Please read these terms about our outcall erotic massage service.

They are meant to guarantee discretion, your safety, convenience, satisfaction, respect and anonymity.

We assume you have read, understood and agreed these terms

Legal and lawful

We are a registered Trademark and Company. We pay taxes, insurances and Social Security. We are protected by our own lawyers team.

This is also for your own safety!

This means our service is legal in Spain. You have no risks of any kind when contacting us to request our services.

Please respect all of our ladies

This is a very special and personal service.

Though still a professional service, so please be sober. Please don't use nor offer drugs of any kinds to any lady in our massage team.

It is relevant that you respect our personal limits. Each and every of us young ladies in our team have our own limits in our private sexual life and also in our professional life.

Our goal is your enjoyment!

Female masseuses are no prostitutes

We all chose to be masseuses —thus no prostitutes. So different words for different jobs. We are not going to change our job today. So don't try to convince us and don't expect a different service if you are requesting a massage.

Do you prefer having massage
AND sex?

Please be honest and call us to discuss this.

If you prefer sex massage please call to check the rates for this specific service. You can see it as an upgrade.

Only specific ladies of our team accept crossing the red lines of erotic massage. So please ask for it clearly and visit sex massage information for specific pricing.

No price dealing

We never accept dealing our prices. We offer a premium professional and lush quality service. Please think of yourself and how you'd like to be respected for your own job.

We are frequently tipped, which is the opposite of discounts. This is a proof of our amazing performance!

Taxis are included

Taxi expenses are included in the city center. Exceptions for taxis are airport area hotels or locations outside central Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza.

Taxi to your hotel fees may apply to specific locations after 11 PM.

Credit Cards?

Please contact us to ensure availability of credit card payment terminal.

Credit Card payment is only possible if you request it specifically to our phone valet.

Please mention it if you are using SMS message to request our service.

Cash payment

Cash payments are the most popular. This is the way to ensure that no personal nor sensible information is ever being shared.

Please have the exact money amount ready on our arrival.

Straight to your room

Premium hotels in Spain allow any person to use the elevators and have direct access to your room. Without ever speaking to hotel lobby staff. We know all the 5 star hotels and most of the 4-star hotels.

Please let us know if your hotel elevators need some sort of key to be used.



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