Erotic massage for men

Erotic massage for men

Erotic massage for men done by ladies. Yes, because this is a massage service for straight men. So we are your female masseuses if you like sexy ladies!

We are female therapists though. And we happen to be gorgeous and sexy, by the way!

Erotic massage for men in Barcelona

Check our pictures on if you are visiting Barcelona soon.

Erotic massage for men in Ibiza

Or check our pictures on if you are on holidays on this Balearic island.

Sensual massage for men

So we like to be sensual. We perform a daring bodywork. As a wild cat would do. Or a snake. Because we use our whole bodies to achieve full body to body contact.

Though you can stay in the range of Relaxing massage if you feel more comfortable with a peaceful massage therapy.

You can choose among different erotic massages and also a range of massage prices.

Massage techniques for men

We know what you like the most. We know what turns you on like hell! Therapeutic massage is nice, though we are the team giving you the tantric massage you are dreaming of.

Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are also okey. What about all these?

  • Sensual massage
  • Nipples massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Testicle massage
  • Penis massage or lingam massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Happy ending

The happy ending might just the start of another round. 90 minutes and 120 minutes sessions include double climax and even more climaxes if you wish!

Book your massage for men

Just call us and ask whatever you need to know. Then you can place your reservation.

Call +34618580708 or check contact.

Or send us an SMS with your request: +34618580708

Want to check our hot pics?

If you need a male massage therapists please check Matt. Because Matt is a straight masseur and can serve your spouse. So this is what we call massage for couples. Matt also has some other bisexual friends you can hire.