Massage for couples

Massage for couples is the most special experience to share with your significant half. Your girlfriend, spouse or long time relationship deserves to share some very intimate moments. Erotic massage is able to re-connect you or to even deeper in your sense of complicity.

Massage for couples

You can choose many different ways to be served. You can share one lady, you can have two ladies, or you can even choose a lady and a young man.

One masseuse for your couples massage

One therapist will be serving you the way you prefer: both of you at the same at what time do you wish to enjoy your massage? Or maybe first your spouse and then yourself? You can speak to your masseuse and set up the ideal session for your enjoyment.

330 € — 60 minutes

495 € — 90 minutes

660 € — 120 minutes

The erotic intensity and the features correspond to the naked Extremely Erotic massage menu.

Two masseurs for your couples massage

Two therapists will be serving you: two ladies or a lady and young man —or even two men if you wish. Each one of you will have a masseuse to enjoy an amazingly intimate massage. Sometimes the ladies accept to switch at halfway massage time. Sometimes not, so please ask to make sure!

460 € — 60 minutes

660 € — 90 minutes

920 € — 120 minutes

The erotic intensity and the features correspond to the naked Extremely Erotic massage menu.


  • * Erotic shower —in 90 and 120 minutes sessions
  • Taxis in Barcelona city center
  • Ladies are naked
  • You are allowed to touch your masseuse
  • Sensual massage
  • Full body massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Testicle massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Kamasutra Tantra positions
  • Happy ending

Individual massages

Therese are our individual therapies (for one person): Relaxing massageErotic massage or Extremely Erotic massage

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