Secret fetish

Secret fetish are common. Though since they are very personal, nobody speaks about them. That’s why they are well kept secrets!

Fetishes are non mainstream practices. So they are considered as special, rare, sometimes forbidden. Other people use the word “perverted”, but of course they are not! Never in our eyes!

The world of fetish is very personal, though always legitimate. And it deserves all respect!

What is fetish?

Vocabulary is an asset of culture. And it surely evolves with time. In just a dozen years we have evolved from the word “perversion” to “fetish”.

Nowadays professional slang is using the word “paraphilia”.

Wikipedia though still says they are “abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities”.

It is not always like this!

Licking a lady’s foot is not a dangerous activity. Nor the preference of being tied up in straps.

Secret fetish

Most of our customers have some secret desires. Many men are really shy and don’t dare to share them with us. A few gentlemen though dare to say what they like.

We can only help this way!

Because honesty takes you where you want to go.

With us you are safe! We never share the private comments. This is strictly private and as secret as you are keeping it.

“I can feel you are professional and you know about all these stuff I like”.

Secret fetish massage

We are able to include some fetishes in our massage therapies. Please be aware we don’t always have all the instruments needed. We got some masks, dildos and some feathers and high heels though.

Depending on the fetish you have you’ll need to buy some extra objects, or even scents, and bring them along.

We have a great respect for all kinds of fetish. We also have our own and our personal and individual fetishes though. As you already guessed! Blink!

Secret fetish eroticism

The goal of our erotic massage is sharing eroticism. Delivering a really sensual experience, or a very sexy experience is our goal.

We are able to match many of your expectations. Please share them with our phone valet. This way we will also be able to suggest the right masseuse to match your erotic fantasies!

“You suggested a lady whose picture I did not like at the first glance. But hell was she expert! And really hot! Thank you so much!”

Secret fetish booking

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See you soon!

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