Double climax massage Ibiza

Double climax massage Ibiza is one of our amazing massage therapies! Enjoy climaxing twice in one session! This way you’ll have the highest sexual satisfaction, a needed release and the happiness you deserve!


What is double climax?

Having two orgasms in a row is considered “multi-orgasmia”. Tell the ladies about it! They can have many more than that!

What we did not know is that men can also enjoy many times in a row though!

A great part of the men have the ability to climax twice in a row. This is something most of the men don’t know. Just because their spouses don’t give it a try, or because they just need to stop the sexual encounter after seeing his man ejaculate for the first time.

Many other though do know it, and they usually go for it.

Double climax massage Ibiza

In Ibiza you han have double climax, and three times, and four,! It is all depending on the massage time duration you choose with us!

Now you are on this island you can have the privilege of enjoying it!

Choose the hot masseuse you prefer and just call us to let us know!

We can offer you 75. 90 minutes and even 120 minutes massage durations.

Please check our different massage menus and choose according to time length and erotic intensity!

Benefits of double climax massage Ibiza

The list of benefits can be f a doze. But also more though! Because each and every man can see different benefits. You bet this is a very personal checklist!

  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Release from tension
  • Re-gaining focus on other aspects of life
  • Emotional fulfilment
  • Self-esteem
  • Forgetting a girlfriend

There are many more, some of them might sound weird. Because, as we said, this is a very personal subject.

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