Outcall massage in Ibiza

Outcall massage in Ibiza

Enjoy the outcall massage in Ibiza during this summer! This is a very convenient service! You’ll save lots of time, taxis and stress.

If you like erotic massage this is the real thing! And the good news is you can have it right in your own hotel room.

This is why our name is Outcall massage in Ibiza!

Choose the independent masseuses. We all work together and we are no independent escorts. Out calling is erotic massage!

Check our website and see our personal and hot pics: www.ibiza-massage.eu

Outcall massage in Ibiza

Enjoy our lush massage therapy in your room. This is an absolutely private and discreet service. The only goal is your joy!

Ibiza is booming with tacky escorts this summer though. Protect your personal profile by hiring a professional masseuse instead of picking amateurs on the street. You’ll be much safer. Your health is also a relevant aspect you need to take care of.

You might be the kind of man who strives for quality. So good stuff is what you want to have around you! Then you need to and pick the right services carefully.

Tantra outcall massage in Ibiza

We are not only massage therapists. Our calling is sensual massage and erotic massage. We use a huge amount of Tantra massage techniques to improve and intensify your sexual excitement.

We are able tu build it this very intimate atmosphere right in your hotel room. We bring everything needed. From massage oils to massage creams, scent sticks, candles and even the right music.

Private massage parlors in Ibiza

We don’t work for massage parlors. Some of us (Mey and Gala) have a private massage studio though. So we can serve you at our places. Please call ahead of time to ensure our availability! We are constantly traveling back and forth to serve villas and hotels.

Massage prices in Ibiza

We can offer you a wide range of choices. Different massage types, from well-being massage to extremely erotic bodywork.

You can also enjoy our hot bodywork for different timings:

  • 60 minutes massage
  • 75 minutes massage
  • 90 minutes massage
  • 120 minutes massage

Prices are proportional.

Book your outcall massage in Ibiza

It is as easy as calling us or sending an SMS with your request. Whenever we are busy we hand the cellular phone to our assistant. He is a wonderful phone valet and he well hand you all the information you need. He knows us well so his recommendations are very accurate and honest.

Call +34618580708

SMS +34618580708

See you in Ibiza!

Please check www.eroticmassageibiza.com

If you are planning a visit to Barcelona please check www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

Enjoy our massage!

Outcall massage in Barcelona

Outcall massage in Barcelona is the ideal option for enjoyment. As you guess, outcall means we are traveling to your location.

We are never charging taxi expenses in Barcelona city. Please check out terms about taxi transports at the bottom of this page.

So we are a group of female masseuses. We are expert in many kinds of body massage. The best kept secrets of Tantric massage and nuru massage are in our hands.

We can also give you a peaceful and relaxing massage. And definitely an extremely hot massage therapy.

So check our private pictures and hot pics on female masseuses!

As you will see, our sensual massages range from very peaceful and relaxing to cat-like full bodywork with mutual touch.

Outcall massage in Barcelona

Outcall massage service is the ideal solution. Because your convenience, your comfort and your time do matter to us!

So let us come to your door to visit you. We are offering you the best erotic massage you’ll ever have! We get amazing reviews on our job!

Erotic outcall massage in Barcelona

Consequently our erotic bodywork includes many techniques that will take you to an amazing state. Sexual excitement, with release and also the blissful happy ending.

Not to mention we are using Tantra techniques and nuru massage grips for our hot bodywork. Also including prostate massage if you wish! So with us you will enjoy a long session of pleasure.

Right in your room! This way you’ll be saving taxi expenses, time and effort.

Adding to this place have in mind you can fall asleep in your own bed!

Check our different options and massage prices.

Taxi expenses for outcall massage

Taxis are always included in inner city travels. All of us ladies are living in the city center. This way we are close to the main and to the best hotels in Barcelona.

Please understand we need to pay more expensive taxi trips when traveling outside the city center though. Or just far from the center. Hotels as the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I is far from Plaça Catalunya, as you already know. Also AC Marriott, Princess Hotels or Diagonal Zero at the Forum area.

We get many requests from the Airport area hotels. BAH Barcelona Airport Hotel and Trip Hotel at the airport also need a specific Feelings for the transportation. Please call us anyway. You will be very happy with our deal!

