Sinless massage

Sinless massage

Sinless massage is not exactly a legitimate massage though. It is a sensual massage that leaves you with the absence of guilt.

So no aftertaste of sin at all. Because erotic massage is not equal to sex. And it has many more advantages!

Why sinless massage?

Many gentlemen have made fidelity vows to her wives. And we always respect all options and all personal decisions.

Sometimes we need a little trick to get what we want though. Especially if it is on the edge of non legitimate bodywork.

Anyway, erotic massage is not equal to sex. Never. That’s why we all use different words to describe one and the other practices.

Sex is sex, massage is massage. The difference is a very big one.

Though the limits get blurry when it comes to sensual massages.

So in two words, sinless massage comes very handy when you want to keep yourself faithful. This way you’ll be able to get back home without any remorse.

Sinless massage

There are so many mainstream definitions of what is sin. They depend on society and also on religions. But deep down every person has his own checklist of sins. And of course there are worse sins than others.

Sensual sinless massage

Sensuality is not sex. One thing can lead to the other though. Because sexual excitement can be achieved by sensual stimulations, and we know about this!

Though we never go further than this. Our limits are always very clear when we speak about sensual bodywork.

As you know this is a very subtle stimulation. Of course you can get very excited though! That’s not a sin!

Erotic sinless massage

Erotic massage is the next level. Hotter than just sensual, eroticism gets you to a whole body sexual excitement.

We use many techniques to achieve this blissful state of arousal.

Ooops! You can reach happy ending if you wish. We will never use our mouth or other even more intimate parts though!

We will keep it absolutely sinless if this is what you wish.

Book your sinless massage

After choosing your ideal massage therapist you can call us. Also send us an SMS. It is a really quick process making a reservation with us!

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Early evening and early planners have advantages!

Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage are a whole bunch! From physical to emotional, the amount of benefits is much more than all you can ever enjoy in one life.

The many benefits of massage

Massage is a practice that exists in human groups and societies since the starting of civilization. Or even before! Just watch chimpanzees helping each other for hygiene.

You can see immediate benefits of massage in these categories:

  • Health
  • Physical well-being
  • Emotional balance

These are just the big groups. So now go on reading and find out in more detail.

Emotional benefits of massage

Emotional healing starts just by having a personal connection with someone else. So close to you and with the determined will to help you.

  • Intimate communication
  • Private communication
  • Feeling pampered
  • Feel desired
  • Emotional balance

Communication and feeling pampered is a healing feeling. Some company is always a big help!

Massage can get very complex though. We can use massage to make you feel cared about.

Our intimate bodywork can also make you feel desired. This is especially positive for gentlemen who don’t feel attractive. We do pamper you! And we will make sure to stimulate you sexually!

“It has been a long time since I did not feel desired by a lady. You seduced me as if she really liked me! I know there’s a bit of acting, but it made me feel on the top again!”

Balance as a benefits of massage

Balance is another big feature. Any well done massage of any kind has a very positive effect of getting you back to emotional balance.

Because erotic tantric massage is able to put your body and your mind on the same wavelength again.

“After your amazing massage I felt much better. Also my mood hot much better! I felt filled up with energy. And motivated I’d say!”

Physical benefits of massage

The well-being on your body is the most immediate effect. You feel it right since the very first minute we touch you.

Sweetness, pressure, moving on your body and sensual stimulations come very close together.

“I wanted your massage to never end! This heavenly feeling should be endless!”

“After the session was over I felt like addicted. My body needs this every week. Well, more often like every day, to be honest!”

Try more benefits of massage

If you also wish to try all these benefits and maybe some more, just call us.

Each man is living this up in a different way. So a very personal way!

Especially if you are living in a hotel or some private apartments in Barcelona. We never charge taxi fees before 11 PM.

Call us soon enough or send us an SMS with your reservation. After 11 PM we start to get booked out!

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You are free to choose among all of us! Please check our recent and genuine pictures on

Are you traveling to Madrid? We are also friends of the best erotic masseuses in Madrid:

Also in valencia:

And in Ibiza:

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BlackFriday massage

Black Friday massage

Black Friday massage means we are offering you special prices for our outcall massage service in Barcelona. Yep! Now you can finally choose the kind of fun you really like!

Why Black Friday massage?

Well we all know Black Friday means a very relevant day for discounts. Because usually this day is used by huge resellers and retail chains who offer technology and gadgets.

Many times you might think:

“Hey, why is there no discount for the services I really fancy?”

