Last minute appointment

Last minute appointment for your best erotic massage in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. Learn the most effective way to book your massage and get served in the blinking of an eye!

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Last minute appointment and true ETA

We know ETA is relevant in many occasions. We understand you are in a hurry and we understand there is some time pressure on you.

Our availability is changing constantly, minute by minute.

Whenever you make your request for our tantric massage we will be able to answer who is available at that given time and how fast she can be at your door.

Our outcall massage service works this way. Honest!

We also know how relevant it is to you to know the real and true ETA.

“That other service answered with a quick “yes to everything”. It all sounded a bit too quick and too easy. Of course it was not true. Their lady was not the one in the pictures and on top of all that she did a really tasteless massage”.

“Your phone valet is honest and tells the truth. I need the truth, not just whatever, even if it is what I don’t want to hear. Guys, I need to plan my life!”

Last minute appointment

We are all aware of what “last minute call” means. There is some urgency included in this concept. Some special issues might be involved.

  • A change of flight
  • A meeting is delayed
  • You are free earlier than you thought
  • You have an unexpected time gap
  • Your stay in Barcelona got shortened

There are almost infinite reasons to request a last minute massage. Yours might be even more special!

Trust us because we want to serve you!

Last minute versus planning ahead

We always prefer planned appointments, for sure! All of us, you as well!

Booking in advance is always the safer option. In all departments of business and life.

When it comes to erotic massage this is especially true if you wish to request a specific lady.

Last minute calls are risking the availability if you chose a very specific lady. Nevertheless, try and call to check if she is still free by any chance!

So, sometimes planning ahead is not possible for many reasons. Though as we said, we understand it!

Last minute massage appointment

Gentlemen who need a massage urgently know how to contact us in a very fast and safe way. We answer immediately!

How to request your last minute appointment

As easy as sending us an SMS! Please include all this information. It might seem redundant but some hotel chains have like 5 hotels with the same name in just one city.

  • Desired appointment time
  • Massage menu you wish (choose among different massage prices)
  • Desired erotic masseuse name
  • Hotel
  • Street address
  • Room number
  • Your name

As easy as this!

Book now!

Wait no longer!

Time to call us! Time to send your personal SMS with instructions.

SMS: +34618580708

Don’t forget to check our full website. You’ll be much safer if you do it before the last minute is pressuring you!