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Erotic massage Barcelona


Camilla is extremely expert in performing the hottest body to body massage experiences..

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Erotic massage in your hotel in Barcelona

Having a massage right in your hotel room is a premium service. Learn more about erotic massage as well!

What is erotic massage?

This is a very special kind of massage. It is the special result of blending traditional —let's also say "legitimate"— massage techniques with a spicy attitude by the masseuse.

The foundation is "legitimate massage" but the end effect is a hot, sensual and daring "non-legitimate" massage experience.


Erotic massage Barcelona


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Eros and the myth of desire

The word "erotic" has to thank its origins in the Greek god Eros. "Eros" means "desire" in ancient Greek.

His Roman or Latin equivalent is Cupid. And we all know how Cupid was playing with his little arrows.

Eros and Erotic massage

The word "erotic" has become a way to describe feelings, situations and stimulations that arise desire.

Everything sweet, sensual, caring and sexually stimulating is therefore "erotic".

And our erotic massage is exactly this: a very special massage to awaken your desire.

Erotic massage and stimulation

 We have developed an amazing range of erotic grips that are exactly to have this effect on you: awaken your sexual desire.

Sexual desire has many beneficial effects on our bodies and mind.

This is where Tantra traditions come in very handy.

Erotic Tantra massage

 Tantra massage is another special universe of stimulation. Tantra has its own pace and its own goals. Disconnecting your mind, seeking the balance of the physical and the spiritual energies.

Erotic Tantra massage is about stretching the time of pleasure by controlling your ejaculation.

We know how to do that using several techniques we master. We can give you a 60 minutes massage, a 75, 90 or 120 minutes massage session.


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Erotic massage In Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city where you are about to enjoy many a privilege. From excellent signature cuisine to amazingly interesting architecture.

It's not all about tourism and business though.

Treat yourself to a very needed erotic massage. It's about time to enjoy some "me time"!


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Hotel service masseuse

Erotic massage in Barcelona


This young Spanish lady is a passionate and talented erotic masseuse. Extremely sexy pin-up...

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Erotic massage Barcelona

Erotic massage in Barcelona Erotic massage Barcelona