Thong massage

Thong massage is when the massage therapist is wearing a thong. We are offering many types of massage, from sensual to extremely erotic.


Thong massage

Massage therapy has different features according tho the massage styles you can choose from.

Therapy massage

Therapy massage needs the therapist to be wearing a shirt and a pant. This massage style is performed on a massage table. Of course it is a strictly receiving massage. There is no interchange of caressing between you and the female professional. It is usually offered in massage parlours.

Sensual massage

Want it a bit sweeter? Well, sensual therapies achieve a smile on your face quite fast! It is a tender caressing though, performed by professional therapists who learned how to do this. This is the opposite of deep tissue massage.

Erotic massage

Want an even broader smile? Because erotic bodywork can be very stimulating! Erotic massage uses Oriental tricks and also some techniques taken from Thai massage.

Tantra massage

Tantra is a word associated with sacred sexuality. This massage style has an immense power to awaken your sexual energies. Oftentimes it gets so exciting that you can’t help but climaxing. Some therapists are using thai yoga massage positions.

Fetish massage

More and more men learn about their own unspoken secrets. High heels, foot job, domination, submission, underwear, leather, specific smells. You name it! Thong massage is a very requested feature.

And we are serving it! Please call us to discuss specific requests.

Thong massage

We will be wearing a very sexy thong. We do wear them for our Relaxing massage menu, for the Medium erotic or Prostate massage and we can leave it on for the Extremely erotic if you also wish to touch our bodies. You are free to remove our thongs on the naturist massage though.

Erotic Thong massage

Our thong massage can get really hot! We are not just therapeutic masseuses, we also have a very sexy attitude. This job is our calling and we really come up to all our service promises.

Call us and let’s speak about how you desire to be served! This will be your best erotic massage ever.

“I tried many services around the world. You guys always recommended the best lady for my specific requests. You are not just talented but reliable!”

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