Edging massage

Edging massage is technically known as “ejaculation control“. Why is this special erotic massage style so interesting to so many gentlemen?

What is “edging massage”?

Because many new words are frequently born from new habits or new products and services.

This time around though we are focusing on a sexual practice that started together with online pornography. We are talking mostly about men again!

Because early adopters of masturbation to online porn were spending hours watching adult content.

The way to enjoy a much longer time of sexual stimulation was avoiding ejaculation.

And the feeling of “almost cumming” was soon called “edging”.

“I like to keep myself on the edge. Close to climax, but stopping whenever I was getting too close. I can spend like 4 hours in a row doing this. I know buddies though who spend like 8 hours”.

And soon this practice was also requested to erotic masseuses and prostitutes. Though escorts did not seem to like it much. As you know, escorts make their money “finishing you” as soon as possible.

Edging massage and tantric massage

You can call it like this, and you can also call it “tantric massage“.

Tantric techniques have a relevant point which is the ejaculation control. Using all these Tantra grips makes it possible. And the professional attitude of the lady serving you is also extremely important.

The goal of Tantra was not imitating edging though. The goal is giving you a much longer and lasting experience of pleasure.

Awareness is a cornerstone in all kinds of tantric bodywork.

Erotic tantric massage was here longer ago, though we started re-discovering it only during the 1980’s.

Benefits of edging massage

The list of benefits is huge. Not all men though share the same priorities. Some men focus on delaying ejaculation for performance reasons. Namely men who can just climax one. Because they need a long time to recover between climaxes.

While some others just see how the sexual pleasure increases after longer and longer stimulation time.

Communication is also a relevant factor. There are many couples who enjoy longer massage sessions because this is the only way they feel satisfied.

Emotions are important too, and many men say the longer the session the deeper they feel connected to their partner.

A few guys told us that edging gives them a much more abundant semen ejaculation.

So, in a nut-shell:

  • Performance reasons
  • Higher sexual pleasure
  • More intimate communication
  • Longer time of enjoyment
  • More abundant ejaculation

You will probably add some items to this list!

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