Author: Telma

  • Brexit massage

    Brexit massage is the perfect therapy to quit worries and stress. Enjoy some sweet erotic bodywork and find the perfect release. Also outcall to your hotel! One of the trending topic is #Brexit, especially relevant this week. We worry about our near future, about how we want to build our lives. Not only the values of […]

  • Massage envy

    Massage envy

    Massage envy happens when you feel this need to enjoy a wonderful massage. You can already imagine all the warm pressure though, the nice feeling on your skin. And also the needed relaxing effects on your body and mind. First of all, therapeutic massage is something you already know. Therefore now dare to take a step […]

  • Excellent massage!

    Excellent massage!

    “Excellent massage!” is what most of our customers say after finishing our intimate bodywork. We usually speak some minutes before and after our job. That’s the moment when our customers —and friends!— say what they really think and feel. Excellent massage team! We are so proud to get the best reviews! We are a team […]

  • Caressing is sex

    Caressing is sex

    “Caressing is sex” is what many psychologist say. We all know the importance of caressing in an intimate relationship. Why can we say caressing equals to sex? Caressing among mammals Caressing is a universal behaviour among the most evolved mammals. For instance apes know caressing and use it to establish social and intimate relationships. It is easy for […]

  • Extra mile massage

    Extra mile massage is a very special and intimate service, as you guess. We get specific requests that go a bit further than the regular erotic bodywork. Just be honest and let us know what you’re thinking of! Because this way we can recommend the perfect female masseuse to fulfil your wishes. What is extra mile […]

  • Erotic massage in Ibiza

    Erotic massage Ibiza is a new experience to many men visiting this Balearic island. Out-call massage: +34618580708 Sensual Ibiza Ibiza is a place that invites to sensuality. Beach life, night life, strolling around the nice little streets and the views on Dalt Vila may have an effect on your desire for sensuality. Summer, hot temperatures and the mix […]

  • Massage at hotel PortaFira

    Massage at hotel PortaFira needs just 5 minutes more to get there. As we are offering out-call massage we need to use a taxi to travel to your location. So Hotel PortaFira is a bit outside Barcelona, in l’Hospitalet. Gentlemen frequently call us to enjoy our massages at this excellent hotel. Massage at hotel PortaFira […]

  • Anal pleasure

    Anal pleasure is very special to many men. First off, we never talk about this but it’s time to describe it and to offer it for your enjoyment! Anal pleasure: a taboo As you know, nobody talks about anal pleasure. Because it is a taboo, it is socially not well seen. But you’d be amazed […]

  • Massage testimonials

    Massage testimonials and reviews are frequently sent in by whatsApp, SMS and e-mail. We read them all and are oftentimes overwhelmed by their intensity and thankfulness. Some of you are really flattering! And very thoughtful! Massage testimonials: honesty “You are honest about the estimated time of arrival. I was in a rush because I had a […]

  • Daycation Alimentaria

    Daycation Alimentaria

    Daycation Alimentaria are two different concepts. No evident relationship between them? Yes there is! Hotels force you to check out at noon. If your flight is 6 hours later and you are tired and done with the city, what are your options? Of course not paying an additional night! What is “Daycation”? Hotels have been […]