Author: Telma

  • Passionate massage

    Passionate massage is when the professional massage therapist is giving her all. Her all to deliver an amazingly intimate, sweet and sexy massage experience. “Yours is a truly passionate massage! No matter what lady I try from your team, you are all absolutely amazing! You like your job and it shows”. We get many reviews like […]

  • Yoni massage

    Yoni massage

    Yoni massage is the equivalent of a gross expression as “pussy massage”. Only that “yoni” means vagina or “pussy” in the ancient Sanskrit language. Yoni massage So this is the original way to refer to a very intimate massage done by a man on a woman. While the masseur is a man, the receiver is a […]

  • Double climax massage Ibiza

    Double climax massage Ibiza is one of our amazing massage therapies! Enjoy climaxing twice in one session! This way you’ll have the highest sexual satisfaction, a needed release and the happiness you deserve! What is double climax? Having two orgasms in a row is considered “multi-orgasmia”. Tell the ladies about it! They can have many […]

  • Interested in massage

    “Hi, I’m interested in massage”. This is a very common message we get all over our inboxes. Since SMS, whatsApp messages and e-mails are getting this kind of statement, we react accordingly. We take it as a request for more information, so that’s how we act. This way we are sending more information on our outcall […]

  • Thong massage

    Thong massage is when the massage therapist is wearing a thong. We are offering many types of massage, from sensual to extremely erotic. Thong massage Massage therapy has different features according tho the massage styles you can choose from. Therapy massage Sensual massage Erotic massage Tantra massage Fetish massage Therapy massage Therapy massage needs the therapist […]

  • Massages in Barcelona

    Find the best massages in Barcelona! Highest quality and best price come together with the sexiest ladies! There are no more benefits you can think of. Well, es! We also travel to your hotel with no extra fees for taxis! We don’t care if you are on las Ramblas or on Diagonal. We will travel to you […]

  • Erotic massage for men

    Erotic massage for men

    Erotic massage for men done by ladies. Yes, because this is a massage service for straight men. So we are your female masseuses if you like sexy ladies! We are female therapists though. And we happen to be gorgeous and sexy, by the way! Erotic massage for men in Barcelona Check our pictures on […]

  • Sexy masseuse Ibiza

    Luna is our Sexy masseuse Ibiza. So sweet, so elegant and so skilled in erotic arts! Luna is a safe bet for all the gentlemen who want to make sure they are having what they wish. Luna is extremely expert in al sorts of erotic massages and tantric massage. Luna: Sexy masseuse Ibiza Luna is the elegant […]

  • Ibiza yacht massage

    Ibiza yacht massage

    Ibiza yacht massage is the dream experience this summer. You have a wonderful boat or a yacht. And you wish you had some sexy company to share. Wonderful weather, amazing views. Even hidden beaches where you’d like to be alone with this sexy lady. You are very close now to make this wish come true. […]

  • Escort massage Barcelona

    Escort massage Barcelona is the ideal blending ow two worlds. Why? Because usually masseuses are no escorts, and escorts don’t know how to give a massage. Please be warned we are speaking not just about adult material. Ours is a service for adults above 21 years of age. Please stop here if you are under […]