleasure can be very sexy. Erotic massage uses them to achieve a special and unusual sexual stimulation. Would you like to try it? Here you can see our REAl and genuine pics to choose your therapist: Rituals of pleasure Pleasure has its own secrets. And when we speak about intimate pleasure, the secrets are even more […]

  • Lucia erotic massage Ibiza

    Lucia erotic massage Ibiza on Summer 2016! You can finally meet Lucía for this amazing tantric experience! Lucía erotic masseuse Ibiza So Lucía is this young Spanish lady. Check all her stats in detail on as age, height, breast and waist measure. Lucía is specialised in erotic and tantric massages. Because she masters a very wide range […]