Foot-job massage

Foot-job massage is the most special massage for feet lovers and fetishists! We use our feet to massage you all over your body!

If this feels exciting to you then go on reading. Most of us master this amazing technique. It is a very relevant aspect of erotic tantric massage. Though it is a quite forgotten talent. Forgotten sometimes and other times not even trained, for many other masseuses.

All of us master this amazing erotic grip!


What is foot-job massage

You my wonder.

“Will these ladies massage my feet?”


“But is this the foot job?”

Hell no! Massaging your feet is just a small part in this big picture.

Foot job means using our own feet to massage you. All over your body though. We will perform feet to feet massage. And much more.

Foot-job massage

Please be specific when ordering your massage. Not all gentlemen wish we use our feet on them. We appreciate it very much when the customers tells us before even hiring us. What sort of erotic grips do you fancy?

This way we can get ready and also think about special protocols. Just for you!

Erotic foot-job massage

Feet fetish is a lot about touching, kissing and licking ladies’ feet. Feet massage goes even further. Because we will use or own feet on all of your body.

Yes, thou guessed it! Also to stimulate your sexual parts!

So this is an amazing moment that will drive you crazy. And you know it!

“I saw this lady grabbing my dick with nothing but her feet. Just the vision of it made me climax. And I need it again and again!”

Foot-job massage techniques

As you can see we use many a grip. Our feet turn into our massage tool. It feels absolutely different on you from using our hands.

  • Feet on feet rubbing
  • Ladies’ feet on legs
  • Feet on thighs
  • Ladies’ feet on testicles
  • Feet on buttocks
  • Ladies’ feet on your back
  • Feet on shoulders
  • Ladies’ feet on nipples
  • Feet on penis
  • Lingam feet massage
  • Foot thumb to massage prostate

There are many more. And you guessed it: the longer the session the more techniques we will be able to use on you!

Order your foot-job massage

Whenever you feel like having this amazing feet job just call us!

So this is our phone:

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