Naturist massage

Naturist massage is a very special massage therapy! As special as being naked for your: so for your eyes and your touch!

What is a naturist massage?

Therapeutic massages can have a plain physical healing effect on your body though. Naked massage on the other hand has a much different effect on your mind and your touch.

Because naked massage means you are nude. And us ladies are as well! So you will be able to watch our perfect and sexy bodies. And depending on the massage therapy you choose you will be also allowed to touch us.

Doesn’t this sound extremely sexy to you?

Sensual naturist massage

Sensual massage on the other hand are going a bit further. Our nude massage will be awakening your sexual energies.

The enjoyment gets much more intimate though. And your mind will be creating erotic fantasies that might come true in the next minutes. Right during your massage session!

Erotic naturist massage

Therapeutic massage and bodywork are just the starting of our tantric massage. Our erotic massage services are able to fulfil some of your hottest dreams though!

Erotic massage is pure enjoyment. And many other things not allowed in a therapy massage feel  natural, spontaneous and thus absolutely nice and enjoyable!

We include many erotic grips in our naturist massage sessions. There are just some of them:

Please check our different massage prices and choose the one according to your expectations!

 Outcall naturist massage

On top of all these, you have the privilege of being served in your hotel room. Yes, we travel to your location.

We include all taxi expenses in the city center of Barcelona and Ibiza!

Make it even more delightful by having us visiting you! It is a privilege! And we can tell you now you’ll have the massage experience you’re dreaming of!

Book your naturist massage

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