Outcall Tantric massage

Outcall Tantric massage is this convenient service. So directly to your hotel room. No hassle, no traffic, no time wasting around the city.

Tantric massage in a studio

Usually customers are asking for tantric massage in a studio or a massage parlour though.

The reason is not because it is more convenient. The true reason is the inertia or the tradition. Want a massage? So go to a studio. The regular answer with no thinking. Automated.

There are several studios in Barcelona and Madrid. Different decoration styles, from Buddhistic to New Age, from cheap to luxury. Pictures online can make you think you’ll be visiting an amazing spa, though the real thing is far from this.

“I could hear the customer in the next massage box. He was groaning so loud he ruined my own massage”.

Though we are now more and more often thinking out of the box. Tantric massage deserves the right atmosphere. And your full attention as well!

Outcall Tantric massage

So outcall massage is more and more the most frequent choice.

We can set up the same atmosphere in your hotel room. Candles, sandal, soft music, dimmed light. And of course the right ambiance of intimacy.

Your hotel room is the most private place. No cams, no disturbing sounds you can hear through the walls.

On top of all this, you can feel like home. So the space feels much more familiar and intimate.

And you have the amazing freedom of staying there after the massage session is over. Lay down, relax, forget about the world. Then you will be also free to take a shower much later. Many of our customers tell us they just fell asleep.

Erotic outcall Tantric massage

Tantric massage is almost a synonym of erotic bodywork. It is not always though! There are many Tantric “dakinis” who hardly tough you —and hardly let you touch them bach either. They do a very ritualised experience though. Only breathing techniques and Yoga positions are used. The “happy ending” is a fast masturbation coming “out of the blue”.

Our bodywork is extremely erotic. Very sensual, very hot. Our job is a new massage concept for your excitement, for your sexual stimulation and your sexual delight.

Meet us and you will enjoy an amazingly sexy massage. Of course all the wisdom and all our techniques are tantric, but our attitude is a very hot one.

“This has been an amazing experience. And the best massage I have ever had, not to mention in a hotel”.

Book your outcall Tantric massage

It is as easy as sending us an SMS with your request.

Please let us know at which hotel you are staying, the desired time for our appointment, and choose a massage price.

SMS: +34618580708


See you soon in Barcelona!