Couple massage Barcelona

Couple massage means sharing a new world of intimacy with your spouse.

Sharing sensuality and complicity with your significant half is always a special occasion.

During a business trip or a romantic trip to Barcelona you might indulge into this very special treat.

It's about time!

Safe couples massage

Eva and Mike is the most talented couple serving true Tantra massage.

Our masseurs are extremely professional and careful. No emotional harms!

You will always feel safe under our hands and bodies.

Matt & Nika are also very expert in the highest intensity of eroticism.  Matt & Nika are also going one step further though!

Asia & Esteban are the third option for couples! Extremely sensual!

Couples massage prices

50 shadows of massage

Eva and Mike can serve you from Vanilla to a really hot massage. On the edge of sex!

Matt & Nika or Asia & Esteban deliver a couples massage that is as intimate and as close to sex as you wish!

Massage for couples massage in Barcelona

You can have any of these options in your room in about minutes —depending on your location and our availability.

It's always safer to plan ahead though!

Couples massage in-call

Asia and Matt can also welcome you at our own massage studio. Right in the city center of Barcelona!

Please call us to set up your best couples massage session... ever!

In case you're wondering, you also have the choice of being together in the same room or in separate rooms.

Your preference rules!

Book ahead of time!

To ensure our availability it is best to make your booking us ahead of time.

More options, safer appointment timing!

Personalized couples massage

Couples massage is the most special intimate bodywork a couple can have. We created this personalized massage to fulfill your fantasies and your wife's as well.

You can achieve climax, orgasm and ejaculate. This is the famous "happy ending".

Couples massage sessions

Our couples massage sessions start with 60 minutes. You can choose the 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes sessions.


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Couples massage


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