Author: Telma

  • Erotic grips

    Erotic grips are all the sexiest techniques we are using to perform our erotic massage. Besides, they also call it tantric bodywork. The range goes from manual grips to full body contact. Erotic grips What are they all about? Well they are our ways to touch you. They are the way we have to communicate […]

  • Naturist massage

    Naturist massage is one of the most special massage therapies! As special as being naked for you: for your eyes and also for your touch! What is a naturist massage? To start with, therapeutic massages can have a plain physical healing effect on your body. While naked massage has a much different effect on your mind […]

  • Sensual stroke

    Sensual stroke massage is about a soft, sweet and caring therapy. As you guess, tenderness is one very important aspect in erotic bodywork. While more and more gentlemen wish to enjoy a soft sensual stroke. Sensual stroke and tenderness Our daily lives are usually filled up with stress, non stop meetings and appointments. Then business lunch […]

  • Pleasure of torture

    Pleasure of torture

    Erotic pleasure of torture is one of the core the essences of Tantric massage! We call it “torture” though of course this is just an intriguing way to describe it! Pleasure of torture Both pleasure and torture are close by. As love and hate. As you know, “torture” is about stretching the pain beyond limits. […]

  • Ejaculation massage

    Ejaculation massage means that your ejaculation is also a part of our service. For some men it is the ultimate goal, while for massage addicts it is a relevant side-effect of all the sensual, erotic and genital bodywork we will perform on your body. We allow releasing Ejaculation is always allowed in our Tantra massage. […]

  • Discrete massage service

    Discrete massage service is absolutely necessary. Because discretion is a must to our clients and to us. This is why there is no problem by hiring a masseuse to serve a sensual massage in your hotel room. It is a frequent service provided by professional masseurs. We focus on professional out-call massage service and also […]

  • Outcall Tantra massage

    Outcall Tantra massage is a convenient way to regain balance. So now you are far away from home you can enjoy it with no sense of guilt. What is outcall massage? As you already know, out-call means we travel to your hotel. Or to your private apartment as well. It is as easy as calling […]

  • Massage at hotel Fira Congress

    Massage at hotel Fira Congress is the perfect lush massage service. So be safe and plan ahead to ensure our availability! Contact us to book outcall massage with us as soon as you take the decision. Why massage at hotel Fira Congress Because your hotel happens to be a bit far from the city center. So you’d […]

  • Seducing tricks

    Seducing tricks deserve books and books about all sorts of strategies. One of the most famous is “The Method”, which sees us ladies an object. Smart gentlemen have wiser tricks though! Besides, please don’t forged we are offering erotic massage. So we know a bit about seducing men! Don’t forget to read our previous post “seducing […]

  • Massage complicity

    Massage complicity

    Massage complicity happens when there is this special connection between you and your masseuse. This is a very intimate moment that can take you to a blissful moment. Tenderness, smile, this silent complicity and eroticism are the key elements to enjoy your best erotic Tantra massage ever. How do we do it? What is massage complicity? […]