We guessed it! Such as erotic massage!

Though this year we are here to come up with the perfect massage offer for you! Finally!

Black Friday offer

We got some great news about our massage discounts though! The biggest discounts are for our most popular massage therapies. Discounts go from 30 € to 50 € and even 70 € depending on the service you fancy.

Erotic massage

So celebrations are to enjoy them. Today on Friday November 26 you can have what you really wanted!

Erotic tantric massage is a very special service. A few amount of gentlemen know what this is, though they turn into recurring customers really fast. Call it an addiction? A very healthy one though!

Erotic massage is perfect to balance all the energies that unite body and mind. You’ll feel like having your body and your mind on the same wavelength.

  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Energy
  • Release
  • Well-being
  • Emotional balance

These are just a few of all the benefits of massage though.

Because we know you really like our longest and hottest massage sessions. So this is why you are no longer going to pass on these:

Black Friday massage offer

Choose our best erotic therapies and enjoy it all: the massage and the price!

Nude massage offer:

60 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage: please call now!

75 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage: please call now!

90 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage: please call now!

120 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage: please call now!

We also have other special though daring massage therapies of 250, 500 and 700 €. For these you will save 10 %.

Book your Black Friday massage now!

As you can guess, Black Friday will be a very busy day for us! Don’t risk waiting for the last minute and book ahead of time! We will run out of availability very soon!

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Sexy massage in Madrid

Are you traveling to Madrid as well? We also know some amazing masseuses there:

And see even more of our colleagues in Madrid on

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Singles day Barcelona

Singles day Barcelona

Singles day Barcelona is a huge trend that started just a couple of years ago though. So what are the news?

Original idea of Singles day

The original idea came from a small group of Japanese students though. Their goal was counter-fighting the Valentine’s day. So this is the opposite of Valentine!

Since Valentin day is for those who found their soulmate or however you wish to tag the significant half.

Singles day Barcelona

Many a business and shop in Barcelona are using this new idea to make special offers. So you have a large variety of places to go and things to do.

So we just want to remind you we are still there for you as well!

Please check us real pictures on and choose the lady masseuse you prefer!

Erotic Singles day Barcelona

Sometimes you feel lonely. More so in a distant city from home. Like Barcelona. You hardly know a bunch of co-workers, business partners or customers.

But you wish to share some quality time with a nice and young lady.

We are very talented masseuses. Let us give you an amazingly hot and blissful massage. We are using a very wide range of erotic grips. Like these:

How far are we going? Well we are no escorts! We can give you an amazing happy ending though. Depending on the massage prices you choose. And of course on the session time length it will be a more and more intense release.

Check our prices here and choose the session that really matches your expectations!

Massage for Singles day Barcelona

So this is our job! We are very talented for erotic tantric massage. This is a very special bodywork, so this is a very good idea to try this evening or tonight.

Please have in mind we are having many calls. We can only serve a limited amount of massage requests.

Order your Singles day Barcelona date

Call us or send us an SMS:

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We are serving outcall massage tonight. So wherever you are, we travel to you. Before 11 PM all taxi expenses are included.

What are you waiting for? Call soon!

Quality time massage

Quality time massage

Quality time massage is the bodywork for your true sensual enjoyment. Though quality time is this self-explaining concept, we seldom have it.

Quality is still rare in many aspects of our lives. And especially when you are paying for a service, you seldom feel totally satisfied.

Our goal is your satisfaction. In many ways though!

Quality time massage

Our massage is a very sensual bodywork. We focus on a sweet and romantic massage that allows you a long time enjoyment. One hour, 90 minutes or even two hours. And time flies under our bodies!

“This has been some real quality massage! And some very needed quality time. I’m happy I could spend it with you!”

We want to please you. Not just giving you some happy ending though. Also with our delicate massage, professional massage and sensual bodywork.

We are polite, nice, sexy and have the right sexy attitude to deliver a passionate massage. Yes, we perform a sensitive massage and achieve some true intimate connection with you.

Quality time massage is erotic?

Not always —meaning not with random ladies. But with us you know it is for sure! Erotic tantric massage is a special service. Not all therapy masseuses wish to deliver this service though.

Don’t hire just any therapy masseuse. She might resist to undress. She might not want to touch you on intimate areas of your body. Not to mention she never heard about lingam massage. And happy ending feels like an insult to all therapy masseuses!

“I ordered a random therapist. I am an attractive guy so I thought she’d give in to some more intimate tricks. She did not, and I wasted a lot of money. Now I prefer being safe by ordering professional erotic masseuses”.

