Sensual experience

Sensual experience as a part of erotic bodywork. This is something most of gentlemen are craving for. Literally! And every day!

Because human beings need sweetness, skin contact and the feeling of genuine caring. On a daily basis though. Exactly as we need some minimum hours of sleep, intimate contact is also necessary.

How can we have this if we are far from home?

“My wife is thousands of miles away. And I don’t want to feel guilty!”


Sensual experience

Sensuality is a world of feelings difficult to describe. Basically it is about skin contact. But there is much more.

The sweet attitude of your professional masseuse is the key. You’ll like to feel you are genuinely served though. By someone who cares, who is doing a brilliant job.

Expressing sweetness and sensuality needs some training. And some talent!

Sensual massage experience

A massage is a very good choice if you are in the need of some intimate touch.

“I dont’ want escorts! I feel used and abused by them! They just rush me! I want some mindful touch, I need to take some time”.

Erotic masseuses master this very special feeling. You will see we take our time. So we don’t rush you to anything.

Tantric and sensual experience

Tantric massage is about mindful massage. Also about honest caring and control of climax. The longer the massage session the more intense your experience will be.

“You ladies know how to build up a genuine mutual touch. This is more than just massage. It’s much better!”

Awareness of the moment and place is also a relevant aspect. We will pamper you with almost no limits!

Under our hands you will be able to enjoy a true sensual massage. Even if you choose to achieve the happy ending you will not feel guilty. At all!

“I am proud to be true to my wife. Your sensual job is elegant, tasteful and delicate. I could say I just climaxed without any intimate touch”.

Of course every man reviews our job as a different experience. And each and every gentleman has his personal needs and his unique —though legitimate— limits and wishes.

Book your sensual experience

Now it’s the time for you. Time for some quality time, or, as many of our clients say “some me-time”!

Please check all of our ladies according to your location in Spain. Then call to make your booking. You are also welcomed to ask us whatever you need to know.

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