Professional masseuses

Professional masseuses are the sensual therapists who chose to offer erotic massage.

We are a massage team between 8 and 15 ladies. We are working from January to December, from Monday to Sunday and almost 24 hours.

Check back frequently to see our new female team members!


Erotic professional masseuses

All of us are professional masseuses. We all have a therapy massage training, so we master legitimate massage as well.

All of us chose to offer erotic bodywork because we like it. We have the calling, the passion and the talents to perform this special job!

Tantric masseuses

Tantric massage is a very special massage style. Though we know not all tantric masseuses are allowing you to go as far into intimacy as we do.

Hence our goal is erotic massage! So we want you to spend some really blissful time with us!

Sensual professional masseuses

To most of our customers sensuality is a rather rare aspect in their daily lives. Stress, rushing, meetings, planes, endless meetings. Also family and colleagues can be stressing though so ever lovely!

As a result this is why our blissful massage is a very valued moment.

We are able to take care of you in this very special way. So please allow us to give you this amazing massage!

Choose your masseuses

Because we take our job seriously. And we are always on time. We bring all we need to perform our jaw-dropping massage!

So your enjoyment is not a joke to us! We will be having a great time with you as well, but always being professional.

Our goal is your happiness. Seriously.

Professional masseuses

Please check our online catalog. All of us have a name so you can choose. Then please call and tell our phone valet about your preferences.

See all updated ladies here: Hotel Massage in Spain!

Then please contact us!