Love, sex and company

Love, sex and company are three different things. We sometimes assume they come together in the same package. While to many other men —and ladies— they are separate experiences.

And sometimes we need three different people to have them all!

Love, sex and company

Three different emotions. So three different people needed, sometimes!

“I have a lover. She is perfect for sex! But just for sex!”

“My wife takes care of me, she is the best company. We are like best friends though”.

“I feel alone and need some intimate company soon”.

“I just want it all in one lady. That’s why I go pro”.

Some men tell us though:

“One thing contains the other, like in those Russian Matryoshkas. Because love contains sex, and sex contains company”.

You can have it in different orders as well.

Enjoy love, sex and company

We know many men just want one aspect of a romantic relationship. It depends very much on the moment though.

“I am feeling horny today. So not really talkative!”

That’s a nice moment to order our erotic Tantra massage!

“You know, I’m craving for some sweetness, some company, but not that regular and effort intense sex though”.

Perfect day for a massage! We can be very sweet, caring and tender. Just as a good friend who can give you exactly the kind of massage you are dreaming of.

“I don’t want sex. Can you understand this? I just want some company. I need to talk to a nice lady”.

No pressure! We can be there in the blinking of an eye!

Love, sex and company for out-call

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You’ll love all of us!

“I had a hard time choosing a lady among all of you sexy beauties!”

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See you soon!