Mindful touch

Mindful touch

Mindful touch is a characteristic of tantric massages. The erotic bodywork gets absolutely different and unconventional when mindfulness is used. The techniques for mindfulness are varied and each of our professional masseuses is using them in her personal ways.

Mindful touch

We treasure mindful touch for a very simple reason. It is a very uncommon experience. Oftentimes we are just practising regular sex in a mechanical way. Not as robots but without the awareness. Tantric massages are about the awareness of who, where and when we are together with somebody. Somebody special though.

While you are on a business trip it is difficult you meet somebody special though. Special not for just one night but for a longer time.

You might not have the emotional space to have a second life or a mistress.

This is why you want to hire an erotic masseuse. Not just for a quickie massage though. But for some mindful massage. You want it to be a special time to share.

Mindful touch and Tantra

Tantric traditions are based on awareness. Awareness is not only a technique but an attitude. It needs to have some interest and some will. Some will to be aware and to share this special and so intimate skin on skin communication.

We want to stress that all of us have a specific training for tantric massage. We master a great range of techniques, knowledge and sensual wisdom.

Furthermore, our sensual bodywork will allow you to enjoy some really special time with us.

Forget all your worries, your stressful life and dive into a really nice body to body contact.

Erotic mindful touch

Our attitude towards sensual massage is always the mindful and the responsible one though. We don’t like to work like robots do. It is relevant for us to say that this is our calling.

You can’t offer this intimate massage service if you don’t care about this job.

Mindfulness is about communication.

“I felt an instant click. I was connected to you as I rarely feel to other women. You do an amazing job!”

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