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Massage now in this moment is also possible. Too late? Just call to check!

Last minute massages are possible, it all depends on our availability. There is no better way to find out than calling right now:



Choose your lady for massage now

We are a group of masseuses in Barcelona. Check our pictures and choose the one you’d prefer:

All our pictures are recent and genuine. The lady you choose is exactly the lady serving you.

Erotic massage now

Erotic massage, as you know, is s special service involving some intimacy. It is not a sexual act although you are allowed to achieve climax.

Erotic massage incldues all these:

You are free to choose how intimate and how intense you wish your massage to be. Please check the different massage prices and options before calling us!

Erotic sex-massage now

If erotic massage is a bit too limited for you and you prefer to have an even more intimate service with other more sexual features please visit

That’s a specialised service beyond the limits of erotic massage. And specific professionals.

Massage now in Barcelona

Right now is also an option. Please don’t hesitate and call. Make a firm appointment. The sooner you share your information the sooner we will be knocking at your door.

This is the information we need to know:

  • Hotel and street address
  • Room number
  • Which masseuse?
  • Your first name
  • The massage therapy you choose

We will be very happy if we can suggest the lady that best fits your personal preferences. Call us and we’ll discuss the details.

Out-call massage now

As an out-call massage service we are used to serve the massage you want exactly where and when is best for you.

Out-call massage includes all these benefits:

  • Save your time
  • Save taxis
  • Enjoy comfort
  • Plan your agenda to your convenience

The sooner you take a decision the better! We are ready to serve you!

Massage right now

Please call or send us an SMS with your information:

Call +34618580708

SMS +34618580708

If you feel you need to read more documentation on our service please check

See you on a while —If you wish!