Pleasure of torture

Pleasure of torture is one of the core the essences of erotic massage! We call it “torture” but of course this is just an intriguing way to describe it.

Pleasure of torture

Pleasure and torture are close by. As love and hate.

Torture is about stretching the pain beyond your limits.

We won’t stretch any pain but the ticklish feeling of being about to climax. One of the main Tantra techniques is controlling ejaculation.

Erotic pleasure of torture

By doing so the time of your sexual pleasure gets much much longer and you will be enjoying sexual excitement for a much longer time than regular sex.

Please note escorts don’t torture. They give you the release as fast as possible and go for the next.

We work on you for one hour at least! You can also have 75, 90a and 120 minutes sessions. Many men are unable to avoid ejaculation for so long but are able to climax many times. Read our post about double climax massage!

Amazing pleasure of torture

“Your bodywork is just amazing! I don’t know how you do that but you push all my buttons!”

We are trained masseuses. We know all about massage and all about erotic massage. Some of us use Tantra massage techniques, Oriental massages and other sensual strokes and grips.

All these are to provide you with an extremely long lime of enjoyment.

The ultimate pleasure of torture

Our longest massage sessions can take you to a very high level of excitement.

“I felt I was “high” as in “stoned”! Or call it trance! Incredible!”

Yes, our customers get really high levels of sexual excitement. This is the result of our wisdom about eroticism and the art of sexual rituals.

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