erotic hotel massage

Our service is performing erotic Tantric massage at your place, namely out-call

We will serve you at your hotel room or your apartment: our female masseuses travel wherever you are.

What is erotic hotel massage?

Our masseuses perform the erotic massage in your room. They proceed to your room with total discretion since they are no escorts. They dress as regular young ladies do.

Erotic hotel massage bodywork

Erotic massage is a special kind of bodywork, to fulfill your sensual and sexual pleasure without using conventional sex (penetration or oral).

You can achieve climax and ejaculate. The so-called "happy ending".

Erotic hotel massage time

Massages take at least 60 minutes. You can choose the 60, 90 or 120 minutes sessions.

Please check the different Massage menus and prices. From affordable massages to really lush therapies, from relaxing to extremely erotic.

We can serve you in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. During summer season summer 2019 we will also serve you in Ibiza.

Out-call massage Barcelona: service description

Our massage service is really easy to use. Booking is as easy as a phone call or sending an SMS text message following the simple instructions. Please follow the one step express booking here. Discretion is a must to us.

You will also find a description of the erotic massage itself.

1. Choose your lady

First of all please choose your perfect erotic masseuse among the best in Spain: select the city you are now: Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza/Eivissa, or Valencia. We can serve you in your hotel room.

In-call service is available in Barcelona (Helena, Mey, Lara and Nika), in Madrid (Lolita, Danuta and Eva) and in Ibiza (Camilla, Samantha and Natalie).

2. Choose your massage menu

We can offer you 3 different erotic massage intensities and 3 different session lengths. This makes a total of 9 individual massage options.

You can also choose to enjoy a massage with your spouse: one masseuse for each or sharing one lady for both of you? Check our couple massage menus.

3. At what time?

It is important to know at what time is the best for you. Please let us know your decisions, choices and preferences.

4. Massage description

You will find specific and detailed information about the protocols by checking the specific massage menus pages: Relaxing massage, Medium erotic with optional prostate massage, Extremely erotic massage, erotic shower. You cal also enjoy a couple massage sharing it with yous spouse, lover or friend.

5. No fake and no under-cover sexual service

If you wish to enjoy a massage, this is your place.

The erotic massage you are about to order is exactly what it is: erotic and sensual massage. No sex, no oral sex, no kind of penetration, no vaginal penetration, no anal penetration. We don't fool or trick hiding or promoting under-cover sexual services. Our masseuses are professional masseuses: trained and chosen for these specific assets: facial beauty, sexy body, amazing talent for expressing eroticism, foundation on therapy massage, education and a variety of spoken languages. And discretion.


You will enjoy an amazing massage with a happy ending or climax. The lady brings everything needed for the massage: oils, lotions, creams, hygienic one-use only and perfumed towels.

Have a shower after ordering and before welcoming the lady to your room.

The lady will set up the massage surface (the bed) and then you can lay down and relax. The lady will start her job and perform your desired massage menu during the time you told her: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

After the massage please allow the young lady to have a shower to rinse off her body the massage oil. She will dress up and leave so you can relax, go to sleep, have a shower, or whatever you decided to go on with your schedule

Our ladies will never force you into a conversation nor ask you about your private life.

See how easy it is! We think of your convenience only. It is simple to book, simple to understand and convenient to enjoy. You don't have to fill up no forms, use no credit cards. This way you can keep your profile unexposed. Our discretion is guaranteed.


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