Little white angel

So little white angel is sitting on my right shoulder. And telling me loud and clear what I am supposed to do.


Who is the little white angel?

It is the voice of your conscience. The good angel who is always safe. The little voice in the back of your head who tells you what is a sin. And tells you also what is allowed.

This little white angel is telling you the right things to do. Help others, sacrifice yourself, be nice and polite.

Ignore the little white angel

There are times though that this little white angel is absolutely wrong. Yes, even good intentions can be wrong sometimes!

Stop giving up your dreams!

It is about time to stop helping just others to be happy!

Get some joy for yourself!

Everybody knows you are working hard for your money. You are paying so much stuff for your family and all the other expenses.

Because some you-time and some quality time will reward your hard working.

Massage and the little white angel

Ok, the kind of massage we are performing is a bit sweeter and a bit more daring.

Though erotic massage will never be equal to an escort service. Massage is not a sin. It is tender bodywork for your enjoyment.

Our manual release is not comparing to oral sex. Although we confess we can make it feel exactly as oral sex!

Little white angel massage

As you know our tantric massage is about a very sweet connection. We use many different techniques to relax your mind. And your body!

We are also able to control your climax. The main goal is not ejaculation, we always say it is rather a side effect.

Though many men are just seeking this side-effect, but we focus on the full hour bodywork.

Unlike escorts, we don’t rush you to a climax as quick as possible. We want you to enjoy one full hour, 90 minutes or even two hours.

Call the little white angel

So now you know exactly what you really want you just need to call us.

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