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  • Mobile Congress Massage

    Mobile Congress Massage is the specific outcall massage service for all MWC hosts and visitors. Enjoy all the convenient treats we can offer you! Send us an SMS with your detailed request after contacting us! What is Mobile Congress Massage Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2016 is an amazing event. It gathers about 90.000 professionals from around […]

  • Madrid-Barça

    Madrid-Barça is one of the most exciting football matches in the whole world! Madrid-Barça once a year And this football match is only happening once a year in Madrid though! So next time it will be held in Barcelona. Madrid-Barça in Santiago Bernabéu Right now and you might be traveling to Madrid to watch this game live. […]

  • Blog on erotic massage

    Blog on erotic massage

    Our Blog on erotic massage is earning visits from all cities in the world though. We are now an authorised and trusted reference when it comes to writing about erotic bodywork. Welcome to our blog on erotic massage! So we are happy you join us! We are posting new content about erotic massage every time […]

  • Barcelona massage

    Barcelona massage

    Barcelona massage specials can be found on our professional website. Check us and learn what are the options! We kindly invite you to go on reading to find out why our massage specials are not only the most desired but also the best! Barcelona massage options Barcelona has many a secret to offer for businessmen […]

  • Erotic shower massage

    Erotic shower massage is as you guess a very hot experience. And not just because of the water temperature! This sexy bodywork uses some techniques from tantric massage, from table shower massage and sensual massage. While nuru massage needs the nuru gel, shower massage uses soap. The soapy massage might turn you on like hell! […]

  • Foot job

    Foot job massage is one of the quite unusual erotic massage techniques. What is it about and what makes it so special as blissful pleasure? Stay with us and you’ll learn a great deal of new sexy stuff! What is the foot job? Foot job is a part of erotic Oriental massages. It is also one of […]

  • 24 hours massage

    24 hours massage

    24 hours massage therapy from Monday to Sunday: so this is our outcall massage service! Of course we are serving the best massages in Barcelona. Try us and you’ll probably call us back again and again! Send us an SMS: +34 618 580 708 Call us personally: +34 618 580 708 First off, please check our website to […]

  • Hotel massage service

    The best Hotel massage service is the one that works seamlessly: easy dealing, easy ordering. To the point. And reliable! Using our outcall massage service is as easy as calling us. Because the phone valet will give you the information you need. He will also set up a meeting with the massage therapists you choose. Please […]

  • Sensual massage

    Sensual massage is a bodywork style with a specific goal. Because “sensuality”, which is its core concept, is a word derived from “senses”. We all know what our sense are though. Together all sense are capable of give warmth, sweetness, pleasing visual stimulation. Besides, also music and a nice smell have a relevant influence on it. […]

  • Independent masseuse in Madrid

    Looking for an independent masseuse in Madrid? It is some months now we are working together with Natalia, a very nice and extremely professional Tantra masseuse in Madrid. We know this website is for Barcelona. And we also happen to have an independent masseuse in Barcelona. Young independent masseuse in Madrid She is a very […]