Quality time massage and escorts

Not all masseuses have the talents. Especially escorts don’t have the patience to deliver a longer massage session. Escorts prefer to rush you to climax and go for the next bloke.

As the opposite to escorts, erotic masseuses are used to deliver hour long massage sessions though. We know where to start, how to massage you, and we master tantric massage protocols.

For some reason we have the right training for all this! During our massage session you’ll experience a wide range of erotic stimulation.

Quality time massage techniques

What are the techniques we use? Well there is an almost endless list of massage grips, all of them sensual and erotic.

Since all of these are for your sexual excitement, you can expect to achieve climax.

Also many climaxes during the 75, 90 and 120 minutes naked massage sessions.

Book your quality time massage

Planning ahead of time has many benefits. Especially if you prefer of a specific masseuse!

Choose your sexy lady masseuse here:

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SMS: +34618580708

See you soon in Barcelona!

Erotic massage in Madrid

If you are visiting Madrid you can also check

Gentlemen who need a massage

Gentlemen need massage

Gentlemen need massage and oftentimes don’t know where to start. Local newspapers? Those crumbled flyers they get at a street corner? Taxi drivers handing flyers from cheap Chinese massage  parlours?

Nowadays most of businessmen are using the internet and the search engines to find the best erotic massage. Wherever they are. In their hometown, in a foreign city for a Congress. Or visiting an exposition abroad.

Search engines offer an amazing variety of results and options. Browsing through all of them might be a tedious task though!

Just looking for a cheaper massage —meaning 1 to 10 € cheaper— is absurd. Did you ever find yourself deciding between a 200 € massage and a 199 € massage?

When you need a tantric massage you need some premium quality service.

Cheaper services are not reliable. Non punctual, dirty ladies, sometimes too old, fat women, amateur housewives. You name it!

You also like to choose your lady!

We are only showing real pictures, recent pictures from genuine erotic masseuses:

Check and choose!

Gentlemen need massage now

You just dropped your bags onto the hotel bed. You feel like needing a massage. Urgently!

Easy: call us now and we will be at your door just within the time you take a shower.

Call +34618580708 now!

Gentlemen need massage tonight

It’s never too late to try. We are extremely busy around 11 PM and after this time. Anyway, try to call us and check if we still have a wonderful lady for you!

Erotic massage is perfect before going to sleep. You will achieve the needed relaxation. After releasing you will be even unable to take a shower!

Wake up tomorrow with re-fueled energy, strong and with all the focus on your professional efficiency.

Erotic bodywork for gentlemen

Our massage therapists team is not the biggest one in Barcelona. But the most passionate. And the most professional ladies. Choosing the right staff is key to success.And of course the key to the satisfaction deserve!

Our customers are doing a word of mouth that has no price. Many businessmen visiting Barcelona already fly in with our phone number in their contacts.

We are earning the best massage reviews. All of our ladies are absolutely wonderful, expert in erotic massage grips. This job is our calling! You will absolutely notice!

“Such an intimate skin on skin job as yours needs the vey specific attitude. You job is not easy! Thank you for giving me this amazing experience!”

Gentlemen who book a massage

It is as easy as this: just choose the lady you like and call to set up our meeting!

Choose here:

Then call +34618580708

You can also send us an SMS with specific instructions: SMS +34618580708

In the form of:

Hi, I’m Peter! I’d like to have a massage by Helena at 11 PM. I’m in Hotel Xxxxxxxx room 1234. Willing to enjoy the 330 € 90 minutes extremely erotic massage! Thank you!

This kind of messages are highly efficient and save a lot of time! Especially if you need a last minute massage!

See you soon in Barcelona!

Mindful touch

Mindful touch

Mindful touch is a characteristic of tantric massages. The erotic bodywork gets absolutely different and unconventional when mindfulness is used. The techniques for mindfulness are varied and each of our professional masseuses is using them in her personal ways.

Mindful touch

We treasure mindful touch for a very simple reason. It is a very uncommon experience. Oftentimes we are just practising regular sex in a mechanical way. Not as robots but without the awareness. Tantric massages are about the awareness of who, where and when we are together with somebody. Somebody special though.

While you are on a business trip it is difficult you meet somebody special though. Special not for just one night but for a longer time.

You might not have the emotional space to have a second life or a mistress.

This is why you want to hire an erotic masseuse. Not just for a quickie massage though. But for some mindful massage. You want it to be a special time to share.

