Massage prices

Massage Prices

Massage Prices for erotic massage in Barcelona.

As you will immediately see, you can choose among many different therapies!

For example Relaxing massage, Prostate massage, body to body massage. And all of them including lingam massage!

If you wish you can also include happy ending. Easy to choose because the price always includes your final release.


Relaxing Massage

150 € — 45 minutes

Find again your calm and serenity during this session. You will finally empty your mind from trouble to find some release from tensions. Breathe deeply and lay back. So let us work on your body until you awake to sensuality. You will enjoy a long time of bliss and also an amazingly sweet happy ending.

Only serving this menu between 11 AM and 6 PM. After this time demand increases and we get frequently booked out!

Erotic Massage

200 € — 60 minutes

Do you want it to be spicier maybe? Then choose a spicier massage with a loner time of body to body massage. You can also decide wether to enjoy or not Prostate Massage. Just let us know!

Extremely Erotic Massage

250 € — 60 minutes

So this is the ultimate erotic experience! The highest sexual stimulation without ever using oral sex nor penetration! Also including all features of Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage and much much more!

We think all these massage fees make sense because they correspond to a variety of different service options.

Additional massage prices

This is the most popular bodywork session we are serving these days! Introducing the extended Extremely Erotic Massage. This session reaches the 90 minutes without you ever noticing that all this time is over! This happens because gentlemen often loose perception of time during this longer and intense massage session.

So you have two choices —everybody wants the second!

Option A: 300 €

Though this is an amazing massage, very hot and delightful, there’s one thing missing. And precisely what makes the option B really sensational!

Option B: 350 €

These 50 € make a really big difference! It’s easy to understand since in this version of our amazing body to body massage you are also allowed to touch the lady you choose. That’s what we call “interactive massage”. Namely mutual caressing is the core element for understanding the true Tantric experience!

Finally, choose your preferred therapy and contact us to set up a meeting!

Extra massage fees

You can also add some additional services if you fancy specific features. Though please don’t forget to call us to discuss them in detail!

Call or send us an SMS!

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