Sweetness and sensuality

Sweetness and sensuality are two key factors in erotic tantric massage. Learn how they affect the emotional skin on skin communication.

First off we need to remind you that sweetness is rare in our lives. Rare as an attitude. Though also rare as a sensual way to communicate.

How many times have we heard your wives complaining about the lack of romantic dinners. These are usually the way a lady have to ask for some sweetness. And sensuality comes with sweetness.

Though it is relevant to say here that also housewives are one step behind their husbands’ expectations.

“I don’t know why I’m married! My wife is not sharing with me all the stuff Id’d like. To me sweetness and sensuality are relevant aspects in my intimate life“.

Sweetness and sensuality

Yet everybody knows the meaning of these two words. But using them as something we give to our partners is a whole different matter.

For instance stress, business life, job, family, commuting times. And all the other stuff packing our agendas is also leaving small space for some quality time. The so-called “me-time”.

Once you look back you’d maybe make different choices. On how to fill up your agenda. Or rather on how to free up your agenda!

Sweetness and sensuality massage

Sensual massages are exactly to alleviate this lack of tenderness. Sensual massage has lots of advantages, both emotional benefits and physical positive effects. Some people call them “side-effects” but they are not. They come immediately together as a result of our erotic bodywork!

Sweetness and sensuality grips

We always perform a very mindful massage. We use tantric awareness to give you a really special experience.

“Your massage is just awesome. Jaw-dropping!”

And many more!

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