Daycation Alimentaria

Daycation Alimentaria are two different concepts. No evident relationship between them? Yes there is!

Hotels force you to check out at noon. If your flight is 6 hours later and you are tired and done with the city, what are your options? Of course not paying an additional night!

What is “Daycation”?

Hotels have been testing a new formula for shorter hotel stays. In Barcelona we have been using hotels on an hourly basis for businessmen who need a place to meet one of our ladies but don’t want to visit a studio. For many reasons, all of them very understandable.

Daycation is a term created mostly thinking about families on a short trip or short vacation. Sometimes there is no need to stay overnight.

There are many other reasons to use a hotel for 3, 6 or 9 hours:

  • Airport connections and flight delays
  • Needing a room with bed and shower
  • Rainy days
  • Jet lag
  • Agenda issues

Most of them are issues related to personal and business agenda.

What is #Alimentaria2016?

Alimentaria is celebrating its anniversary. Barcelona has been hosting this amazing and huge exposition abuot food, beverages and restauration for 4 decades now. The exposition has been growing bigger and bigger and is attracting about 110,000 visitors for the current edition.

Professionals of the food industry are visiting Barcelona these days. There is a lot going on!

After the exposition though many of these men feel alone and bored.

We can help by finding you a nice therapy for your quality lifestyle.

Daycation and Alimentaria

Many businessmen visiting Alimentaria are telling us they don’t want to visit a massage studio. Discretion is the main reason.

Massage parlours have waiting rooms and nasty coincidences happen a bit too often:

“I found this provider sitting there! I started walking away but I’m certain he saw me. I felt terribly embarrassed for both of us!”

Massage studios are very busy these days during Alimentaria. Waiting lists are really inconvenient. Spanish enterprises are greedy and accept more bookings than they can handle.

This is why we can offer you the best solution: hiring a hotel for a 3 hours time slot. And this is “daycation”.

Of course you can use your current hotel room, the one you already paid for!

You can find more information, prices and options on

Daycation Alimentaria massage

Yes it is the right time for you to indulge into some quality time. Just for yourself! You know you deserve it.

  • Overwhelming workload
  • You need release
  • You have been working hard
  • Your jet lag is not totally gone
  • You need some nice bodywork
  • You need to see a lady, no more men!
  • Escape from colleagues

You might have some other reasons, all of them legitimate!

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