Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Yoni massage is the equivalent of a gross expression as “pussy massage”. Only that “yoni” means vagina or “pussy” in the ancient Sanskrit language.

Yoni massage

So this is the original way to refer to a very intimate massage done by a man on a woman. While the masseur is a man, the receiver is a lady.

We can also switch the roles slightly. Because many men who request a massage also wish to give something back to the masseuse.

It seems like we are getting more and more customers willing to massage our pussies.

It is okay with most of us, though not all the masseuses in our team are allowing it.

Please mention “pussy massage” when making your reservation.

We include this special feature in our extremely erotic massage therapies of 75, 90 and 120 minutes.

Yoni massage by a male masseur

Matt is a male masseur, and a straight male for more details. Matt is an amazing young man. A huge amount of the ladies he is serving fall in love with him. He is seducing and very expert though!

Matt is the best and the sexiest male masseur in Barcelona. His services are extremely elegant. Always safe, always discrete.

Matt is your safest bet in town!

Yoni massage by a female masseuse

We also have female customers. Very elegant ladies who really know what they want. And they also know how to ask for it.

We have no problem in serving ladies! Please call us and let’s discuss your personal fantasies and your wish-list. From there we will be able to choose the best massage therapist to fulfil your desires.

Yoni massage in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very gay destination, also for lesbian ladies! You can also call it “lesbian massage”. Again, please make sure the lady you request is doing it. The easiest way is calling us to ask who of us likes to do yoni massage!

If you are an elegant gentleman though and wishing to massage a lady’s intimate parts please feel free to call!


Yoni massage in Madrid

Lolita is a true bisexual massage therapist. She serves ladies and gentlemen visiting Madrid. Lolita will allow the most elegant men to also caress her intimate parts.

For ladies craving for a male masseur in Madrid we’d like to suggest Hugo and Dario. Let’s put both of them in just one word: amazing!


Yoni massage in Ibiza

Ibiza has the strange ability to get everybody extremely horny!

The best erotic massage in Ibiza is ours.


Ask us for our best yoni masseuses!

Yoni massage in Valencia

Valencia is a very special destination during the summer. And we have the best ladies here!

Try the best yoni massage in Valencia both for ladies and gentlemen!

Book your yoni massage

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Or send us an SMS to +34618580708 with the details of your request.

See you tonight!