Two hours massage

Two hours massage is the longest massage session we are offering nowadays. Though it is possible to stretch the session even to 3 hours. But let’s keep it this long for the time being. One of the reasons is the lady masseuse gets exhausted. We usually need to have a break and drink water every 90 minutes.

So what else is all included in a 120 minutes massage?

It is time now to take our hands. And follow us into an amazing landscape of sensual experiences! Finally! Yes, you deserve it.


Two hours massage

Oftentimes our customers tell us how stressed they are. Some say it with anguish, some others even with exhaustion.

“You know I’m so stressed in all departments of my life. Business and family both keep me working non stop, just for them. I need a break. A deep break. A total disconnection from everything. Some ‘me time’, as they say”.

And this is what we can give you.

The longer the massage session the deeper you will dive into a different ocean of peace and pleasure. It sounds obvious but we need to take some time to achieve these results.

Follow our steps, we will guide you into this amazing oasis of senses.

Where nothing else but you and me exists.

Two hours sensual massage

We always start with some sensual massage. The result is a very different bodywork from what you might be used to. There is no deep tissue, no pain and no stress.

All we do is peaceful and calm though. Because we want to build up a very intimate atmosphere.

The dimmed light, the scented sticks, the soft music and our whispering attitude. All these and more are seducing. It is like we are going to take you away from this world.

Two hours erotic massage

We use many erotic grips. Of course we will perform a massage, though a very soft and seducing one. The kind of bodywork that will get you aroused.

And wishing for more during all this time.

As you know, tantric massage uses the ejaculation control. It is relevant to stress this fact since this is the way we can achieve a much longer time of pleasure and enjoyment.

Though with us you can also achieve several orgasms, namely different kinds of climax. Clearly speaking, with and without ejaculation. They call it inner orgasms.

We use all the techniques we are describing on naked massage.

Please make sure to check all the massage prices and all the other massage options available.

You should have in mind we are an outcall massage service. Yet we can also offer you an erotic massage studio, but please call us with some advance.

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