Mindful touch and Tantra

Tantric traditions are based on awareness. Awareness is not only a technique but an attitude. It needs to have some interest and some will. Some will to be aware and to share this special and so intimate skin on skin communication.

We want to stress that all of us have a specific training for tantric massage. We master a great range of techniques, knowledge and sensual wisdom.

Furthermore, our sensual bodywork will allow you to enjoy some really special time with us.

Forget all your worries, your stressful life and dive into a really nice body to body contact.

Erotic mindful touch

Our attitude towards sensual massage is always the mindful and the responsible one though. We don’t like to work like robots do. It is relevant for us to say that this is our calling.

You can’t offer this intimate massage service if you don’t care about this job.

Mindfulness is about communication.

“I felt an instant click. I was connected to you as I rarely feel to other women. You do an amazing job!”

Book your mindful touch massage

Don’t call too late. Don’t risk our availability because after 10 PM we are having many more calls than what we can actually serve. We usually get booked out about 11 PM.

Be safe and plan ahead to choose your favourite masseuse!

Call erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

Or send us an SMS: +34618580708

Here you can choose your mindful masseuse:

See you soon!

Businessmen visiting Barcelona

Businessmen visiting Barcelona

Businessmen visiting Barcelona usually need a massage. Though not just any massage or whatever massage. Our customers are gentlemen who are used just to have the best quality massage service. Indeed.

Because most of the businessmen visiting Barcelona have a packed agenda. Filled up with endless meetings, lunch, dinner, networking. Smiling to everybody until you get really tired.

Before you know you are alone in your room again. Silence took over. Though dreaming of our blissful massage!

That’s when you plot a nice quality time for you: call us.

Erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

While we take a taxi to your hotel you can have your shower. You can even open a nice bottle of wine —we are not drinking though, we are on duty.

We will be happy to greet you in your robe! That’s sexy!

And this is where you can see us:

All our photos are genuine, real and recent. If you ask for Helena it’s Helena serving you. If you prefer Mia, it’s Mia herself.

Yes, we are a honest massage service. First off, we focus on quality massage. And we are reliable as well.

Businessmen visiting Barcelona

Barcelona is a touristic city. It has become one of the most attractive leisure destinations. Though it has always been a very dynamic city for all kinds of business. Fashion industry, engineering, stocks, chemical industry and pharmaceutical laboratories for instance. Its port is also becoming a transportation hub for the Mediterranean sea. Architecture, design, just to mention a bunch of them.

What about all the Michelin stars and the quality cuisine Barcelona can offer you throughout the year.

Barcelona is a busy city during the whole year though. Worldwide expositions as the MWC Mobile World Congress, Alimentaria and an endless number of medical congresses.

On top of that, all the international tourism visiting us!

Premium businessmen visiting Barcelona

Gentlemen visiting Barcelona for whatever reasons are usually high class men. Men who have a high education and cosmopolitan politeness.

Our customers know how to differentiate a good massage from an excellent massage. And this is why they always come back to us.

Quality is not an option for many of our dear customers. They might find cheaper massage services, but after the first appointment they call back. This happens, and many of them tell us openly.

“Hell, I thought price is something random. Not with you! And I just can’t give up quality! You are younger team, nicer, sexier and more expert. I don’t like to be touched just by anybody, so I’m coming back to you”.

“Cheap stuff is not an option for me. I have traveled a hundred times around the globe so now I know how tricky those cheap massages can be!”

Businessmen visiting Barcelona need massage

There are many circumstances when you need an excellent massage. After a long trans-oceanic flight, for instance.

You arrive about midnight to your hotel. And you can’t sleep. It’s about 6 PM in New York.

“After your amazing massage I just disconnected. I only woke up the next morning feeling like inside a new body!”

Stress is another frequent reason though. The perfect remedy for tensions is our massage.

And releasing massage is an even better option. As you know we include happy ending massage in our services.

Book your massage now

Don’t risk our availability calling too late. After 10 PM we are having an amazing load of calls. So we get booked out about midnight. And that’s exactly when everybody thinks of us!

Plan ahead, be safe and choose your favourite masseuse!

Call erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

Or send us an SMS: +34618580708

Here you can choose your lady masseuse:

See you soon!

Barcelona memories

Barcelona memories are a few massage testimonials we earned from our customers.

Because our massage service is making part of the nicest memories of many visitors to our city. Beyond Sagrada Família, the shopping boulevard Passeig de Gràcia and its Gaudí signature buildings. Besides your “must” gastronomical experiences, Picasso Museum, Fundació Miró and other cultural events in Barcelona you’ll need some time for you.