Book your outcall massage now

Don’t wait! Because the sooner you book the safer you’ll be!

Finally, choose your lady on www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

The call or send us an SMS with your request:

Contact us!

See you tonight!

Erotic outcall massage

Erotic outcall massage

Erotic outcall massage is the ideal Tantra massage! First off, our outcall massage service is the most reliable service in Barcelona and Ibiza.

We also have a massage parlour. Though we can also offer you the special privilege or having us visit you in your hotel room.

Erotic outcall massage

Erotic massage means the sensual massage goes a bit further than just sweetness. We also use tender massage grips though. But the temperature goes beyond massage nuru.

We will take you very close to climax. And you will maybe feel the need to ejaculate.

Tantra Erotic outcall massage

Tantric massage is a very special therapy. You surely know what it is about. You are welcomed to read more about it on our erotic Tantra massage post.

The fact we are serving it as an outcall service makes it even more interesting. Furthermore, even sexier and with many additional benefits.

  • Save time
  • Save taxis
  • Be comfortable at all times
  • Fall asleep in your own bed

Many gentlemen also tell us they feel safe not exposing themselves in dubious massage studios.

“I was shocked when I met this customer of mine! He was sitting in the waiting room of that massage parlour! We both felt really ashamed!”

Seems like it happens though!

Just enjoy all of the benefits of erotic asian massage, tantric massage, intimacy and privacy!

Body to body massage

We also include many body to body massage techniques. We will rub our bodies against yours using nuru gel, massage oils and body creams. All first quality products indeed.

Book your outcall massage

Because it is as easy as calling us or sending us an SMS.

Contact us!

Please check our website and choose the female therapist you prefer: www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

If you are in Ibiza pelase visit erotic massage in Ibiza!

And if you are in Madrid choose them among www.hotelmassagemadrid.com

See you soon!

Summer massage

Summer massage

Summer massage is different from the winter massage styles. We feel different stuff during the warmest and the hottest time in the year. Both emotionally and physically. So massage therapy should adapt to our mood!

Even sensual massages need a different approach in summer!

Summer massage means…

Ladies get suddenly slimmer, and not so suddenly sexier… Summer also means hot, warm weather and more outdoor activities. Summer means holidays and trips to distant destinations. Maybe a trip to an island? Ibiza?

Maybe a trip to a coast city like Barcelona.

This is just the starting point for a whole new concept of what a summer therapeutic massage should be.

Because massage envy rises together with the sensuality you feel on your skin… and on some other private body areas.

Summer massage in Ibiza

Having your holidays in Ibiza is a privilege. And you know it! Nightlife in Ibiza is boosting. And during the day, the small beaches called “calas” and their crystal clear water do the rest.

Just to top it: why not treating yourself to the ultimate and most blissful massage?

Eroticism and release will help you enjoy Ibiza even more intensely.

Our best erotic masseuses landed on Ibiza in May just to serve you during June, July and August.

Please check their pictures here: www.ibiza-massage.eu

You can call or SMS us here as well: +34618580708

All of us ladies are licensed massage therapists. On top of that we have the right and sexy attitude to serve horny men!

“Ibiza is not ibiza without having a massage with Mey!”

Summer massage in Barcelona

Barcelona is a growing touristic city. Maybe the biggest on the Mediterranean sea. For sure the best prepared to serve many different approaches to holidays enjoyment. Millions of tourists coming from the whole world are discovering the magic of Barcelona. Of course there is much more than Gaudí and Sagrada Familia. The streets, nightlife in Barcelona, amazing restaurants… you name it!

Maybe you did not know how excellent erotic massage is in Barcelona. Especially our team! We are the best trained massage ladies and the sexiest ladies offering erotic Tantra massage in Spain!

“Indeed you are the best team in Spain. You are “the” erotic massage service for outcall. I tried many of your ladies. Amazing!”

Summer massage for outcall

When visiting countries abroad you usually stay at nice hotels. Barcelona and Ibiza have really wonderful and high quality luxury hotels.

Outcall massage service is the best option not to miss the topping on the perfect holidays.

We are a specific service for outcall and massage to apartments. We are bringing along everything needed to deliver the best erotic massage experience ever.

