Sweet erotic massage is the new Tantric style

First off, the sweet erotic massage is our starting point as Tantra bodywork. Because sensual massages have a really amazing effect on both our bodies and our minds.

So take our hands and discover a new landscape in massage!


Sweet erotic massage

“I just want a very sweet massage. tender, caring, soft and peaceful”.

Yep, this is how we start, and this is also how we can perform our erotic massage for you until the last minute os the session. You can also choose the time length and decide if you wish to experience an increasing erotic intensity during your session.

Benefits of erotic massage

Besides, most gentlemen’s daily lives lack of intimacy and real tenderness.

“I’m having sex with my wife on a daily basis. But it is usually a “quickie” before going to sleep. I am craving for some more dedication”.

Our sweet Relaxing massage is also elaborate. Additionally, there are these interesting aspects involving this peaceful massage.

  • Sensual stroke
  • Awareness of touch
  • Mutual awareness
  • Peace
  • Sensual ambiance
  • Professional massage
  • Full body massage
  • Naked massage

There are many more grips and techniques that can be used though. We are detailing them all in our specific massage menus:

Check them and find the one you prefer!

Out-call massage service

One more benefit for you is your comfort. You don’t need to leave your hotel room to enjoy this amazing bodywork.

So we can visit you right in your hotel room.

This way you save time, stress and the money for taxis.

There are even more benefits!

While we travel you can answer your calls and e-mails. Your room is the perfect place to relax and get ready to enjoy a really smooth massage.

After your massage you’ll be home! So no need to shower immediately, no need to dress up again in a hurry , no need to hail a taxi.

This means that after your blissful massage you can stay in bed and maybe fall asleep. We know this is exactly what your body will be asking you. We can tell you now but you will understand it after our massage.

Book your sweet erotic massage

It is as easy as calling us!

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Go on checking our website for more details and also to choose the lady you prefer to serve you.

You can also check the updated database of new ladies on hotel massage in Spain!

See you soon!