Terms: please have in mind...

There are many things we always answer by the phone, SMS, whatsApp or by e-mail. These are important issues we'd like you to have in mind.

We assume you have read, understood and agreed them

We have no other goal than your satisfaction, pleasure and well-being. We deliver a very special and intimate service and we are aware of it.

This is why we’d like to explain here what criteria we use to guarantee discretion, your safety, advantage, satisfaction, respect and anonymity.


Erotic massage Barcelona Hotels

Please respect our ladies

It is relevant that you respect our ladies' limits and preferences. We know that to some customers it might feel hard to understand. Since this service is about sexual pleasure there might arise some misunderstanding. What you sure will imagine by now is that each and every young lady of our team have specific limits in our private sexual life. So also in our professional lives. We speak about job here.

Female sex masseuses are no prostitutes

We chose to be masseuses —thus no prostitutes. Different words for different jobs. None of us is going to change our job today. So don't try to convince us and don't expect a different service if you request a massage.

Full sex service

Please ask if a specific lady is performing escort service. Don't hire any of us assuming we are also offering escort services. Be honest when making your request! Some of us can adapt though.

No prostitutes

This is a very intimate service. But our erotic female masseuses are no prostitutes. They never perform oral, vaginal nor anal sex. Please respect their limits as they will also listen to your specific limits.

No price dealing

We never accept dealing our prices. Our girls are usually booked out. And please have in mind as well that taxis are included in our rates. We offer a premium and lush quality service for your satisfaction.


Please beware of amateur out-call massage services. They are not cheaper but even more expensive, just to fool you, but you will have to pay anyway. Even if you find their service is deceiving. There are more and more of them in Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid.

No unsolicited information

We never send unsolicited information, nor to your e-mail address nor to your phone number. If we miss your call we only send one SMS message offering you our help and just to inform we got your call.

Blocked cell numbers

We (logically) are unable to answer calls from blocked numbers in case we miss a call by serving a previous one. You are welcomed to call us from your hotel land line if you agree with this level of discretion.

In-call service

Only a few of our ladies have their private massage studio. Please call or ask us letting us know if you are in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Ibiza.

Only hotels

We focus our service on out-call massage for hotels and private apartments. Our service is extremely flexible and always focused on your convenience: time saving, money saving, reliability and of course discretion.


Since none of our female masseuses is a prostitute you can trust their absolute discretion. They all dress as regular young ladies. All of them speak English and have a middle/high level of education.

Late night

We serve a specific massage service between 11 PM and 10 AM. This service covers all taxi expenses inside Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza city. Please understand that after 11 PM we offer just the best massage menus.

Taxis are included

Taxi expenses are included. Exceptions for taxis are airport area hotels or locations outside Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza.

30 minutes sessions

Please understand we are not offering 30 minutes sessions. 30 minutes massage sessions are only possible for the regular 60 minutes price for clients in a hurry.


Our lady masseuses are carefully chosen among the best in Spain: nicest faces, sexiest bodies, most expert professionals. Our goal is your satisfaction, so we double check everything.

Outside the city center

We‘d like to serve you anyway! Hotels placed out the city (Airport areas, etc) need understandable extra taxi fees. We can personally deal a price including taxi fares for your masseuse to travel to you.


Ours is a premium service for elegant gentlemen. Massage of any kind needs a specific training. Every detail about our service is quality. And you will soon discover if you honor us with your booking.

Massage studio

We understand you might prefer visiting a massage studio. We can recommend the best studios in Madrid and Barcelona depending on your preferences, location and desired time of massage.

Hotel rules in Spain

All hotels in Spain accept any kind of private and personal visit. Your privacy in your room is always ensured and never monitored by hotel staff. Massage is not a sinful service since it does not involve sexual intercourse.

Massage is not sex

The starting point of our service is that you understand the difference between erotic massage and sexual intercourse. The magic of our service is this fine line, so easy to cross.

Cancel anytime

Please feel free to cancel our service anytime. If something unexpected comes up in your schedule please let us know as soon as possible. This way the young lady will be able to save the taxi fare. Since we offer an elegant and honest service we expect the same level of politeness from our customers.

Straight to your room

Premium hotels in Spain allow any person to use the elevators and have direct access to your room without ever speaking to hotel lobby staff. Our masseuses know all of the 5 star hotels and most of the 4-star hotels.

Cash payment

We accept cash payments. This way we ensure that no kind of personal sensible information is ever being processed. This might help you to disconnect your mind and enjoying this very special service.

Lobby staff

Some hotels need a car-key to use the elevator. Hotel lobby staff will always kindly help our masseuses to reach your room. Lobby staff may call your room to check your permission. Your lady masseuse will be at your door in minutes.


Spain is living a tough economic moment and there are many desperate amateurs offering hotel out-call massage service under weird names. Sometimes really cheap, some other times for much more expensive prices though —just to fool you. They are unable to equal our quality standards and our reliability. They are into several kinds of unlawful activities. Those services are acting as impostors to our original idea. Trusting us you'll be 100% safe.

Speak to us

Any question? Do you need some specific information you can’t find here? Please feel free to call us to the cellular line. We will be delighted to listen to you and provide you with the answers you need. Honestly and to the point.

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Erotic massage Barcelona Hotels

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