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  • Tutorial: seducing a masseuse

    Seducing a masseuse is what many of our customers are trying before, during and after our erotic bodywork. Is the a special trick to get what you want? Is there a price? If there is, what is the price to seduce us? How far can we go? These are my personal experiences. Some of my fellow […]

  • Naturist massage

    Naturist massage is one of the most special massage therapies! As special as being naked for you: for your eyes and also for your touch! What is a naturist massage? To start with, therapeutic massages can have a plain physical healing effect on your body. While naked massage has a much different effect on your mind […]

  • Sensual stroke

    Sensual stroke massage is about a soft, sweet and caring therapy. As you guess, tenderness is one very important aspect in erotic bodywork. While more and more gentlemen wish to enjoy a soft sensual stroke. Sensual stroke and tenderness Our daily lives are usually filled up with stress, non stop meetings and appointments. Then business lunch […]

  • Seducing tricks

    Seducing tricks deserve books and books about all sorts of strategies. One of the most famous is “The Method”, which sees us ladies an object. Smart gentlemen have wiser tricks though! Besides, please don’t forged we are offering erotic massage. So we know a bit about seducing men! Don’t forget to read our previous post “seducing […]

  • Massage complicity

    Massage complicity

    Massage complicity happens when there is this special connection between you and your masseuse. This is a very intimate moment that can take you to a blissful moment. Tenderness, smile, this silent complicity and eroticism are the key elements to enjoy your best erotic Tantra massage ever. How do we do it? What is massage complicity? […]

  • Ejaculation control

    Ejaculation control is sometimes difficult for many men. Though other times it is just a matter to extend the time of sexual pleasure! Some men warn us before starting our massage session: “Be careful please. I can climax very easily!” We know the tricks to extend the pleasure. By avoiding your climax too soon we can […]

  • Edging massage

    Edging massage is technically known as “ejaculation control“. Why is this special erotic massage style so interesting to so many gentlemen? What is “edging massage”? Because many new words are frequently born from new habits or new products and services. This time around though we are focusing on a sexual practice that started together with online […]

  • Sweetness and sensuality

    Sweetness and sensuality are two key factors in erotic tantric massage. Learn how they affect the emotional skin on skin communication. First off we need to remind you that sweetness is rare in our lives. Rare as an attitude. Though also rare as a sensual way to communicate. How many times have we heard your wives […]

  • Secret fetish

    Secret fetish are common. Though since they are very personal, nobody speaks about them. That’s why they are well kept secrets! Fetishes are non mainstream practices. So they are considered as special, rare, sometimes forbidden. Other people use the word “perverted”, but of course they are not! Never in our eyes! The world of fetish is very […]

  • Nipples massage

    Nipples massage is one of the forgotten grips. Sadly forgotten, because this is one of the sexiest erotic tricks to turn a man on as hell. Go on reading and get sexually aroused by what we are going to tell you here! What is nipples massage Massaging your nipples is a very hot moment. If […]