Taxi to your hotel

Yes, we do include the taxi fees in our final massage prices.

Nevertheless, please check some relevant information about exceptions to this rule.

Barcelona city center

Taxis are included in the city center of Barcelona.

Always? Go on reading please.

Our goal: your convenience!

We want to offer you a premium service. Everything should be easy and fast to please you.

This is why we never charge taxi expenses inside the city of Barcelona.

When are taxis not included?

Hotels located far from the center. For instance AC Marriott or Princess at the Forum Area. Also Fairmont Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I.

Hotels as Hesperia Tower, Renaissance Fira or PortaFira are in a different city called L'Hospitalet. You might think you are in Barcelona, but taxi drivers charge extra fees.

Sant Just Desvern or Esplugues are also different cities out of Barcelona. So much so that taxi drivers must use a different fare for these destinations.

We understand that you don't have the feeling you are leaving Barcelona. Though Badalona, L'Hospitalet, Sant Just, Esplugues, Gavà, Castelldefels or El Prat are different cities.

Airport Hotels

So Hotels in the Airport area as BAH or Tryp Airport need some extra taxi fees.

Sitges Hotels

We are frequently serving Hotels in Sitges as Dolce Sitges, Meliã Sitges, Calipolis, Avenida Sofía, Terramar or Hotel Estela.

Traveling to these destinations also needs some extra taxi fees.

"Why don't you take a train?". Well this is a rude question. We answer anyway though!

Trains are subject to timetables. Railway service is interrupted during the nights between 10 PM and 6 AM. From the railway station to any of the listed hotels you also need to use a taxi.

of course we can organize some transportation cheaper that a taxi if you make a reservation for the next day.

Are you in a hurry?

Taxi is the fastest way to serve you!

Please ask us!

Please ask us when calling us to make your reservations.

Planning ahead is always the safest option. It saves you time, money and ensures our availability.

Because many gentlemen also prefer choosing a specific lady.

The "taxi test"

For services subject to taxi fares: there is a perfect way to check if we are charging the right amount for taxi expenses. Most of our customers are taking taxis themselves for similar trips. So they know we are being just fair.

We can hand you the taxi receipt. You just have to pay it twice —because the lady is doing two ways traveling: back and forth.

Save the taxis?

You can save the money of our taxis by visiting us in Barcelona.

Please ask us about legal massage studio opening times.

We are aware our outcall massage service is the premium and the most convenient one.

And we'd like you to test us so you have proof of it!





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