Weird massage grips

Weird massage grips

Weird massage grips are the unusual things that can drive you crazy. Because they can take you to a state of ecstasy and bliss.

We can’t stress enough how sexy all the unusual massage grips feel on your tantric experience though!

All new staff has a new effect. New massage grips awaken new sensations.


New massage grips

Routine is the enemy of sensuality and bliss. It is a human asset that we are always curious to discover new things in life. Consequently, this is why we like to travel and see new landscapes and different cities.

That’s why we also like to socialise and meet new people. All this are doors to open new opportunities, new emotions and new satisfactions.

Most of the people also like to taste different cuisines from other places in the world. The reason is the same. Because we like to discover and enjoy new flavours that can literally transport us to other cultures. Knowledge gives us experience, and experience is a treasured asset to boost our personal cultural level.

And all the same happens with our sensual dimension. So try a new massage, a new therapist and a new way to enjoy intimate contact.

Weird massage grips

At the first moment all what is new might feel weird. The massage grips we are speaking here are not exactly weird though. But they can all make you feel a different sensual excitement!

The goal of our tantric massage is always your pleasure. So all we do on you will make you feel wonderful, loved, desired, pampered, taken care of.

The longer the session the higher the amount of grips and positions we can use on you.

Our weird massage grips

All of us have a relevant foundation on therapy massage. We will work on your feet, legs, back and shoulders. But the special grips are all these:

There are also many others. And we can finally combine all these with the vertical massage in the shower. The so-called erotic shower! This is a really hot experience!

Discover more weird massage grips

The regular one hour session is already a high quality and a very hot massage time. Nevertheless, the 75, 90 and 120 minutes sessions go much further. Further in the use of many other positions, interaction and massage grips.

What can we achieve with a longer session at what time do you wish to enjoy your massage? Well the atmosphere and the chemistry between you and your chosen therapist will get more and more intimate!

So now dare to explore this new world of bliss!

Prices of erotic massage

Finally, you have many different options. All of them have a different price, according to the erotic intensity you’ll achieve: check the best massage prices.

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