We have a specific massage therapy program to satisfy different expectations. Just check our massage menus and massage prices.

Trust us and indulge into the sexy bodywork you desire.

You can also request a gift certificate to please your best friend, your husband, your wife…

Book your summer massage

For once just ignore sports massage and Swedish massage. Choose something soft but extremely sexy! And pleasing! And satisfying!

Check more specific information on www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

Please feel free to cal us if you have whatever question: +34618580708

This is the same number for express SMS booing: +34618580708

See you soon!

Love, sex and company

Love, sex and company

Love, sex and company are three different things. We sometimes assume they come together in the same package. To many men —and ladies— they are separate experiences.

And sometimes we need three different people to have them all!

Love, sex and company

Three different feelings. Three different people, sometimes!

“I have a lover. She is perfect for sex! But just for sex!”

“My wife takes care of me, she is the best company. We are like best friends though”.

“I feel alone and need some intimate company soon”.

“I just want it all in one lady. That’s why I go pro”.

Some men tell us though:

“One thing contains the other, like in those Russian Matryoshkas. Because love contains sex, and sex contains company”.

You can have it in different orders as well.

Enjoy love, sex and company

We know many men just want one aspect of a romantic relationship. It depends very much on the moment though.

“I am feeling horny today. So not really talkative!”

That’s a nice moment to order our erotic Tantra massage!

“You know, I’m craving for some sweetness, some company, but not that regular and effort intense sex though”.

Perfect day for a massage! We can be very sweet, caring and tender. Just as a good friend who can give you exactly the kind of massage you are dreaming of.

“I don’t want sex. Can you understand this? I just want some company. I need to talk to a nice lady”.

No pressure! We can be there in the blinking of an eye!

Love, sex and company for out-call

We work as out-call masseuses. We are used to travel to the best hotels in Barcelona. During this summer we are also in Ibiza, serving the most luxurious hotels, villas and “fincas” on the island.

Massage in Barcelona

Please visit our website and choose the perfect company for you among all of us: www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

Massage in Ibiza

Are you having your special holidays in Ibiza? Just check us out and choose the lady you prefer: www.eroticmassageibiza.com

You’ll love all of us!

“I had a hard time choosing a lady among all of you sexy beauties!”

Call us +34618580708

Or send us an SMS: +34618580708

See you in a while!

Massage at hotel PortaFira

Massage at hotel PortaFira

Massage at hotel PortaFira needs just 5 minutes more to get there. As we are offering out-call massage we need to use a taxi to travel to your location.

So Hotel PortaFira is a bit outside Barcelona, in l’Hospitalet. Gentlemen frequently call us to enjoy our massages at this excellent hotel.

Massage at hotel PortaFira

This wonderful and trendy hotel is a bit outside Barcelona city. You already know how much a taxi might cost you. Especially if you want to visit any place in Barcelona city center.

And now you are finally back in your room you feel a bit lazy. Or it’s too late maybe. Or —what the hell!— you just want a sexy lady to knock at your door. Because you are craving to enjoy our wonderful massages!

Call us so we can be there on time!

Erotic massage at hotel PortaFira

Though your hotel —and many others— have an excellent in-house massage service.

Right now it’s already close —until tomorrow.

You know what? Law does not allow any hotel to offer sensual massages of any kind. Not to mention erotic massage. And even worse if you are thinking about “happy ending” massages!

Because Spanish law does not allow Hotels to offer intimate services of any kind.

This is why all the gentlemen who need some special massage are calling us.

Out-call massage at hotel PortaFira

As you can see, out-call massage services are really convenient. Because we solve a lot of aspects that in-house spa massages can’t. Sensuality, eroticism, climaxing. Also the highest discretion!

You can also use your credit card. Just ask for the machine in advance.

Call us and book a session. Book ahead of time if you want to be safe. Especially if you fancy a specific lady.

Don’t risk it! You don’t want anybody else to reserve her! So call now!

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a frequent request. It is one of our specials! Don’t hesitate and order it! We are the best and the most expert ladies in Barcelona!

It is time for you now to lay back and enjoy!

Order your massage

It is as easy as picking the phone and talking to us! You can also send us an SMS with specific instructions. We will answer immediately.

Check all of our ladies here: www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

See you in a while!