So some time for intimacy. Because you need release from all the effort and tensions.

Barcelona memories

“I have been many times in Barcelona. Both for holidays with my spouse and also on business. I can always learn many new sites and things. This time I met you ladies!”

“This city has changed drastically after your 1992 Olympics. Back then your service did not exist. So thank God you are here now to release me!”

First time Barcelona memories

“My first time in your city has been like a blessing. So many new things, so many fascinating sites! Excellent cuisine! Nice architecture. A really cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. And then you. I never enjoyed such a talented team of masseuses”.

“Barcelona seduced me. Also thanks to your amazing company. The lady you suggested offered me an amazing massage. I didn’t know massages can be this wonderful!”

Erotic Barcelona memories

“My friends warned me: Barcelona can be a jaw-dropping city! Hell I don’t know about the city! But you ladies are not just that but also bewitching!”

“The Ramblas area is known for a certain scoundrel atmosphere. Many peep-shows, brothels from low cost to really expensive ones. And just in the right spot, right in the middle there are you. Perfect price, elegant service, wonderful massage!”

“My assistant thinks I have a mistress here. Well I could say I have ten of them! I always change my flight connections so I can stay one day in Barcelona”.

“Talented masseuses are rare. Like a jewel, it was hard to find you, but at last I can trust your excellent service. It shows this is your calling ladies!”

New Barcelona memories

There are constantly new memories about Barcelona and its unique universe of sensations and experiences.

So maybe your next special memory is about our tantric massage service! We are here in Barcelona.

Check our masseuses team today:

We have some very good friends over in Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia. So check them as well! Because they are creating some really wonderful memories for their customers as well!

Erotic massage in Madrid

Erotic massage in Ibiza

Book your Barcelona memories

Besides, it is as easy as contacting us the way it feels most convenient to you:

Call +34618580708

SMS +34618580708

Or check also our e-mail address on contact for long term reservations (more than one day ahead of time)

See you soon in Barcelona!

Last minute appointment

Last minute appointment

Last minute appointment for your best erotic massage in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. Learn the most effective way to book your massage and get served in the blinking of an eye!

Scroll down directly to check it quickly!

Last minute appointment and true ETA

We know ETA is relevant in many occasions. We understand you are in a hurry and we understand there is some time pressure on you.

Our availability is changing constantly, minute by minute.

Whenever you make your request for our tantric massage we will be able to answer who is available at that given time and how fast she can be at your door.

Our outcall massage service works this way. Honest!

We also know how relevant it is to you to know the real and true ETA.

“That other service answered with a quick “yes to everything”. It all sounded a bit too quick and too easy. Of course it was not true. Their lady was not the one in the pictures and on top of all that she did a really tasteless massage”.

“Your phone valet is honest and tells the truth. I need the truth, not just whatever, even if it is what I don’t want to hear. Guys, I need to plan my life!”

Last minute appointment

We are all aware of what “last minute call” means. There is some urgency included in this concept. Some special issues might be involved.

  • A change of flight
  • A meeting is delayed
  • You are free earlier than you thought
  • You have an unexpected time gap
  • Your stay in Barcelona got shortened

There are almost infinite reasons to request a last minute massage. Yours might be even more special!

Trust us because we want to serve you!

Last minute versus planning ahead

We always prefer planned appointments, for sure! All of us, you as well!

Booking in advance is always the safer option. In all departments of business and life.

When it comes to erotic massage this is especially true if you wish to request a specific lady.

Last minute calls are risking the availability if you chose a very specific lady. Nevertheless, try and call to check if she is still free by any chance!

So, sometimes planning ahead is not possible for many reasons. Though as we said, we understand it!

Last minute massage appointment

Gentlemen who need a massage urgently know how to contact us in a very fast and safe way. We answer immediately!

How to request your last minute appointment

As easy as sending us an SMS! Please include all this information. It might seem redundant but some hotel chains have like 5 hotels with the same name in just one city.

  • Desired appointment time
  • Massage menu you wish (choose among different massage prices)
  • Desired erotic masseuse name
  • Hotel
  • Street address
  • Room number
  • Your name

As easy as this!

Book now!

Wait no longer!

Time to call us! Time to send your personal SMS with instructions.

SMS: +34618580708

Don’t forget to check our full website. You’ll be much safer if you do it before the last minute is pressuring you!