Author: Telma

  • Amazing massage!

    “Amazing massage!” is the most recurrent comment we get after our service. Though what are our customers telling us? What is the feed-back we get from all of you? “Amazing massage!” Since our customers are elegant businessmen and expert travellers. They have had massages before. Some of them hundreds of massages! Also in all most […]

  • Unusual massage grips

    Unusual massage grips make erotic bodywork special. After having tried so many masseuses you want to enjoy something different and, most importantly, something surprising, exciting and satisfying! Unusual massage grips New stuff is always more exciting. Think of a movie. A new movie means a new story, a new world to dive into and the […]

  • Tantric sex

    Tantric sex is a very special new way to enjoy… sex. A new way? Well, not at all! It is a 3,500 years old art of lovemaking! It is as fun and as enjoyable as the picture you see here! There is one danger as well though: those who try it get addicted. Her you […]

  • Massage at the Meridien

    Massage at the Meridien hotel in Ramblas. First off, check our masseuses! Then choose one of them and finally call us to make your reservation! As easy as this! Why Massage at the Meridien Because there are many reasons why you’ll want to sue this service. Save time! Stay in your room Also save taxis: we […]

  • Massage at hotel Expo

    Massage at hotel Expo: this is so convenient! Now you can save time and also all that taxi traveling! If you are staying at this hotel we can serve you in no time! Though be safe and book your Tantra massage with us. The sooner the better! Please contact us! Then please check our pictures here: female masseuses. Our […]