Gentlemen who need a massage

Gentlemen need massage and oftentimes don’t know where to start. Local newspapers? Those crumbled flyers they get at a street corner? Taxi drivers handing flyers from cheap Chinese massage  parlours?

Nowadays most of businessmen are using the internet and the search engines to find the best erotic massage. Wherever they are. In their hometown, in a foreign city for a Congress. Or visiting an exposition abroad.

Search engines offer an amazing variety of results and options. Browsing through all of them might be a tedious task though!

Just looking for a cheaper massage —meaning 1 to 10 € cheaper— is absurd. Did you ever find yourself deciding between a 200 € massage and a 199 € massage?

When you need a tantric massage you need some premium quality service.

Cheaper services are not reliable. Non punctual, dirty ladies, sometimes too old, fat women, amateur housewives. You name it!

You also like to choose your lady!

We are only showing real pictures, recent pictures from genuine erotic masseuses:

Check and choose!


Gentlemen need massage now

You just dropped your bags onto the hotel bed. You feel like needing a massage. Urgently!

Easy: call us now and we will be at your door just within the time you take a shower.

Call +34618580708 now!

Gentlemen need massage tonight

It’s never too late to try. We are extremely busy around 11 PM and after this time. Anyway, try to call us and check if we still have a wonderful lady for you!

Erotic massage is perfect before going to sleep. You will achieve the needed relaxation. After releasing you will be even unable to take a shower!

Wake up tomorrow with re-fueled energy, strong and with all the focus on your professional efficiency.

Erotic bodywork for gentlemen

Our massage therapists team is not the biggest one in Barcelona. But the most passionate. And the most professional ladies. Choosing the right staff is key to success.And of course the key to the satisfaction deserve!

Our customers are doing a word of mouth that has no price. Many businessmen visiting Barcelona already fly in with our phone number in their contacts.

We are earning the best massage reviews. All of our ladies are absolutely wonderful, expert in erotic massage grips. This job is our calling! You will absolutely notice!

“Such an intimate skin on skin job as yours needs the vey specific attitude. You job is not easy! Thank you for giving me this amazing experience!”

Gentlemen who book a massage

It is as easy as this: just choose the lady you like and call to set up our meeting!

Choose here:

Then call +34618580708

You can also send us an SMS with specific instructions: SMS +34618580708

In the form of:

Hi, I’m Peter! I’d like to have a massage by Helena at 11 PM. I’m in Hotel Xxxxxxxx room 1234. Willing to enjoy the 330 € 90 minutes extremely erotic massage! Thank you!

This kind of messages are highly efficient and save a lot of time! Especially if you need a last minute massage!

See you soon in Barcelona!